Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dre's heaadphones makes the Times Top 10 list.

Time Magazine just published their list of the Top 10 gadgets list.  Dr Dre/Monsters 'Solo Beats' made it in the 9th spot.  ;  )


Friday, 25 December 2009

Blogger is getting Dre/Monster Solo Beats

Yes that blogger is me if you didn't know.  These are the medium level ones from the 'Beats' range and cost a hefty $199/£170.  They are worth it - i wont brag about the sound quality as words wont do anything, you have to experience them yourselves. ;  )

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Blog open to exchanging website links

If anyone is interested in exchanging their website link with this website, then let me know. The condition is that the my link has to appear on your website too.  Benefit for both parties.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Increaasing blog popularity???

OK im thinking of spreading this blog more on the web.

One way to spread the word is by exchanging links with other similair websites..  Which websites would you recommend for exchanging links with?

If you have a website and would like to exchange links then let me know.  It's benefit for both sides, not just me. 

I'm currently on the 3rd page of 'dr dre detox' search results. Would be sweet to be on the 1st page. :  )

Please provide some ideas on how to make this blog more popular.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Game touches on Detox Are you going to be on Detox?

Game: I helped with about three tracks. Knowing Dre, he will probably use one or none and call me and ask me to come back in and work on three more. He always second guessing himself, but man, you can’t tell the good Doctor what to do. He knows best. Detox is a baby that’s in the womb and it’s going to be there for awhile (laughs). We gonna have to do a cesarean to get Detox out this cat man.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Timbaland Teams With Dr. Dre To Introduce a new Artist

'Me and Dre both think he's a crazy artist,' Tim tells Mixtape Daily.

Several months ago during Miami Week, we introduced you to a cat named Billy Blue, who Timbaland and Akon are backing. Well, Tim is teaming up with a music heavyweight to bring you another newcomer. It doesn't get any bigger than this: Timbaland and fellow super-producer Dr. Dre are joining forces on an upcoming project.

"I got two hip-hop artists, believe it or not," Tim said Monday, running down what's coming up for him besides his just-released Timbaland Presents: Shock Value II. "One is this guy me and Akon signed, Billy Blue. The other one, I think people gonna wanna know about. Me and Dre just signed him, this guy named Hayes from Detroit. Incredible storyteller. Incredible. Reminds me of how B.I.G. tells his stories."

Timbo the King explained that Hayes has been around for a while and no one brought him to the table.

"He kind of was around the table," Tim said. "He wrote some of Dre's Detox — if Dre ever is gonna do it — but he wrote a lot of that for Dre. He's just been around the camp. I knew him from my homeboy, so he's been around both camps. Me and Dre both think he's a crazy artist. So we said, 'Let's do him together.' "

Other artists on Tim's lineup for 2010 include Brandy, a.k.a. Bran' Nu. Tim envisions half her album being rap, half being her traditional R&B. Then there's Soshy, who appears on Shock Value's II's "Morning After Dark."

"She's from Paris," the Virginia native explained. "She's like Amy Winehouse to the 10th power. But not crazy. Sane. Not saying Amy Winehouse is crazy; she's ambitious. Soshy is ambitious, but she has a point to prove."

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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Eminem's music which involves Dre input is nominated for 3 Grammy Awards

Eminem is nominated for three awards, in which Dr Dre did work for.:

Best Rap Album ("Relapse")
Best Rap Solo Performance ("Beautiful")
Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group ("Crack a Bottle," with 50 Cent and Dr. Dre).

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Friday, 27 November 2009

Snoop talks about Detox again.

Snoop was being interviewed and he was asked about Detox (from 7mins 40secs to 9mins 3secs).

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Dre & Pharrell Executive Produce Game's Album

Game took to his twitter today to update his fans on his upcoming "The R.E.D." album, letting everyone know that it will be executive produced by Dr Dre and Pharrell. "The R.E.D. album is gone be a classic ......... that's a promise !!! executive produced by Dr. Dre & Pharrell .. the music is phenominal" Game wrote. After a Twitter friend of the rapper confessed that he downloads Game's albums, Game responded "its all good homie, if u aint got the $ when the R.E.D. album drop, bootleg it. I ENCOURAGE IT... #itsarecession."

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Friday, 20 November 2009

Launch of 'Club Beats' equipment by Dre (Video)

Dre was at Best Buy in New York, promoting his 'Club Beats' music equipment for music enthusiasts and DJs.

Dre at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

It took supermodels in lingerie to bring Jay-Z and Dr. Dre together at the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at The Armory in New York City on Thursday (Nov. 19). The Black Eyed Peas performed while Heidi Klum, Chanel Iman, and Selita Ebanks strutted down the runway.

Stars including Fergie, Keri Hilson, Adrienne Bailon, Jay Sean, and Tyrese then migrated to M2 Ultra Lounge for the after-party.


Dre very briefly talks about 50, Game & Detox (Video)

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dr Dre & 50Cent 'Looking For New Talent

50 Cent and Dr. Dre are on the lookout for up-and-coming talent.

Although Fif's relationship with last protege The Game ended up going sour, he's determined not to let it put him off discovering new stars in-the-making with the help of Dre.

"Dre and I were actually talking about a new artist, working together on a new project." 50 Cent explained.

"I said, 'Just because we had a car accident, that doesn't mean we're not going to drive again - it just means we had an accident with that one.' He laughed at me."

"He said, 'All right. I'll give it a try,' because he was unsure about how I would feel about helping with another new artist."

"Obviously Dre can create the best possible production for the artist and groom him to the right space. But going to introduce him to the general public would be something you want 50 to go do."

This month sees 50 Cent releasing his new album 'Before I Self Destruct'.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Game Defends Dre's "Detox" Delay - "I Know It Seem Like He Be Taking Forever"

Former Aftermath artist Game has vouched for Dr. Dre's long-delayed Detox album and said the renowned producer's upcoming release will be worth the wait.

According to Game, Doc's track record speaks for itself like his previous releases, The Chronic and The Chronic 2001.

"Man, I can't even describe [2001]... I would just say it's a classic West Coast album but it was world-renowned and it had an international appeal, like who from where didn't f*ck with that album?," Game asked in an interview. "With 2001 he just went back to do what he do best man and that's just trying to create the sun, moon, stars and Earth in seven days, man. The thing that stands out to me about 2001 is the same thing that stood out to me about Chronic -- Dre is a perfectionist and no matter when he coughs up an album, B, they be exactly what you need. I know it seem like he be taking forever with these albums but if you think about the time that passed between the Chronic and 2001, I think Detox is just about due. So it's not about him just making us wait, it's his format."

Monday, 16 November 2009

50 insists he won't share bars with Game on Dre's album.

50 Cent and Dr. Dre helped Game concoct a classic album on The Documentary. And although things between Fif and Game went sour, the G-Unit General said he's open to working with Dre again to break another MC.

