Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dre Passes On Michael Jackson Project (OLD article)

I thought i'd mention this old article for die hard Dre fans.

RIP Michael Jackson.

Dr. Dre's achievements producing his own album and hits from Eminem, Snoop Dogg and Xzibit may have crowned him the King of Rap in 2000, but the hip-hop impresario has no interest in working with fellow musical royalty Michael Jackson.

Dre told MTV Radio at the American Music Awards on Monday that he turned down an opportunity to produce the King of Pop's first album in a decade.

"Somebody approached me about working with Michael Jackson, and I did say no because I like working with new artists or people that I've worked with in the past," Dre said. "I can develop them from the ground up. There's no set standard that I have to live up to or anything like that. All I have to do is go in the studio, and basically they're going to bust their ass to come in there and do their thing the way it's supposed to be done." Jackson's spokesperson confirmed there have been discussions between the two artists, but said nothing has been decided.

Dre said he recently wrapped production on Eve's forthcoming album, Scorpion, and is now working with R&B newcomer Shari Watson, a.k.a. Truth Hurts, who is signed to his Aftermath label. Fellow Los Angeles rapper Ice-T also recently told L.A.'s Daily News that Dre will work on his next record.

Dre leads the pack of contenders for the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards with five nominations, including Best Hip-Hop Album for Dr. Dre 2001.

Jackson has worked with several producers on his upcoming album, including R&B hitmaker Rodney Jerkins, R. Kelly and former Jodeci member DeVante, his spokesperson said. The as-yet-untitled album is scheduled for summer release.

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

50 Cent Gives Details On Detox

50 Cent recently talked about Dr Dre's long-awaited "Detox" album. Saying the high-anticipated LP will have ten tracks, 50 gave his opinion on it. "Dre is actually working," the G-Unit general promised fans during a recent interview. "I heard eight records. When it takes this long, I'ma tell you what I heard. I heard eight and Em [Eminem] said it's ten. So it's probably two I didn't get a chance to hear."

50 went on to talk about the album being delayed. "I think [the wait] actually builds more pressure. Are you trying to get it or are you trying to scare the sh*t out of 'em? I know, its been taking him a long time. [He's also] so critical of himself at the same time. You know what it is too, I look at it like this. I love some of the things he thinks that are just 'good'... I kinda feel like I can gauge what is necessary at this point...When's the last time you heard a hip-hop record that didn't have an R&B chorus in the Top 10? You understand what I'm saying. It's changing hip-hop music to the point where it's necessary for you to have an R&B artist or perform like an R&B artist on the hook...You can tell the deejay to slow down but when motherf*cking [Black Eyed Peas' ] 'Boom Boom Pow' is No. 1, how you gonna tell the artist what to make?"

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Friday, 5 June 2009

Just Blaze Talks The Truth Behind Detox

While Blaze remained relatively quiet regarding Hov’s project, he did open up about the other album that has been highly anticipated – “Detox.” It has been long rumored that “Detox” may never come out. However, recent song leaks and reference tracks began to show signs that the album may indeed come to fruition in the near future.

Just Blaze knows why there is a hold up, and attributes the long wait to the exact thing he mentioned previously regarding “Blueprint 3” – simply not being ready.

“It’s the same thing with Dr. Dre. Dre told me himself as I worked with him on “Detox” that he didn’t feel like making the album until last November,” he said after explaining Jay-Z’s situation.

“Before that, it was just something he threw out there once because he felt like it,” he continued. “And all of a sudden he realized he created something where the fans were asking for it and now he has to do it.”

Being a perfectionist himself, Just Blaze completely understands the situation that both Jay-Z and Dr. Dre are in. He’s actually been in a similar position himself.

“What happens when you are not in that mindset [of making an album]? I don’t make a banger every time I sit at the MPC,” he reveals. “You can have an off month. Luckily, when you are in a position where you don’t have a financial obligation, you do it when you feel like it. Once you feel like it, it will start falling together.”

So what exactly do we know about “Detox” and “Blueprint 3”? Not much more than that both albums are in progress, but the details remain locked in a safe.

“I know that in my talks with Dr. Dre, he felt that he finally hit his stride last November and that’s when he really started to work hard,” he continued. “More people have been coming out and speaking on “Detox,” but nobody has said much about Jay’s album so I’m not going to be the first. But we have had conversations about it in terms of direction and what he wants to do. What comes out of it? We’ll have to wait and see. I may not even be on there.”

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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Anthony Hamilton linked with Detox

Hamilton has laid down a vocal for Dr. Dre's upcoming "Detox" that he's "just waiting to see if it's gonna stay or not. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one."

But, Hamilton says, he has no insight about when that decision will be made or when we'll actually hear "The Detox."

"Dre's just very, very, very good at getting what he wants. He's pretty talented," Hamilton notes. "When he's producing something he'll try different ingredients, and he'll make what he feels is the best for the project. He just looks at the overall body of work, not just songs or individual collaborations, which I think is smart."

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