Thursday, 10 November 2011

New Dr Dre track coming soon??

Producer Just Blaze has been hinting in his tweets about a new Dr Dre track being released, rumoured to feature Kendrick Lamar. Stay tuned will be looking for some more solid info:

@JustBlaze - In other news, to the few people that understands what this means. "Firestarter" has just been sent to Interscope at their request.

@JustBlaze - And @drdre said..



  1. So, since "The Psycho" is canceled I guess this joint will be the REAL first single of DETOX? I pray for this track to be produced by DRE himself ! I trust Dre and Just Blaze.Gotta be dope.

  2. Blaze does dope shit all around but I don't know how WC it would sound unless Dre was helping to craft it. A Blaze-helped first Detox single makes sense though, if he's in on it, he has a way with energy and a cinematic epic feel when he tries. The entire album he did for Saigon was way underrated and overlooked.

    Like anything about Detox, don't hold your breath. Everyone there kept claiming Under Pressure was ready to go all the time, dates kept changing to "any day now", then pushed back at the last minute by an Em single, and then the fucking thing leaked not even close to finished anyway. Made no sense. Nobody ever explained why Blaze put up a video with Dre claiming "I'm comin'" on 4/20. We can harp on and on... so many years of this up-and-down nonsense and there's no reason to take it as gospel now unless Dre, Aftermath, and/or Interscope officially and specifically endorse it. But even then...

  3. Firestarter?
    maybe a code name either way
    i just hope the first single has
    that feeling of a classic

  4. Uzee i apperciate it
    but there is a problem in this blog with a gayboy taking ppls name, trippy AF

    but u guys dumb firestarter means alot of things
    its can be the spark to dr dre/detox
    or a sex positions(i aint joking really look it up)which is highly doubtful

  5. i may be very wrong but i get the feeling that dres loyal fans wait for detox may be over very soon certainly in 2012 and my guess may even be out in the first quater of the year ...i think anything we have heard up until now in terms of leaks and the snippet we got of die hard were just dres way of checking public reaction to different sounds and content,for any sceptical fans or doubters they should remember dre has all ready dropped 2 classics with timeless hits and he dosent need to do detox for any other reason than he genuinly wants to do it and set a new trend & sound in hip hop like hes previous albums chronic /2001 have done ...his track record suggests a classic and i dont think hel disapoint

  6. Hello everybody I've been
    following Detox since '06 and
    this blog since last year. I've
    never posted until recently I'm
    looking forward to contributing
    to the discussions on here :) I
    really hope this "Firestarter" is
    legit and this begins that promotion the DOC was talking about. Keep up the good work Uzze

  7. People are getting way ahead of themselves here, we'll be extremely lucky to hear anything this year. And then this rumoured next single, just like Psycho, Under Pressure etc, will just vanish without us ever hearing it.

    Reality check everyone.........This is Detox we're talking about. DOC did say promo in November but then he was asked a week or so ago and said unlikely to be this year! My prediction is the album won't drop until late 2012 at the earliest. I hope I'm wrong!!

  8. see the problem with this blog isnt dr dre its the fans like you making shit up like compton sirens a kendrick feature.
    i just looked up just blaze twitter and there is no mention of kendrick or a title involving the name compton
    you guys stop making shit up
    firestarter can be something totally different

  9. this song he's about to release might be for his mixtape he's putting out before detox to get everybody pumped up!
    its perfect timing, his protege slim the mobster just released his War Music mixtape. best mixtape the west coast ever had, especially with that dre track "back against the wall"
    idk why people are sayin negative things about dre, bcuz once a song is released all of u are gonna play that shit over and over!

  10. ^are u serious slim the mobster warmusic was decent not that greatest mixtape from the west coast ab soul-longterm 2 and kendrick lamar-section 80 were way better that this garbage

  11. how about the best "gangsta rap" mixtape?
    slim is bringin back gangsta rap
    straight outta south central los angeles
    he's even getting radio play
    its about time they play some hardcore west coast gangsta music!

  12. War Music isn't great... at all. Bishop's mixtapes like The Confessional or Nigger Noize shit all over it and Slim's release is certainly not even in the same galaxy as the best WC mixtapes. He's good at what he does but what he does is completely flat. Where do you go from there?

