Friday, 24 July 2009

Cilpse+Detox - Small rumour only

Don't take this seriously - looks like a small rumour that's all. Someone might be interested in reading it

Virginia duo The Clipse are known just as well for their cocaine affiliation as they are for their clever rhymes about the street life and what to do with all that money. However I just got word this morning that the two may be checking into Detox or already have.

Of course I’m talking about the long awaited mythical Detox album from Dr. Dre. The album is said to be near completion after a decade and the finishing touches are now being put on it. The Clipse I’m hearing were called in last weekend and instantly agreed to be a part of the project, writing for Dre. Other people known to be working on Detox are of course Eminem, 50 Cent, and others such as Jay-Z, and even Kanye West.

I’m not sure I even care about this album anymore. I’m just waiting for it to drop, if it ever will and that’s it. in any case though this is definitely a good look for The Clipse. These two deserve any kind of shine they get so congrats to them.

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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Aftermath producer Dawaun Parker Interview

Parker talks about a number of things, including Dre and Detox. For full interview click the link at the bottom.

Adam Bernard: Start everyone off by taking us into the studio with you and Dre. What were your initial thoughts on Dre when you first started working with him and experienced his working style?

Dawaun Parker: That it was rigorous. You put in a lot of time. There was definitely a wow factor there when seeing the equipment and the precision and the top quality material that we were using. The first time I walked into the studio I remember being a little awe struck just by the sight of how everything looked. It was like a spaceship with all the lights and things like that. It wasn't like I was completely unfamiliar with what everything was either and we just went right to work. The day that I met him and he heard me play and heard what I could do, we started to work that day and it's pretty much been nonstop.

AB: Is Detox ever really going to come out or is it like a dragon or a unicorn, is it a mythical creature that we just keep hearing about?

DP: I've used the term unicorn because of the amount of time that people have been hearing about this project and everyone's anticipation for it. We are definitely working and all I'm able to say is that it's up to Dre to make a decision when he wants to push the button, but otherwise we've been working. It's not like an album he was working on before I met him and I think the misconception with that album is that people started talking about it and he announced the title before he even started to work on it. When he announced the title he probably didn't realize how much weight, anytime he says something how much people put on that. For years they've been hearing this thing, but you haven't heard much from him because he either wasn't working on it, or was waiting for a time period, but we're working right now and we'll see. I know we're pushing for it to be very soon.

AB: Do you have an approximation of how many tracks were made and how many were thrown away?

DP: No, I will know that when there's a track listing. When that's decided I'll know how many things, but it's not like a whole bunch of things have been thrown away. I think that we use a good amount of the material that we create.

AB: I know you have to keep most of it under wraps, but musically, how would you say it compares to the two Chronic releases?

DP: I just think that it's a forward progression. I think that there will be reflections of what's going on now, the fact that it's 2009/2010, I think that you'll hear elements that you recognize as Dre and you'll hear a crop of new artists, you'll hear some veterans and you'll hear a result of his new people, one of them being me. I think that we'll all contribute to it. It's having the Dre stamp, but being a full progressing record and we hope that we can give it some classic appeal.

AB: Give me a story or two from inside the studio during a session that was notably crazy.

DP: For me, always the best things for me is when I get to witness a musical display on a really high level. All of the Em session were great. One time I played live hi-hat and Em rapped strictly in my ear and I was improvising based on what he was doing with his vocals and the cadences and the rhythm changes that he was doing. He heard me play on some hi-hat stuff and he said "I like what you're doing there. Let me rap to you and just match it based on what you're doing, what you hear and what I'm doing." We recorded that and that was a pretty cool experience. That was like a hybrid of improvisation and Hip-Hop at its utmost. Basically, all of my first experiences were working with people that I've been big fans of, Busta Rhymes, 50, all of em just not really having a huge preconception of what their personalities were but just being like what is it gonna be. Someone like Busta, he came in full of energy and loud and everything like on his records and just seeing that personality be genuine even outside of the booth, those are the moments that I appreciate.

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Monday, 20 July 2009

Dr Dre Social Network created - Join now.

Ok so as this blog is being recognised more and more, I thought i'd create a social network for Dr Dre fans.