"We were actually talking about a new artist, working together on a new project," 50 Cent told MTV News. "I said, 'Just because we had a car accident, that doesn't mean we're not going to drive again — it just means we had an accident with that one.' He laughed at me. He said, 'All right. I'll give it a try,' because he was unsure about how I would feel about helping with [another new artist]," he continued. "Obviously Dre can create the best possible production for the artist and groom him to the right space. But going to introduce him to the general public would be something you want 50 to go do."

Since their falling out post-Documentary, 50 has vowed never to work with Game again. And even though Game has reunited with Dre for the Detox LP as well as his own R.E.D. Album, 50 says he wouldn't consider jumping on a record featuring Game.

"No," Fif said flatly when asked what his response would be to Dre's request for a reunion collaboration. "No, I wouldn't do it. I'd be on a record, on a song, on the [Detox] album, but not on that record [with Game]. That's not making a song, that's making an event — things for people to talk about. ... So there's a verse there that you think would be great for both of us, I just say, 'Erase his verse and put something in better than that.' "

50 briefly addressed the role Dr. Dre played in his and Game's feud on Before I Self Destruct's "So Disrespectful."

"I said, 'I gave Game hits, he told me to suck di--/ Start screamin' Westside and Dre ain't say sh--!' " 50 recited.

"It was an absolute true statement and Dre approved because it was true," 50 continued. "He heard the record and was like, 'Whoa! Out the park with that.' He likes it, he doesn't care. Creatively, you're right, 'cause he didn't say anything when that took place — or not anything that the public heard."

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Game Working With Dre Again

Game talks about his R.E.D. album.  He then went on to talk about working with Dr Dre. "I'm back in with Dre everyday going hard in the studio doing the little stuff, working on Detox with him and he's working on The R.E.D. Album with me. It's just, we got a good feeling out here...I did my last two albums without Dre and even though, I just did it on my own man. When I talked to him, he [was like] I've been doing a good job and he took a listen and I did my thing. I learned well, my time at Aftermath was spent well, so getting back in, that old feeling came back. The chemistry is crazy, I got a lot of love for that dude and that's why I never really disrespected him or really went at Aftermath, I only did what I had to do to survive man, but I got love for dude and we back in grindin' man."

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Build the community and spread the word.

If you haven't already checked out the Detox community in the form of a social network, then do so.  This is the place to discuss the album and anything about Dre.  In addition to the forum a live chat feature has also been integrated.

Would love to hear your thoughts over there on how to improve the network.

Join, check it out and spread the word to other fans.

Dre Partners With Best Buy To Launch 'Club Beats'

Big-box retailer Best Buy hopes to become the premier DJ destination in the near future, partnering with Monster Cable and Beats Electronics by Dr. Dre headphones to launch a new in-store "Club Beats" section of its store.

In-store sections for DJ equipment will be available, building on last year’s drive to add sections devoted to music instruments. Club Beats will sell a variety of specialty-audio products as well, including Apple products such as the iPod. Interactive stations will be available in select stores, for customers to try out the gear before purchase.

Founded by hip-hop artist Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records, Beats Electronics was selected because of its commitment to giving the average listener a professional-quality listening experience through their headphones. Monster Cable, meanwhile, promises "make music sound better" in its ads.

"Dre and I feel that Best Buy and Brian Dunn's commitment to the quality of sound in music, along with their aggressive promotion and marketing of popular culture, makes this the perfect place to launch Club Beats," said Iovine.

Best Buy is launching the concept in 300 stores. Seven locations will include bigger, more thoroughly comprehensive retail areas that Best Buy is using to kick off the debut; a Miami kickoff will feature local DJs, a Richfield, MN, event will include remix-hoppers LMFAO.

Best Buy sees a growing interest not only in DJing, particularly with the recent release of DJ Hero, but also in the concern for the sound quality of music.

"Entertainment has long been the heart and soul of Best Buy. Our customers have always looked to us as a resource for music in a variety of formats," said Brian Dunn, Best Buy's CEO. "With Club Beats, the latest in sound quality and music technology will be available to all of our customers who want to bring music to life in a fresh way and unleash their inner DJ."

Best Buy hopes their new DJ-focused offering will corner the developing market in mainstream retail. "It may not be simple to find these products in a mainstream environment-either you have to know what you need, or you have to talk to someone who is in the industry," said Wendy Fritz, svp of merchandising for mobility for Best Buy. "What we're trying to say is 'hey you can do this,' and when they come into the store our Blue Shirts can say 'these are the three or four products you need to get started.'"

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

50 Cent Talks About Working With Dre On Detox

50 Cent recently talked about his studio relationship with Dr Dre and what he has done for Dre's highly delayed and upcoming "Detox" album. According to the G-Unit leader, Dr Dre used him for a portion of his recording process on the album back in 2007. "I don't even know what's going on with the Detox," Fif admitted. "The last [time] I spoke to Dre, he was actualy not mixing my records because he was working on The Detox and then we finally got him to mix the records and you know, I think he's back in here producing records for it but I haven't heard pretty much I think it was five or six songs that he actually recorded but that was a long time ago. He probably has a lot more now but I've been recording for The Detox two years ago."

New polls added

New polls have been aded.  One poll is about the concept/sound of Detox. 

The other 2 polls are i relation to this blog and how good/bad it is.  I would love to read your comments about how good you think this Detox news source is. Just add comment below this post.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Album delayed for Dre and Game collaberation - But which album?

Game is following doctor’s orders. The Compton MC has decided to push his album back until next year because Dr. Dre needs more time to finish production.

He took to Twitter to announce that he was delaying his fourth album The R.E.D. Album until 2010, attributing the move to his label and one highly-esteemed doctor. “Album is Officially pushed back. says Interscope, so that I can finish wit Dre without having to rush him, myself or the album,” he wrote.

The project, most recently scheduled for December 15, will now be released two months later on February 16. “R.E.D. album’s new release is 2/16/10,” he tweeted. “If for some reason the date changes I will holla at y’all . had to push it back so that me & Dre can wrap it up the right way !!!”

The delay comes a week after the rapper released his buzz single, “Krazy” featuring Gucci Mane and Timbaland, and lead single, the Cool & Dre-produced “Big Money,” on the Internet.

Rakim talks giving some materials for Detox.

HardknockTV took a few to speak with Rakim as he reiterated the fact that creatively, they were in two completely different places and although no longer under him, he was able to leave Dre with a gift for the future.

“The last I spoke to him, I had did something for him maybe like a year ago when he was just starting to put together his album. I did something on one of the tracks, but I don't know which songs is making his album.”

According to Rakim, some of the joints they did together have already been leaked.

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Game Heats Up Dr. Dre Hype - "The Aftermath Is Bout To Do A Full 360 Again"

Game has continued to stir up the anticipation for his upcoming R.E.D. Album and said he was placing the final touches with the help of Dr. Dre.

