Thursday, 17 November 2011

Slim The Mobster Talks Drake & Jay-Z Tracks Intended For ‘Detox’

Sway was finally successful to get something out of one of his guests on MTV Rapfix live last evening regarding the mythical project Detox. Slim The Mobster was reluctant to speak on the album but he finally revealed hearing a Drake song and a Jay-Z song intended for Detox. The big question: is the album still coming or was Dre really serious about taking a break in the FADER interview?


  1. It cannot be possible, Drake on Detox ?!
    What the fuck, Dre really have sold his asshole to Young Money ...
    Fuck dat, Jay-Z is great, no problem, but Drake ?! Come on please !

  2. where does he talk about drake/jay-z songs intended for detox? i dont see it! but drake is a def no-no for detox!


  4. hopefully Dre has shelved it now, id rather no detox than a album with clowns like drake and wayne

  5. Or lets hope DOC and Snoop can talk sense in to Dre and we get a wc detox don't think slim knows that much anyway

  6. Drake doesn't belong on a west coast album but I got to admit that Drake has been killing the hooks lately on many beats! But the west coast has many dope hook singers and rappers already. Dre and Drake would be very interesting to hear!

  7. yeh it might be interesting, but beside 50, em, busta rhymes, nas, jay-z, and maybe raekwon, it must be westcoast.

  8. i think we should take both ems and 50s spots on detox as definites but i just hope that their is not too many features from guys that are not from the westcoast ,obviously dre is first and foremost a producer so detox is going to be heavily featured that dosent have to be a bad thing as long as their the right features i think both kendrick and game could also feature on one more tracks each and with the amount of times hes mentioned it in interviews slim the mobster should be at least on it once ,i would like to see ice cube on the record and maybe nate dogg on it somewhere hopefully they have something recorded b4 he passed ...RIP NATE DOGG KING OF THE HOOKS

  9. Heres a few dre beats from the past few years. I think the majority are dope. shoutouts to TRGmuzik from youtube who had these uploads
    dr dre - under pressure

    dr dre - mr prescription

    dr dre - turn me on

    amerie - more than love

    dr dre - topless

    bishop lamont - rain

    nikki grier - any day now

    ab liva - feel me

    ab liva dont fuck with us

    bishop- change is gonna come

    bishop - i dominate

    bishop - oh my god

    bishop - whos yo daddy

    dawaun parker - lost

    glasses malone - muthafuckin streets

    brandy - la la land

    nikki grier - incredible

    bishop - hallelujah

    bishop - flashy

    bishop - grow up

    bishop - no stoppin carson

    game - ocean

    game - soft rhodes

    dr dre - good things

  10. Qasim "Quad-Ratic"17 November 2011 at 23:59

    i think that drake would be a fine artist to enter the premises of the detox collaboration. its not a finite decision, but the investment involved is rather quite large.

  11. Wow this shit gets ooooold

  12. Drake and Lil Wayne were known to be ghostwriting and possibly referencing for Detox years ago (remember all the T.I. and Ludacris reference leaks?), so that's perhaps what had Slim thinking they were somehow featured. I'm really against any faggot ass Young Money on Detox and I doubt Dre disagrees. Dre has always committed to working with people he knows more than who is hot at the moment.

    Dre has had the entire industry contributing and referencing for Detox, more joints than you can possibly imagine, so it's a far cry to declare Drake will make any Detox cut because everyone you can imagine has worked on it in some way. Even Game said he only put Drake on RED because he felt the record needed more joints for the females and it ended up diluting what could've been a much better album.

    Or you can attribute Slim's hint to just giving a bullshit answer to rile people up. Dre wants to come out with Detox to surprise people and blow minds which is why he doesn't fuck with leaks or allow anyone to divulge actual details. These guys are asked questions about Detox CONSTANTLY, knowing they can't reveal things Dre strictly wants to remain a secret, so it could just be another bullshit answer to rile people up.

    tl;dr don't freak out just yet.

  13. Look everybody!
    Drake is very talented, u gotta admit that.
    But Drake is good at what he does,
    he has his own thing.
    I think stepping into Detox would
    be out of his area.

  14. Drake is good at what he does but it's my opinion what he does sucks and ruins hip-hop. Drake + Detox = doesn't compute. I don't care if Dre has him helping ghostwrite lyrics because Dre will throw that shit out if it's not what he's looking for, but to give him a feature is just a bad joke. Let's not even give credit to that bullshit thought, Dre has got to have more sense than that...

  15. you guys are complete idiots
    is not like drake is a confirmed
    feature on detox.
    im sure dr dre has worked with plenty
    of artist for detox, dr dre is just having
    fun with the record thats all it matters
    and plus is something for dr dre to reach
    out for the younger generation
    maybe he can ask the young rappers on whats
    releveant and whats not
    but you guys got to remember this isnt 1992 or 1999 anymore its 2011
    dr dre knows he cant change hip hop by himself he might need some help

  16. Maybe Dre could get some inspiration from this cause the beat is banging. Http://

  17. Ok its time, i had to say this. I like men.


  18. honestly, i hope this is a joke coz drake will not fit in on the detox album, we need a WC album not RnB type music

    from Kizman

  19. you idiots keep forgetting something...its been SHELVED!!

