Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Game to feature on Detox "More Than Once" ??

Chuck Taylor says that if the near-mythical album ever releases, he will be on several tracks.

Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg recently said that Dr. Dre’s near-mythical album Detox was in the mixing stage, though a concrete release date is yet to be announced. Game recently spoke with KISS 107.5's Jay Thomas and said that if the album ever does drop, he will be featured on at least two of the tracks.

“If there is a Detox, then Game is on it more than once. But if it never comes out, then nobody’s on it,” he said.

As he’s previously done, the Compton, California native remained mum on all other aspects of the album, stating that while it’s been on his mind, he has nothing more to offer about the project.

“Detox man, I don’t know about Detox man. I’ve been thinking about detoxing lately, because I’ve been back on my workout grind and I’ve been thinking about detoxing. That’s the only thing I can tell you about Detox.”

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  1. as always treat this as a mere rumour

  2. when its time for detox, im gonna let the beat drop on my overpriced beat box. ya diggggg

  3. Dre feat Game - Dope
    Dre feat Game, Kendrick Lamar - Compton City/Sirens


    Intro for the album is done according to Xzibit

  5. lol...

    even game sounds like he's given up on the album...


  6. what a joke this thing has become...

    i mean can anyone sit there with a straight face and tell me they believe that it is still comin....

    fuck no!

  7. if detox is released i expect game to feature .im a big game fan tho i feel his last offering red album disapointed a little to many features and it seemed like any one he featured with on a track he copyied there flow and style he should stick to his own style and flow coz its DOPE ,i wana hear him spit like he did on doctors advocate and 360 bars that shit is insane ,even goin back to the documentary game over dre beats is sick works better than anybody else ...just a quick taught on detox think game sounded like he dont have a clue what the fuck dre is doing with the album at dis point "

  8. there was this rumour in the past that das had to pull a gun on dre 4 taking to much time mixing the dog pound lp. maybe that what detox needs to get a release.