Click below for the Social Network.

It has just been created and will slowly evolve as time passes by. A forum is available there for fans to discuss anything about Dre and Detox.

So please join the network and spread the word.

Album release date given - and it's not Detox

This, September 1, 2009, Wideawake Death Row Entertainment will finally open its vault and launch a Special Collectors Edition of music, video, interview and promotional material entitled The Chronic Re Lit & From The Vault. WIDEawake Death Row Records is giving the fans – unreleased songs from the Death Row vault to celebrate the phenomena of West Coast Rap and honor one of the most influential producers of our time – Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre revolutionized West Coast Rap music with the original Death Row crew of artists and producers, creating The Chronic. This package includes the sixteen original Chronic songs digitally re-mastered, profound liner notes from one of Dr. Dre’s long time colleagues and friends, award winning producer and documentary film maker Quincy Jones III, plus a second DVD collection entitled From The Vault. This DVD is packed with Chronic videos, promotional pieces, and a special never before released 30 minute in studio interview with Dr. Dre discussing the future of hip hop. But that’s not all – the From The Vault DVD includes Seven unreleased and rare release songs from Snoop Doggy Dogg, soulstress Jewell, CPO, and Kurupt.

This digipak collectors edition will be in all North American retail stores and a special bundle of songs will also be released digitally through ITunes and other DSPs. An exclusive release is planned for US Wal-Mart stores which will have their own clean versions of the Chronic songs plus two never before released songs from the Death Row vault, all suitable for Wal-mart’s younger consumers. Explains WIDEawake Death Row CEO Lara Lavi, “The Chronic Re-Lit & From The Vault is a celebration of the ground breaking iconic legendary producer Dr. Dre, one of West Coast Rap’s foremost artists Snoop Doggy Dogg and the sound, lyrics, social commentary and life stories of the original "Boyz From the Hood". Adds Lavi, “Our mission is to honor Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and all the Death Row artists who deserve better treatment, by showing our respect and desire to start new dialog and breathing life back into Death Row Records.”

WIDEawake Death Row has a number of special promotions for it’s fans with this album’s release. More details will be coming over the summer. To celebrate this amazing collection of untapped music, Death Row fans can go to to enter to win a trip for two, to Los Angeles. Once in, fans can download seven additional, never before released songs from the Vault… Free. The 7th song, is a mystery. To win you must name the artist who is performing the mystery song. The Winner will be chosen December 1, 2009. Must be 21 and over to win.

Death Row is planning other promotions throughout the summer leading up to the September 1, 2009 release of the Chronic Re-Lit & From the Vault. Stay tuned and stay connected.

WIDEawake Death Row is just getting started…

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Sunday, 19 July 2009

DJ Khalil talks to Dubcn about Dre

Dubcnn: How slim are the chances of leaked records ending up on the final product?

You know, who knows... He has so much music, there is so much music. Who knows what's gonna make it, what's not gonna make it. He's got an arsenal of music that's crazy. Stuff that just leaked and that's kinda out there, who knows if he's gonna keep it or not. I mean the response was really good on everything that got leaked, so that's a positive sign. But who knows! *laughs* He might scrap everything right now and just start fresh. You never know with Dre.

Dubcnn: What's behind these reference tracks that leak? Is that actually a Dre beat for Detox that Ludacris was rapping over on the new joint that just leaked? Or did somebody make a beat that sounds like a Dre beat and he writes to it? What's the system behind that?

I don't even know. There's so many people working on songs for him and so many people that wanna be on this record. There are a lot of producers that are submitting ideas all the time and of course they end up getting leaked or whatever, then it's like "Oh there is a Detox leak!" Who knows if it's official, if Dre's even heard it or anything.

Dubcnn: What's Dre's reaction to these leaks?

He's very calm. He's jut like "Oh well".

Dubcnn: Does he even give a f-ck?

He does initially, because that's his record, his ideas that he's been working on, so of course, that would make anybody upset at first. But his attitude is more like "well, what can I do about it now?" *laughs* It's done, he can be upset about it or just keep working. He's really cool about that. A lot of the records actually leaked on his birthday and we were with him and talked about it and he was just like "we'll make more stuff". He doesn't really trip off that stuff.