Writing via Twitter, Game revealed more details surrounding his forthcoming release.

"Goin back in wit Dre tomorrow to finish my album," he wrote Monday (November 2). "the MATH is bout to do a full 360 again. 'DETOX' is crack & R.E.D. is coke.. take a sniff me & Snoop's album drop on the same day. December 8th !!! if you havin trouble findin em. mines is R.E.D. & his might be blue lol.... R.E.D. just Cuba Gooding Jr. cleared for the R.E.D. album. you gotta wait to see what role he plays in this R.E.D. movie !!!" (Game's Twitter)

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Monday, 2 November 2009

Which concept for Detox would you like to hear?

A new poll has been created (look right). Which concept for Detox would you like to hear? The choices are:

West coast sound - similar to Chronic and 2001.

Brand new unique sound - just like he reinvents his sound and sets trends. What Bishop Lamont describes as 'UFO technology'.

Hitman storytelling concept - Concept of 'through the eyes of the a Hitman'. Sort of like a Hip Hop musical, where each guest on the album is an actual character.

This poll has been reset due to an error.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Question for new poll????

Whats happening Dre fans?!

I'm thinking of starting another poll/vote. I'm not sure what in depth/interesting question i should ask. So i was thinking maybe the fans can suggest a question which everyone can vote on.

Post if you have any ideas.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dre in public - Detox sooner than we think?

Dre was outside in public, was being asked about his views of a politician etc. At the end the reporter asks him about the "album". Dre answers with one sentence.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Glasses Malone on a Dre produced track and talks about Detox

DX: Last week, "Muthafuckin' Streets" leaked, which was produced by Dr. Dre. Tell me, is that a teaser, or is that a look from the album?

Glasses Malone: No, no, no. ["Muthafuckin' Streets"] [click to listen] was just stuff I was doin' with [Dr.] Dre and Slim [Tha Mobster]. I met Dre a while ago; he's been a fan for a minute. So when it came down to it, that was just one of the records I did with him. I actually don't know how it leaked to be totally honest. I didn't leak it. [The Aftermath staff] didn't know what happened. That's just one of the records I did with him; I did a lot of 'em actually. That was just one of 'em that I did with Slimm that I like a lot. I hate to say it, but I actually am happy it came out. I wish Dre would have gotten to mix it more because I know he's such a perfectionist about beats, so that's the only thing I'm sad about.

DX: Over the last three years, you've worked with so many different producers, so many different artists, let's start right there. As the album stands right now, are some of those sessions with Dre going to be on Beach Cruiser?

Glasses Malone: Nah, that's more for [Detox]. The stuff I did with him is more for his album. I mean...right now, dog, Dre ain't workin' on nothin' but a Dr. Dre album, besides 50 [Cent] [click to read] and [Eminem] shit, I'd imagine. He ain't workin' on nothin' but Detox. I ain't goin' in [the studio with Dr. Dre] with the mindset of workin' on my album. I'm pretty sure he's got some stuff he wants to give me, but I ain't puttin' no pressure on nobody. I just want him to get his album out; that's one of the most important...the biggest albums, ever - if not thee biggest Hip Hop album ever - as well as the most important album for the west coast. It's important that he gets that album out.

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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Diddy and Dre collaberate

A Diddy and Dr. Dre collaboration? What happened to the whole East Coast vs. West Coast thing?

One might say that this is just business.

Diddy has been working with Dre and Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine on his own line of Diddy Beats ear bud headphones. The product was developed through Monster, a company best known for its high-end audio cables, which previously introduced Dre's own Beats By Dr. Dre headphones and is set to unveil Lady Gaga's 'Heartbeats' audio line in the near future.

"We designed some ear buds called Diddy Beats that will be out next year," Diddy said of his collaboration with Dre. "We also have an iPod speaker base for your house coming out. That experience as a whole was good, we [Dr. Dre and I] had a great chemistry with each other."

Diddy recently signed to Iovine's label, Interscope, home to hip-hop heavyweights Dre, 50 Cent and Eminem.

The label deal and their headphone partnership are more than a little surprising. Not the least of which because the New York-based Diddy and the California-based Dre were both deeply embroiled in the supposed 1990s East Coast/West Coast feud that resulted in the deaths of their proteges, Biggie and Tupac.

Perhaps it's time to move on. Or perhaps there's nothing -- even a coast-to-coast hip-hop beef -- that can stand in the way of a a good business venture.

The announcement of the Diddy Beats line came fresh on the heels of the unveiling of the HP ENVY Beats 15, the fruit of Dre's partnership with Hewlett-Packard to produce a customized, audio-centric notebook computer, which will be released on October 22.

Diddy and Dre both have highly anticipated albums in the works. Diddy's 'Last Train to Paris,' which has been pushed back to an April 2010 release date. Meanwhile, Dre's perennially delayed 'Detox,' which he recently promised to finish by the end of this year, will drop in Neveruary.

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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Dr Dre Invites Jay-Z To Rap On Detox

'Jay, come holler!,' Dre says.

Songs that leaked from Dr. Dre's Detox recording sessions earlier this year revealed that Nas and R. Kelly are among the artists in consideration to appear on the long-awaited opus. And T.I., Lil Wayne and Drake are among the MCs believed to be ghost-writing for the album.

But if Dre gets his way, a certain renowned Brooklyn rhymesmith will be pulling double-duty on Detox, both writing and delivering a guest verse.

"Well, actually, Jay-Z's just been in the studio doing some writing," Dre told MTV News on Friday while promoting his new Beats by Dr. Dre/ HP notebook collaboration. "Hopefully I'll get him to perform on the record. Jay, come holler!"

Detox is the follow-up to Dre's 2001 album and will complete the trilogy that began with 1992's The Chronic.

In May, a snippet of a Detox track was released on a Dr. Pepper commercial that features Dre. The song, tentatively titled "Sh-- Popped Off," features production similar to a track that leaked in February with Tip referring Dre.'s vocals. "It's the D.R. ... Made the West side worldwide, no PR/ Gangsta-rap God, I'm the end-all, be-all/ California love from the Bloods to the C-Dogs."

Earlier this month, Dre told ABC News he'd like to finally put the finishing touches on Detox by the end of this year in time for a 2010 release. "Hopefully, I'll get it done at the end of this year, and we can hear it next year," the normally press-shy producer said.

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Monday, 12 October 2009

Dre gets help from, Kanye, Pharrell, Timbaland and Polow da Don

Uzee - Yes it's true. But it's not for Detox.

Heralding the arrival of "a new benchmark in sound for the PC," Interscope Geffen A&M chairman Jimmy Iovine -- together with legendary producer Dr. Dre and HP -- unveiled the HP ENVY 15 Beats limited edition notebook PC. Launching in the United States on Oct. 22, the newest addition to HP's flagship ENVY line was revealed during a press conference today (Oct. 9) at Interscope's Thom Thom Club in Santa Monica, Calif.