    There's no Dre mixtape coming now or ever. If it comes, I'll be damn surprised. The only one ever mentioning it is Whoo Kid and fuck it anyway, if Dre is wasting enormous amounts of time away from Detox so Whoo Kid can put gunshot bullshit over certified Dre-produced/Detox leftover joints and boost his post-G-unit career/ego, then it's proof Dre has lost his mind. Dre and mixtapes just don't compute to me, he's way too precise, picky, and self-conscious about how things sound, but maybe I'm wrong. All I know is that if Dre is actually putting in time to complete an entire mixtape of Detox shit, it's like he's making another Detox but of lesser songs and how much effort or time is that going to take away? The entire concept blows my mind, Dre has no need to release mixtapes, it's entirely below him and pointless. He's a living legend and he needs no street buzz, he needs to finish Detox. Now if Dre wants to put out something post-Detox of leftovers that are hot but just didn't make the cut, I'm completely down, but fuck the entire pre-Detox mixtape idea.

  13. Stop being negative, its pointless.

  14. New Dre Track...Compton Sirens coming next week!!!


  15. Not liking something isn't being negative, it's just an opinion.

    S has been promising Compton Sirens since almost a year ago, even waiting to take credit for leaking it because he thought the real guy who leaked shit was about to... as if Dre holds on to songs that old after already scrapping the Detox version S claimed it would be on in the first place.

    Dre and Jimmy actually confirmed the existence of Under Pressure and hyped it up way way way before it was supposedly due, so I'm pretty sure the first true Detox single isn't just coming "next week" out of the blue. Interscope schedules singles, promotions are put in gear with videos or whatever, and if it's for Detox then that's a given x100. When S is wrong for the millionth time (esp about the same exact thing) next week or tries to take credit from other people's work on here for their leaks or whatever, let's please remember to NOT take fake rumors by anonymous nobodies on the internet as gospel next time.

    Plus even if Blaze is 100% sure a Dr. Dre Detox single is coming by the end of the year, you still never know with Dre, and I've heard that line by so many people proven right again and again, you just can't hold your breath. That isn't negative to say, it's a repetitive fact, and saves the trouble of reading many raging posts afterward when unicorns don't pop out of the gumdrop forest.

  16. If S is right tho...its almost like i told u so....i know uzee hates him butgive credit where credit is due. He called it a year ago.:.....

  17. s... i understand that dre's schedule changes freuently.. but if no single comes next week then you have absolutely no credibility whatsoever. not that you had much to begin with. but if there is nothing next week, we will be for sure that you were lying to us the whole time.

  18. I agree but if a single does come in the next 10 days, i would have to say that maybe S knows what hes talking about....even though hes slipped a couple of times he was right on with Mr Prescription....he had that title before anyone did and after Uzee and just about the whole blog doubted him, BOOM..that shit dropped...i know the song sucked but he did call it.

    Hope your right S, and if its Compton whatever then your credibility is renewed......


  19. dre's next single defenitly have to be the real deal, i was kind hoping it would feature snoop like chronic and 2001, but now it doesn't matter who it will feature as long as it comes out, because a single now, then the album in the first quarter in 2012 seems perfect.

  20. "S" is never right about anything, in fact it's been the opposite if any of you frequented this blog a year or so ago. That unfinished shit joint Mr. Prescription leaked and before it did, S insisted on claiming (only) on this blog he would do so and then took credit when it did. The funny thing was I was a regular on StudioLeaks at the same time and Koolo (who was already known for leaking Game's unfinished RED shit etc.) was promising Mr. P and leaked it first. So S obviously tried to steal credit on here so he can get naive people to believe him next time he spouted bullshit rumors. Too bad that backfired. Oops!

    Then S promised Compton whatever on here at the same time because he thought Koolo was about to throw something else out too (which he did not, probably after he felt bad after Game said some shit on Twitter to him, I dnno). Didn't happen, S disappeared, and occasionally he pops back up throughout a year later to claim it's still "coming". Weird since I'm sure he claimed to actually have the leaked joint but maybe I'm wrong. Either way he's full of shit, if you claim you're gonna leak something, then man up and do it or shut up.

    Why he's changing what he used to claim now and saying "it's coming", when he said he was going to leak it himself, for every rumored single is getting old. It never happens, dude makes claims that NEVER come close to panning out, then claims he's on the Aftermath inside with access to records in Dre's vault, and he disappears when he's wrong. It's fan rumors at its worst.

    Also he claimed Mr. Prescription was hot shit that was going to put our faith into Detox again. 100% proof he didn't have it and never heard it before Koolo leaked it lol. Fuck this guy.