Thursday, 17 November 2011

"We Were All Just In The Studio, Me, Kendrick Lamar & Dr. Dre"

With Dr. Dre announcing plans to take a music hiatus and focus on his family this week, SOHH recently reached out to the producer's protege Slim the Mobster about holding down Aftermath Records.

Speaking on his bond with fellow Aftermath rapper Kendrick Lamar, Slim said he feels now is the time to prove himself to the world.

"Yeah, I mean, it feels good. We were all just in the studio the other day, me, Kendrick and Dre and the energy was just there," Slim told SOHH when asked about holding up the Aftermath flag. "Me and Kendrick know each other from previous situations. Where he grew up, my lived there. I know who he is, he knows who I am. We just made it into something big. This is what I work for. With me, I have to really prove my point because I've been signed so long but it feels like I've done nothing. When I say 'nothing,' I mean I haven't done anything that's been Slim-motivated. It's been in the lure of of Detox and Dr. Dre. I feel like right now, it's my time." (SOHH)

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  1. In my opinion dre will do one of two things. He will either release Detox before his work with Kendrick Lemar and Slim the Mobster, or he will wait until after he has worked with them two and wait until he has that "itch" and come back when nobody expects. I hope its the first

  2. Khalil said not long ago that all the in-house producers, engineers, and staff at Aftermath have made Detox their #1 priority. Remember Dre's label is a small operation, it's a boutique label with a high reputation, not a big subsidiary that can churn out shit all the time like others - especially since it's run by a guy (Dre) who has no concept of deadlines and is devoted to quality over quantity. That's why they sign new talent but just don't have the time or resources to put them out and they end up walking away.

    I agree with you but I doubt Dre is going to now abandon Detox to devote to debut LP releases for Kendrick or Slim. Dre was just talking about the future and he's found himself a business mogul which has given him a new avenue for his life and making a living than being behind the decks which I'm sure has worn him out creatively and personally.

    Detox is Dre's last album and I believe that's what he's intent on finishing because it'll free up so much time and effort to get to these two guys. Dre knows Quincy Jones made his best shit after he turned 50 and Dre will come back. Everything Dre does or has his name on instantly gets hype and praise, he knows it, but I'm not worried he's going to abandon Detox for way too many reasons. DOC was reached out by Dre to work on it in LA for six months with a mission to get this record finally finished and Dre wants it done. Remember that - but he wants it done perfect. 2012 is waiting for Detox and it'll come and for all we know, Dre is already using records from the Detox sessions (that won't make the cut) with K and Slim to save for their LP's.

    Dre can churn out Em albums fast so it won't be like Kendrick or Slim, who both have their own producers and camps behind them, to get their shit out. Detox isn't another league, it's another sport, and if Dre didn't care about Detox then he wouldn't waste his time, all this money, and shelve hundreds if not thousands of joints for nothing. People just gotta relax and remember perfection takes time and Dre wants to make it worth the wait.