The HP ENVY 15 Beats is the latest rollout by Beats Electronics LLC, co-founded by Iovine and Dr. Dre in 2006. Featuring a piano black high-gloss finish and the Beats Audio design found in the "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones line, the HP ENVY 15 Beats will also come bundled with the Dr. Dre headphones and state-of-the-art mixing software from Native Instruments' Traktor LE. Retailing for $2,299, the HP ENVY 15 Beats will be sold at Best Buy, major retailers and through HP direct.

In addition to Dr. Dre, Iovine noted that several of the industry's prominent producers -- including, Kanye West, Pharrell, Timbaland and Polow da Don -- helped HP engineers fine-tune the project.

"We started this journey with the headphones to improve the transmission of sound between record makers and consumers," Iovine said during the press conference today. "What's out there is not representative of what you hear in the recording studio. As we went on this journey, we found that computers were in the way. Artists and producers want their sound repaired in digital audio. Computer companies charge $1,000 for computers but only spend 50 cents for speakers. With HP, we found a partner willing to take the step to improve the overall sound in the PC. This is for anyone who plays music."

"The laptop is the new stereo and that's why we're putting out this computer with incredible sound," Dr. Dre said.

Producer Polow da Don underscored Iovine and Dre's comments, saying, "Music heard on computers sounds like it's been steamrollered." Also on hand at the press conference were fellow producer Timbaland and Todd Bradley, executive VP of HP's Personal Systems Group.

Also joining the "Beats By Dr. Dre" family in October are Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, a new line of high-resolution in-ear headphones. Introduced in 2008, The "Beats by Dr. Dre" headphones are engineered in partnership with audio technology firm Monster Cable.

Source - ... 95e01c3cc1

Uzee - It's easy to criticise Dre that he's doing too much business stuff and delaying Detox. However all of Dre's plans are coming together for a major comeback. We know the release of Detox is coming closer, right next to these business ventures.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Snoop Dogg Talks The Game & Dre Reunion

Recently a picture featuring Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and The Game in the studio surfaced (scroll down) and The Game said the three were working on Dre's "Detox" album. Now Snoop is stepping up to talk about the picture and the situation between The Game and Dr Dre. "Yeah, actually, we working on the Detox album right now," Snoop revealed in an interview. "Actually, me and Dr. Dre and D.O.C. and Stat Quo, we in there every day trying to go hard, I came and called Game up so he could come and be a part of this particular record that Dre had that was needing his vocals and needed his assistance on. We just trying to bring it all back together again."

Snoop then goes on to discuss the West Coast reunion. "One thing about me, I've always been known to bring people together to solidify relationship. It's about what we can do, not what we did. So we doing some things to try and bring this movement back, so that's what this picture was about. It was about symbolizing the West Coast movement..."

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Dre speaks! - Says motivation delaying ‘Detox’

When asked by what’s been keeping him busy, Dre laughed, “Only my album that I’ve been working on for the last 10 years, that’s it, Detox record.”

The hip-hop pioneer shot down any glimmer of hope that the project is coming out this year. “Hopefully I’ll get it done at the end of this year and we can hear it next year.”

What’s the holdup? “Motivation, other things getting in the way, that’s it.” And headphones. Just last week he unveiled a cheaper, lightweight version of his popular Beats by Dr. Dre.

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Game & Stat Quo & Snoop working with Dre again and Detox

Since being ousted from G-Unit in 2005, The Game's relationship with his one-time mentor, Dr. Dre, has often shifted between borderline fanatical and what appeared to be subliminal shots. At various times within the last four years, Aftermath artsits Bishop Lamont and 50 Cent (signed through the Aftermath subsidiary Shady Records) have also been involved in beef with The Game, while Dr. Dre remained quiet about the situation.

During a HipHopDX interview in 2008 Bishop even left the door open to a possible reconciliation saying, "I genuinely have love for dude. His brother is my brother; Big Fase 100 is my brother. His sister, B-Fly is my sister. Me and his mom talk all the time. We were at a Father’s Day thing together just this Sunday. It was Dre’s mom, his mom and my mom, so I’ve got love for him. Niggas blow that wrestling shit out of proportion. At the time he did that record I wanted to beat him up, but that ain’t shit. It’s all love."

Those feelings were apparently co-signed by Dr. Dre, after The Game posted a picture of himself, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre in the studio working together.


Snoop also hit up his Twitter page to display the same image and confirm being in the studio with both artists.

"What's more gangsta than dis?," he wrote. "N the studio right now!!! west coast takeover. this is how the west was one!!!" (Snoop Dogg's Twitter)

Stat Quo spoke too, although he isnt in the photo:

"Last night was crazy......I'm surprized I'm up this early, didnit leave the studio till after 5....just Detoxin!!!!"

Dr. Dre's rumored fourth solo album has been in the works for nearly a decade, with various explanations given for its delay.

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Friday, 2 October 2009

Gaga and Dre to work together-this time in the studio

For their debut collaboration, Dr. Dre and Lady Gaga designed a pair of headphones. Are they going to team up for a song next? “I think we are,” said Dre with a sly smile, after a press conference announcing Heartbeats, the new Gaga-endorsed earbuds for Monster’s Beats By Dr. Dre line. “We’re just talking about it now. I’m gonna send her some tracks and if she hears something she likes, then we’re gonna get together.”

But fans won’t have to wait for that for their next Gaga fix. The diva/provocateur/incendiary-bomb pop star told Rolling Stone that her debut’s re-release, The Fame Monster (due November 24th), will include a “ton” of new songs. “I think re-releases are unfair,” said Gaga, her mile-long fake lashes practically batting the bangs of her platinum blond wig with every blink. “It’s artists sneaking singles onto an already finished piece of work in an effort to keep the album afloat. Originally [my label] only wanted me to put out three songs and now it’s much more than that. It’s a new album’s worth of material.”

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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Warren G touches on Detox

Sherron Shabazz spoke iwth Warren G about his new album The G-Files. Warren G also touched upon Dr Dre and Detox.

SS: About 10 years ago you hit the road with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and Eminem on the Up in Smoke Tour. We keep hearing that Dr. Dre's final album Detox is coming, is there any chance that we can get an Up in Smoke 2 in the summer of 2010?

Warren G: Well I'm definitely trying to get on that Detox tour!!! I'm on that!! I'm on!

SS: Can you confirm that there will be a Detox tour?

Warren G: It's gonna have to be and I'm on!

SS: Did you work on the Detox album?

Warren G: Not yet. I'm just waiting on the call. He'll be calling me pretty soon. I'm gonna go down there, work with him, and do my thing. The records I've heard so far are incredible. It's real dope. He's doing his thing.

SS: In my opinion he's the greatest of all time...