Dubcnn: What I don't get is, why do these people who write for him, all write the same sh-t?! Isn't he tired of hearing that he's the greatest, he brought you the Chronic, I'm in my 6-4? Nobody can come up with something creative for Dre?

*laughs* I don't know, there's way more to him than just that. He's not gonna talk about his accomplishments on every record. There is a lot of stuff that he's learned along the way, he's had a long career in the music business, so many stories. But see, when you start creating for him that way, that's a first sign that he's not even gonna listen to it. He's gonna be like "nah, I'm cool". Because he's heard it so many times! He's the greatest, this and that.

Dubcnn: Yeah we don't wanna hear a whole album of him bragging.

Oh no it's not gonna be a whole album of that. But that's what everybody keeps submitting!

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ludacris track for Detox.

Another track by another artist - this time it's Ludacris. Same as T.I, Ludacris raps as if he is Dr Dre.

Ludacris - OGs Theme

Monday, 6 July 2009

Snoop Dogg's coming album, Malice in Wonderland, is the next of many precursors to 'Detox'

As rumors spread throughout the Rap community concerning action taking place in the Aftermath Music camp, Snopp Dogg's 2009 album, Malice in Wonderland (to be released in September) contributes to the anticipation over Dr. Dre's prospective album, Detox. Dre, the label's founder and CEO, has been talking about his coming album since some time in 2000, periodically making guest appearances on the albums of essentially every artist he has produced over the last decade (Snoop, Fifty, Eminem, and rumors of Xzibit to name a few). Thus his guest appearance on Snoop Dogg's newest album is no doubt yet another means of heralding the coming of Dre's Detox. Although many in the Rap community have been grumbling over the lengthy postponement of Dre's new album (most are bitterly complaining about how Dre "fell off," in the words of his last hit, "Forgot about Dre"), the rapper/producer's momentous role in Eminem's Relapse makes clear that Dre is very much still Dre (no pun intended) both as a rapper and a producer.

But all talk about Dr. Dre aside, the details on Snoop Dogg's Malice in Wonderland, though scarce at best, promise that the album will live up to expectations. Following the success of his last album, Ego Trippin' (which debuted at number three on the Billboard 200), Snoop's 2009 album will feature guest appearances by Pharrell and the Neptune crew in addition to Dr. Dre. Snoop, who claims that the record takes influences from composer Lalo Schifrin, says Schifrin's darker, more sinister compositions will have a significant coloring on Malice in Wonderland. This sort of mood setting will certainly influence Snoop's own rapping style which (apart from his well known associations with Dr. Dre),is defined by a style which is simultaneously funky and smooth; his ability to construct rhythms around funky, hip hop based grooves settles his music in a comfy space somewhere between hard rap and funk. No doubt Snoop has created for his music a kind of rap which the genre has not often seen, and thus his experimentation wich Lalo Schifrin's music will definitely create a similar sort of musicality. Perhaps one of the greatest rappers of our time, Snoop's ability to evoke head nodding in his listeners is rarely matched.

Malice in Wonderland, thus, promises to find a place in the rapper's repertoire which will match if not surpass the multiple hits which have come to define Snoop Dogg's music ("Gin and Juice" and "Beautiful" come to mind as some of the greatest Rap grooves which the genre has ever seen). Not only that, but after the great commercial success of the number one single on Snoop's last record, "Sexual Eruption," the rapper made comments on how his great success as a rapper has freed his stylistic choices, and allowed him to pursue musical ideas which are uninfluenced by audience reception (this, of course, is largely contradicted by the censorship which he allowed the hit single to undergo). Regardless, however, I wouldn't be surprised to see a great deal of new influences appearing in Snoop's Malice in Wonderland that he has not ever experimented with before (perhaps in the way he claimed Lalo Schifrin's sinister compositions influenced the album). The result of this musical experimentation, of course, waits to be defined, but it will no doubt be interesting to see how this sort of "dark, sinister" emotion will influence Snoop's funky, hip hop based grooves as we wait for what I hope will finally be Dre's release of Detox.

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