Thursday, 17 November 2011

"I Don't Know Where Dr. Dre Would Do It At Without It Being Crazy Sold Out"

With Dr. Dre recently dishing out plans to possibly go back into deejaying, SOHH reached out to past N.W.A. affiliate/producer Cavie for his take on the Doc's possible career move.

In his eyes, Cavie feels Dre going back to his roots could strengthen hip-hop.

"That's actually a good thing," Cavie told SOHH about Dre going back to deejaying. "As a producer, it keeps your chops up, it keeps your ears fresh, you can really see what people are feeling when you're out there. There's no better feeling than when you're out there. I think I heard Lil Jon say you get that instant gratification. Being on that stage, right there, doing what you really do, it's not just a beat that you made. You're out there controlling. You're controlling the club, you're feeling that energy because when you play something good, everybody goes crazy. I think Dre, with the type of ear he has, I would love to see that. I've seen a lot of celebrities -- be really good deejays. [Singer] Macy Gray is a deejay and so they get paid crazy dough and you would never think that. So Dr. Dre getting behind the deejay table would be an interesting event. I don't know where he would do it at without it being crazy sold out." (SOHH)

Cavie also denied past claims suggesting Dre went by the deejay name, "Dr. J."

"I think that would be huge for the state of California too," Cavie added. "It's already huge but to know that Dr. Dre is spinning tonight or just being able to go out and see him spin, that would be crazy. Dr. Dre has always been Dr. Dre. He's never been Dr. J. He's always been Dr. Dre. He used to deejay at a place called Eve's After Dark and there was another place in Compton called Skateland USA. These are all of the places he used to deejay at. People used to make fun of him back in the day because he wore makeup but those were during the late 1970's, early 1980's where costumes and stuff, people did that. He used to rock stuff back there. He's definitely been a deejay and doing things for years. Like I said, I would love to see Dre do that. For him even considering it is big and not as a producer but as a deejay. It's a totally different feeling." (SOHH)

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  1. Dre should throw Beats-sponsored parties and events behind the decks to ignite some inspiration to reap some confidence for Detox. It's really true that DJ'ing really gives you a feel for what's hot, what works, and where to go musically. I'd pay good money for a party with Dre spinning. I hope when Detox is finally finished we can find Dre actually coming out of the shadows to have some fun without being a slave behind the decks producing for the next 1,000 people in line asking for a beat.

    If Dre can manage to push out Detox he can do whatever the fuck he pleases or retire forever for all I care. Three (hopefully) timeless classic albums means he's earned it.