Warren G: Who me? (laughs)

SS: (laughs) Nah, your brother man!

Warren G: It's all good.

SS: I think Dr. Dre is going to come with something special because so many people count him out.

Warren G: I can't wait 'till he drops it so he can shut all this [bs] music down. It's gonna be a good record man, and I can't wait.

SS: Can you give me an example of the [bs] music that's out there (laughs)?

Warren G: I'm not a hater. It's just some [stuff] out there where you just say to yourself, how did this get on the radio? Man...I'm!

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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Producer 40 and Drake worked with Dr Dre years ago.

In 2007, producer Omen reunited with producer 40 in the studio, this time asking him to bring Drake. Omen played Drake a song he had created for his own release, a track titled "Overdose On Life," and asked Drake to write to it. 30 minutes later, Drake had finished the "craziest 32 bar verse ever, and we laid it," says Omen.

Coincidentally, a few days after that, Omen got a call from an A&R at Aftermath Records, asking Omen for tracks for Dr Dre's upcoming "Detox" album. Omen told them about the very fitting "Overdose On Life," and sent it over.

Although "Overdose To Life" didn't make the cut for "Detox," Dre flew Drake and 40 out to the west coast off the strength of the track, where they remained for a couple of months working on music.

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Friday, 11 September 2009

Dre wants to work with Lady Gaga

Monster, Lady Gaga and Dr Dre were promoting another new line of earphones named 'Heartbeats'. During the session Dre mentioned (2nd video below) that he would like to work with Lady Gaga in the studio.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bishop Lamont give update on the 'Bigfoot'>Detox

Speaking of things that are being kept hush-hush… What’s the latest update with the Bigfoot album [Detox]?

Ha! He said the Bigfoot album! Dre just went to Vegas, he’s finishing off 50’s album getting that monster ready. Em is pretty much set to go again. They’re all in Vegas, getting fucked up and making great music. So yeah, that’s what’s up with the Bigfoot album (laughs)

I think I heard somewhere that over 2000 records have been recorded in the process of creating Detox

Shit, I think it’s even more than that really. I mean he has a vault of records that he’s been dibbling and dabbling with for about ten years now. So I can’t even imagine how many more he’s got in there. Imagine doing 75 records in two nights, just vibing and zoning. There aint no telling how many he’s got. I mean after 22 years he’s like, I’ve seen that, I’ve tasted that, I’ve ate that. So he’s really gotta come with something you’ve never seen before. He’s really gotta come come with something he’s never heard before conceptually and production-wise. That’s where the bar has been set. So it’s a serious thing to do. He has to go beyond himself to get to levels that he’s teeing in his mind. It’s rare that you can achieve what you see in your mind or even come close. So to come that correctly is an arduous task.

And I understand that this work ethic has even brushed off on you where you have created over 200 records for Detox.


But my question is… what’s going to happen with all this remaining material?

I couldn’t tell you man. It’s probably gonna sit in the vault or be used for something else. I never look back though. Once it’s done I keep looking forward. Either he cuts it or it makes the cut. It is what it is. My thing is about progression. My thing is about growth. If it aint about the future what is it?

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

DJ Age Releases Star Studded Volume 2 Of Dr Dre Mixtape Series "Detox Chroniclez"

World reknown mixtape specialist, DJ Age is back with his latest offering, entitled "Detox Chroniclez Vol.2", which features exclusive unreleased tracks from the long awaited Dr. Dre Detox album.

The second instalment of DJ Age's popular mixtape series, "Detox Chroniclez Vol.2" contains production, blends, remixes, and guest features from Ludacris, Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Bishop Lamont, Xzibit, and more. A must have for all Dr. Dre fans anticipating the massively hyped album, Detox.

DJ Age first stepped into the DJ game in late 1995 aged 15, after growing up listening to the likes of N.W.A, Public Enemy, LL Cool J & Ice-T. To date Age has released more than 60+ mixtapes and sold mixes in clubs, retail stores, streets of California & Sydney Australia.

Now an offical part of Jazzy D's 'Jazzy Management' roster & 'Jazzy DJ's'. DJ Age's successful work has given him the opportunity to work with more mainstream artists/labels, giving artists a catalyst to reach international listeners.

DJ Age "Detox Chroniclez Vol.2" is available now for free at

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The D.O.C interview - discusses Detox

Raptalk.Net: And I imagine your talking about Detox. Is it possible that the surgery process may be over with in time to land you a verse on Detox?

The D.O.C.: Hell no. Hey, we’re trying to be done with this record by November.

Raptalk.Net: Wow! This record should be done by November?

The D.O.C.: That’s right. I think we have enough songs right now but Dre is Dre, you know. Will be doing it until he gets the 12 that he is in love with. But I do think we have enough right now. I don’t think he’s putting it in as hard right now which makes me believe that we have pretty much what we need. So now we have a 3 month window to fuck around.

Raptalk.Net: So would you say at this point in the entire recording process, were as close to having Detox finished as we’ve ever been?

The D.O.C.: Oh yeah. This guy has really great music and it’s some cool shit, but it’s up to him. I think they just started promotion for the Slim the Mobster record. I’m not sure but somebody hit me over the web and said they heard that they finally started promoting the Slim the Mobster so if Slim is coming, I don’t think Dre will be that far behind him.

Raptalk.Net: Is it true that Mel-Man has made some recent contributions?

The D.O.C.: I don’t know. I’d be speaking out of turn if I said yes or no. I don’t know.

Raptalk.Net: How do you think “the team” putting together this album compares to that of the “2001” team that included Hittman, Eminem, Knoc-turn’al, DPG, Xzibit and so on?

The D.O.C.: Wow, that’s a pretty good question.

Raptalk.Net: Thank you.

The D.O.C.: It’s different because every album is different. It was a different album from Straight Outta Compton to Niggaz4Life because (Ice) Cube was missing even though the nucleus was the same. It was a totally different feel when he was making it. This is a Dr. Dre album – this is probably more of a Dr. Dre album than motherfuckers have ever really got in the past. It’s a lot more of Dre in front. I think for his last album, that’s pretty up and above.

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Wednesday, 12 August 2009

HP and Dr Dre plan new 'digital music ecosystem'

by Greg Sandoval

A new alliance between hip-hop impresario Dr. Dre, Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine, and computer maker Hewlett-Packard aims to save digital music.

No, this is not an attempt to fix the record industry's business woes. The goal is to lift the sound quality of the too-often tinny tunes squeaking out of our ear buds, and it's an ambitious plan nonetheless. HP will release premium-priced laptops, headsets, and software featuring the "Beats by Dr. Dre" brand sometime this fall, music industry sources with knowledge of the offering told CNET News.

In an interview last week, Iovine declined to discuss HP or any other company that may be involved. He confirmed, however, that he and Dr. Dre are part of a plan to reconstruct the entire "digital music ecosystem" from the sound file to the computer and culminating with high-end headsets.

Iovine downplayed the potential for the group's efforts to compete with Apple. The man who discovered rapper Eminem, said he enjoys an excellent relationship with Apple CEO Steve Jobs. In addition, the partnership would love to join forces with Apple and other consumer electronics companies, according to a source close to the company. That said the plan has all the markings of an attempt to lure away those Apple fans who possess a discerning ear. Audiophiles have long lamented the dropoff in sound quality brought on by the onset of digital music.

"We have to fix the entire chain," Iovine told CNET News. "Our position is to go to all the sources and try to improve sound and educate people...We can't put anything weak in the line. Whoever puts out things that sound bad shouldn't be as cool as something that sounds great."

There's room for competitors to take on Apple by offering consumers better sound quality, according to Richard Shim, an analyst with research firm IDC. But he added that those who try it might struggle to move beyond the niche audiophile market.

"There is always an opening," Shim said. "The question is how do you take a doggy door and turn it into a garage door? How do you take something that has a small audience (the market for high quality sound) and push it out to the mainstream."

Studies by the NPD Group show that there are people willing to pay a premium for equipment and software that produce more lifelike music, said NPD analyst Russ Crupnick. But the research also indicates the majority of consumers are satisfied with their Apple earbuds and iTunes songs, which are now available at 256 kbps, he said.

"Listening habits have sort of changed," Crupnick said. "If I'm spending all my time on Facebook and listening to Dr. Dre's music in the background, it's not so important that it be the best."

For HP, the partnership with Dr. Dre is part of a recent marketing trend that has seen the company cozy up to celebrities.

"HP is working to be more visible with influencers and they've been tying themselves to celebrities," said Shim, who cited the collaboration between HP and fashion designer Vivienne Tam on a mini notebook that debuted in September 2008. "In this case, HP was able to charge a premium for a low-end product. This is unique for the PC industry. It's consistent with their marketing strategy."

PC makers are following the lead of the automobile industry by shaping their sales pitch around a consumer's lifestyle, according to Shim. "Up to now, it's all been about speeds and feeds and low costs," he said. "However, now their approach has to mature. They have to attach brand awareness and emotion as well as practical use to reach a greater part of the mainstream audience."

It's not tough to see how HP and Dr. Dre can help one another. HP will lend the "Beats by Dr. Dre" credibility among hard-core sound enthusiasts. In exchange, Dre, who has produced hit albums for Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and 50 Cent, transfers to HP laptops some of his street cred with a younger generation of music fans and computer buyers. Who can argue that Iovine and Dr. Dre don't know high quality sound?

For the music industry, promoting better-sounding tunes is a means to have greater say in how digital music is packaged and sold.

It's a way to take back some control and the big labels want to promote high-quality audio as a new specification. They want to come up with a single standard that sticks.

Iovine said that he and Dr. Dre's efforts are not based on any attempt to save the music industry.

"I just want our product to sound better," Iovine said. "The record business committed many, many mistakes in the last 10 years, and I'm right in there. One of them was letting its product get degraded. It's one thing to let it get stolen, it's another to allow it to be degraded because then you really don't have a games and TV quality are getting better and the quality of our work is getting lower. If that happens, then music will become disposable. That's something we can fix."

The gear produced by Dr. Dre and Iovine doesn't appear to come from some vanity project by would-be celebrity entrepreneurs. Dr. Dre and Iovine enlisted such artists as Pharrell,, and Gwen Stefani for coming up with the right sound and design of the Beats By Dr. Dre headphones, built by Monster Cable. Together they produced the "Tour" in-ear headphones that were rolled out last January and have since received critical success.

"Monster Cable's headphone collaboration with Dr. Dre, the Beats, surprised us with their musical prowess back in August," wrote Slashgear last December. "While celebrity endorsements tend toward the cheesy, and Monster's products toward the over-priced, we weren't expecting much; in actual fact, they proved impressively capable."

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Friday, 24 July 2009

Cilpse+Detox - Small rumour only

Don't take this seriously - looks like a small rumour that's all. Someone might be interested in reading it

Virginia duo The Clipse are known just as well for their cocaine affiliation as they are for their clever rhymes about the street life and what to do with all that money. However I just got word this morning that the two may be checking into Detox or already have.

Of course I’m talking about the long awaited mythical Detox album from Dr. Dre. The album is said to be near completion after a decade and the finishing touches are now being put on it. The Clipse I’m hearing were called in last weekend and instantly agreed to be a part of the project, writing for Dre. Other people known to be working on Detox are of course Eminem, 50 Cent, and others such as Jay-Z, and even Kanye West.

I’m not sure I even care about this album anymore. I’m just waiting for it to drop, if it ever will and that’s it. in any case though this is definitely a good look for The Clipse. These two deserve any kind of shine they get so congrats to them.

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Aftermath producer Dawaun Parker Interview

Parker talks about a number of things, including Dre and Detox. For full interview click the link at the bottom.

Adam Bernard: Start everyone off by taking us into the studio with you and Dre. What were your initial thoughts on Dre when you first started working with him and experienced his working style?

Dawaun Parker: That it was rigorous. You put in a lot of time. There was definitely a wow factor there when seeing the equipment and the precision and the top quality material that we were using. The first time I walked into the studio I remember being a little awe struck just by the sight of how everything looked. It was like a spaceship with all the lights and things like that. It wasn't like I was completely unfamiliar with what everything was either and we just went right to work. The day that I met him and he heard me play and heard what I could do, we started to work that day and it's pretty much been nonstop.

AB: Is Detox ever really going to come out or is it like a dragon or a unicorn, is it a mythical creature that we just keep hearing about?

DP: I've used the term unicorn because of the amount of time that people have been hearing about this project and everyone's anticipation for it. We are definitely working and all I'm able to say is that it's up to Dre to make a decision when he wants to push the button, but otherwise we've been working. It's not like an album he was working on before I met him and I think the misconception with that album is that people started talking about it and he announced the title before he even started to work on it. When he announced the title he probably didn't realize how much weight, anytime he says something how much people put on that. For years they've been hearing this thing, but you haven't heard much from him because he either wasn't working on it, or was waiting for a time period, but we're working right now and we'll see. I know we're pushing for it to be very soon.

AB: Do you have an approximation of how many tracks were made and how many were thrown away?

DP: No, I will know that when there's a track listing. When that's decided I'll know how many things, but it's not like a whole bunch of things have been thrown away. I think that we use a good amount of the material that we create.

AB: I know you have to keep most of it under wraps, but musically, how would you say it compares to the two Chronic releases?

DP: I just think that it's a forward progression. I think that there will be reflections of what's going on now, the fact that it's 2009/2010, I think that you'll hear elements that you recognize as Dre and you'll hear a crop of new artists, you'll hear some veterans and you'll hear a result of his new people, one of them being me. I think that we'll all contribute to it. It's having the Dre stamp, but being a full progressing record and we hope that we can give it some classic appeal.

AB: Give me a story or two from inside the studio during a session that was notably crazy.

DP: For me, always the best things for me is when I get to witness a musical display on a really high level. All of the Em session were great. One time I played live hi-hat and Em rapped strictly in my ear and I was improvising based on what he was doing with his vocals and the cadences and the rhythm changes that he was doing. He heard me play on some hi-hat stuff and he said "I like what you're doing there. Let me rap to you and just match it based on what you're doing, what you hear and what I'm doing." We recorded that and that was a pretty cool experience. That was like a hybrid of improvisation and Hip-Hop at its utmost. Basically, all of my first experiences were working with people that I've been big fans of, Busta Rhymes, 50, all of em just not really having a huge preconception of what their personalities were but just being like what is it gonna be. Someone like Busta, he came in full of energy and loud and everything like on his records and just seeing that personality be genuine even outside of the booth, those are the moments that I appreciate.

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Monday, 20 July 2009

Dr Dre Social Network created - Join now.

Ok so as this blog is being recognised more and more, I thought i'd create a social network for Dr Dre fans.

Click below for the Social Network.

It has just been created and will slowly evolve as time passes by. A forum is available there for fans to discuss anything about Dre and Detox.

So please join the network and spread the word.

Album release date given - and it's not Detox

This, September 1, 2009, Wideawake Death Row Entertainment will finally open its vault and launch a Special Collectors Edition of music, video, interview and promotional material entitled The Chronic Re Lit & From The Vault. WIDEawake Death Row Records is giving the fans – unreleased songs from the Death Row vault to celebrate the phenomena of West Coast Rap and honor one of the most influential producers of our time – Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre revolutionized West Coast Rap music with the original Death Row crew of artists and producers, creating The Chronic. This package includes the sixteen original Chronic songs digitally re-mastered, profound liner notes from one of Dr. Dre’s long time colleagues and friends, award winning producer and documentary film maker Quincy Jones III, plus a second DVD collection entitled From The Vault. This DVD is packed with Chronic videos, promotional pieces, and a special never before released 30 minute in studio interview with Dr. Dre discussing the future of hip hop. But that’s not all – the From The Vault DVD includes Seven unreleased and rare release songs from Snoop Doggy Dogg, soulstress Jewell, CPO, and Kurupt.

This digipak collectors edition will be in all North American retail stores and a special bundle of songs will also be released digitally through ITunes and other DSPs. An exclusive release is planned for US Wal-Mart stores which will have their own clean versions of the Chronic songs plus two never before released songs from the Death Row vault, all suitable for Wal-mart’s younger consumers. Explains WIDEawake Death Row CEO Lara Lavi, “The Chronic Re-Lit & From The Vault is a celebration of the ground breaking iconic legendary producer Dr. Dre, one of West Coast Rap’s foremost artists Snoop Doggy Dogg and the sound, lyrics, social commentary and life stories of the original "Boyz From the Hood". Adds Lavi, “Our mission is to honor Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and all the Death Row artists who deserve better treatment, by showing our respect and desire to start new dialog and breathing life back into Death Row Records.”

WIDEawake Death Row has a number of special promotions for it’s fans with this album’s release. More details will be coming over the summer. To celebrate this amazing collection of untapped music, Death Row fans can go to to enter to win a trip for two, to Los Angeles. Once in, fans can download seven additional, never before released songs from the Vault… Free. The 7th song, is a mystery. To win you must name the artist who is performing the mystery song. The Winner will be chosen December 1, 2009. Must be 21 and over to win.

Death Row is planning other promotions throughout the summer leading up to the September 1, 2009 release of the Chronic Re-Lit & From the Vault. Stay tuned and stay connected.

WIDEawake Death Row is just getting started…

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Sunday, 19 July 2009

DJ Khalil talks to Dubcn about Dre

Dubcnn: How slim are the chances of leaked records ending up on the final product?

You know, who knows... He has so much music, there is so much music. Who knows what's gonna make it, what's not gonna make it. He's got an arsenal of music that's crazy. Stuff that just leaked and that's kinda out there, who knows if he's gonna keep it or not. I mean the response was really good on everything that got leaked, so that's a positive sign. But who knows! *laughs* He might scrap everything right now and just start fresh. You never know with Dre.

Dubcnn: What's behind these reference tracks that leak? Is that actually a Dre beat for Detox that Ludacris was rapping over on the new joint that just leaked? Or did somebody make a beat that sounds like a Dre beat and he writes to it? What's the system behind that?

I don't even know. There's so many people working on songs for him and so many people that wanna be on this record. There are a lot of producers that are submitting ideas all the time and of course they end up getting leaked or whatever, then it's like "Oh there is a Detox leak!" Who knows if it's official, if Dre's even heard it or anything.

Dubcnn: What's Dre's reaction to these leaks?

He's very calm. He's jut like "Oh well".

Dubcnn: Does he even give a f-ck?

He does initially, because that's his record, his ideas that he's been working on, so of course, that would make anybody upset at first. But his attitude is more like "well, what can I do about it now?" *laughs* It's done, he can be upset about it or just keep working. He's really cool about that. A lot of the records actually leaked on his birthday and we were with him and talked about it and he was just like "we'll make more stuff". He doesn't really trip off that stuff.

Dubcnn: What I don't get is, why do these people who write for him, all write the same sh-t?! Isn't he tired of hearing that he's the greatest, he brought you the Chronic, I'm in my 6-4? Nobody can come up with something creative for Dre?

*laughs* I don't know, there's way more to him than just that. He's not gonna talk about his accomplishments on every record. There is a lot of stuff that he's learned along the way, he's had a long career in the music business, so many stories. But see, when you start creating for him that way, that's a first sign that he's not even gonna listen to it. He's gonna be like "nah, I'm cool". Because he's heard it so many times! He's the greatest, this and that.

Dubcnn: Yeah we don't wanna hear a whole album of him bragging.

Oh no it's not gonna be a whole album of that. But that's what everybody keeps submitting!

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ludacris track for Detox.

Another track by another artist - this time it's Ludacris. Same as T.I, Ludacris raps as if he is Dr Dre.

Ludacris - OGs Theme

Monday, 6 July 2009

Snoop Dogg's coming album, Malice in Wonderland, is the next of many precursors to 'Detox'

As rumors spread throughout the Rap community concerning action taking place in the Aftermath Music camp, Snopp Dogg's 2009 album, Malice in Wonderland (to be released in September) contributes to the anticipation over Dr. Dre's prospective album, Detox. Dre, the label's founder and CEO, has been talking about his coming album since some time in 2000, periodically making guest appearances on the albums of essentially every artist he has produced over the last decade (Snoop, Fifty, Eminem, and rumors of Xzibit to name a few). Thus his guest appearance on Snoop Dogg's newest album is no doubt yet another means of heralding the coming of Dre's Detox. Although many in the Rap community have been grumbling over the lengthy postponement of Dre's new album (most are bitterly complaining about how Dre "fell off," in the words of his last hit, "Forgot about Dre"), the rapper/producer's momentous role in Eminem's Relapse makes clear that Dre is very much still Dre (no pun intended) both as a rapper and a producer.

But all talk about Dr. Dre aside, the details on Snoop Dogg's Malice in Wonderland, though scarce at best, promise that the album will live up to expectations. Following the success of his last album, Ego Trippin' (which debuted at number three on the Billboard 200), Snoop's 2009 album will feature guest appearances by Pharrell and the Neptune crew in addition to Dr. Dre. Snoop, who claims that the record takes influences from composer Lalo Schifrin, says Schifrin's darker, more sinister compositions will have a significant coloring on Malice in Wonderland. This sort of mood setting will certainly influence Snoop's own rapping style which (apart from his well known associations with Dr. Dre),is defined by a style which is simultaneously funky and smooth; his ability to construct rhythms around funky, hip hop based grooves settles his music in a comfy space somewhere between hard rap and funk. No doubt Snoop has created for his music a kind of rap which the genre has not often seen, and thus his experimentation wich Lalo Schifrin's music will definitely create a similar sort of musicality. Perhaps one of the greatest rappers of our time, Snoop's ability to evoke head nodding in his listeners is rarely matched.

Malice in Wonderland, thus, promises to find a place in the rapper's repertoire which will match if not surpass the multiple hits which have come to define Snoop Dogg's music ("Gin and Juice" and "Beautiful" come to mind as some of the greatest Rap grooves which the genre has ever seen). Not only that, but after the great commercial success of the number one single on Snoop's last record, "Sexual Eruption," the rapper made comments on how his great success as a rapper has freed his stylistic choices, and allowed him to pursue musical ideas which are uninfluenced by audience reception (this, of course, is largely contradicted by the censorship which he allowed the hit single to undergo). Regardless, however, I wouldn't be surprised to see a great deal of new influences appearing in Snoop's Malice in Wonderland that he has not ever experimented with before (perhaps in the way he claimed Lalo Schifrin's sinister compositions influenced the album). The result of this musical experimentation, of course, waits to be defined, but it will no doubt be interesting to see how this sort of "dark, sinister" emotion will influence Snoop's funky, hip hop based grooves as we wait for what I hope will finally be Dre's release of Detox.

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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dre Passes On Michael Jackson Project (OLD article)

I thought i'd mention this old article for die hard Dre fans.

RIP Michael Jackson.

Dr. Dre's achievements producing his own album and hits from Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Xzibit may have crowned him the King of Rap in 2000, but the hip-hop impresario has no interest in working with fellow musical royalty Michael Jackson.

Dre told MTV Radio at the American Music Awards on Monday that he turned down an opportunity to produce the King of Pop's first album in a decade.

"Somebody approached me about working with Michael Jackson, and I did say no because I like working with new artists or people that I've worked with in the past," Dre said. "I can develop them from the ground up. There's no set standard that I have to live up to or anything like that. All I have to do is go in the studio, and basically they're going to bust their ass to come in there and do their thing the way it's supposed to be done." Jackson's spokesperson confirmed there have been discussions between the two artists, but said nothing has been decided.

Dre said he recently wrapped production on Eve's forthcoming album, Scorpion, and is now working with R&B newcomer Shari Watson, a.k.a. Truth Hurts, who is signed to his Aftermath label. Fellow Los Angeles rapper Ice-T also recently told L.A.'s Daily News that Dre will work on his next record.

Dre leads the pack of contenders for the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards with five nominations, including Best Hip-Hop Album for Dr. Dre 2001.

Jackson has worked with several producers on his upcoming album, including R&B hitmaker Rodney Jerkins, R. Kelly and former Jodeci member DeVante, his spokesperson said. The as-yet-untitled album is scheduled for summer release.

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

50 Cent Gives Details On Detox

50 Cent recently talked about Dr Dre's long-awaited "Detox" album. Saying the high-anticipated LP will have ten tracks, 50 gave his opinion on it. "Dre is actually working," the G-Unit general promised fans during a recent interview. "I heard eight records. When it takes this long, I'ma tell you what I heard. I heard eight and Em [Eminem] said it's ten. So it's probably two I didn't get a chance to hear."

50 went on to talk about the album being delayed. "I think [the wait] actually builds more pressure. Are you trying to get it or are you trying to scare the sh*t out of 'em? I know, its been taking him a long time. [He's also] so critical of himself at the same time. You know what it is too, I look at it like this. I love some of the things he thinks that are just 'good'... I kinda feel like I can gauge what is necessary at this point...When's the last time you heard a hip-hop record that didn't have an R&B chorus in the Top 10? You understand what I'm saying. It's changing hip-hop music to the point where it's necessary for you to have an R&B artist or perform like an R&B artist on the hook...You can tell the deejay to slow down but when motherf*cking [Black Eyed Peas' ] 'Boom Boom Pow' is No. 1, how you gonna tell the artist what to make?"

Source - ... album.html

Friday, 5 June 2009

Just Blaze Talks The Truth Behind Detox

While Blaze remained relatively quiet regarding Hov’s project, he did open up about the other album that has been highly anticipated – “Detox.” It has been long rumored that “Detox” may never come out. However, recent song leaks and reference tracks began to show signs that the album may indeed come to fruition in the near future.

Just Blaze knows why there is a hold up, and attributes the long wait to the exact thing he mentioned previously regarding “Blueprint 3” – simply not being ready.

“It’s the same thing with Dr. Dre. Dre told me himself as I worked with him on “Detox” that he didn’t feel like making the album until last November,” he said after explaining Jay-Z’s situation.

“Before that, it was just something he threw out there once because he felt like it,” he continued. “And all of a sudden he realized he created something where the fans were asking for it and now he has to do it.”

Being a perfectionist himself, Just Blaze completely understands the situation that both Jay-Z and Dr. Dre are in. He’s actually been in a similar position himself.

“What happens when you are not in that mindset [of making an album]? I don’t make a banger every time I sit at the MPC,” he reveals. “You can have an off month. Luckily, when you are in a position where you don’t have a financial obligation, you do it when you feel like it. Once you feel like it, it will start falling together.”

So what exactly do we know about “Detox” and “Blueprint 3”? Not much more than that both albums are in progress, but the details remain locked in a safe.

“I know that in my talks with Dr. Dre, he felt that he finally hit his stride last November and that’s when he really started to work hard,” he continued. “More people have been coming out and speaking on “Detox,” but nobody has said much about Jay’s album so I’m not going to be the first. But we have had conversations about it in terms of direction and what he wants to do. What comes out of it? We’ll have to wait and see. I may not even be on there.”

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