  20. Drake !!!!

    Why ????

    Westcost cats aren't good no more ??

  21. are all you guys delusional?

    there is no's already been shelved

    bunch of retards!!!

  22. ^have u got proof its not coming out or are you in the dark like the rest off us

  23. Misery loves company, some whiners are addicted to coming back here to convince others Detox is shelved for good because they want to spread their frustration. Pay no attention, these kids couldn't create or mix one halfway decent beat, but they expect a man to make a flawless album by the deadlines they make up themselves. They never have proof, they just want to believe it's shelved so others can be pissed at Dre like they are.

    Detox is coming, get over it.


    Album cover?

  25. Fuck no! That ain't the album cover, somebody just photoshopped this pic:

  26. ^ Maybe but I doubt it. That image has been floating around forever and if the album isn't finalized, especially since that's been around the net, then I don't know why they'd go with it. The Detox-branded Beats headphones have a "Detox" logo/font that's different anyway. Could be an old cover for an older version of Detox.

    The colors aren't bad but it'd be a weird cover for the album. Probably just fan-made like most everything else and I never saw any source that would suggest it's official.

  27. slim the mobster is full of shit

  28. its funny how is says he is taking a break from the studio
    when he rarely has any produced songs that came out except eminems relapse and a few songs here and there not really much
    idk what he does in the studio that takes so much time im sure its not detox

  29. He's working. It doesn't have to mean he sits there making beats from scratch because that's never been his hustle. He has ideas but he'll have a band and contributors play, isolate what he likes, tries to run with it, musically recreates what he's looking for, and he's on the decks tweaking what he can. Just look at the Doggisode episodes of those guys in the room working on tracks for Detox, it isn't something you just get done in a day, and for a super-perfectionist like Dr. Dre, he's going to throw that shit out unless it's EXACTLY what he wants. He's picky as fuck and everything else, even if it's hot, goes in the vault because it doesn't fit exactly what he's looking for.

    Mixing isn't a quick process for Dre either, how he does it fascinates me because he does things in ways even other professionals can't figure out. Dre is in the studio carefully and surgically looking to manifest a sound to the most inane and almost inaudible detail that fits his concept of the song. I imagine Dre sitting in the studio, watching him work, would be a fucked up experience because it's watching the master do what he does best. Just because you're not getting leaks regularly or hearing or seeing the progress doesn't mean it isn't being made.

    It isn't about work as much as it's about art and that's a different game. Dre is lazy to an extent (he takes forever to do anything) but his biggest problem is he's trying to top the impossible which is probably the best reason why Detox hasn't seen the light of day. He's trying to accomplish perfection that doesn't exist except in his head but I don't fucking know either. That's all I can figure. He doesn't know exactly what he wants but he somehow knows what perfection should sound like. It's a paradox that cycles over and over, years and years, and you end up with nothing to show for it except a full vault of material. It fascinates me, probably frustrates the shit out of others, but you have to think of this process and Dre's style having to do more with flawlessness and that takes every facet of every facet of every facet to coalesce into this perfect picture.

    IMO Dre should just get over himself and put it out already. His biggest problem is probably because it's his last album he's scared he won't get a chance to prove himself feeling he can top Detox later. I bet whenever he gets Detox finished, he gets cold feet and knows he can do it better. He should get over this "last album" shit, this legacy shit, and just put it out because it's about the music and the art. Perfection is subjective and hype distorts everything. I bet it fucks with Dre's head a lot and he just refuses to turn in the last album he'll ever turn in.

    I think solving the Detox conundrum is convincing Dre he needs to put out an album he stands by and nothing else should matter. Musical perfection isn't about time, collaborations, and re-doing it 100 times until it's refined, it's about coming together with the right people at the right time the right way and that's the formula that's worked before that's been missing now.

  30. ^^ co-sign @ plugin, i hope INAD and Kush are not on detox, we'll probably get the album next yr or else i'll give up on it


  31. It's all good man, Kush and INAD got scrapped, probably with the Detox that was expected to come out February. 2012 is 20 years after The Chronic, if Dre can't get his shit together and just put it out by then, then even I'm saying fuck it for good.

    There's no such thing as an instant classic IMO, if Detox comes it'll get shit on all over the place for not living up to this or that, but it's just an album of hip-hop music. People just gotta expect it for what it is, songs are songs, and classics are defined by time and how they advance the genre or art, not about how hot it sounds now. Too much negativity and impossible expectations for Detox have probably put Dre in this shit cycle trying to please everything and everyone and it'll never happen. I'm more afraid he'll end up shelving it because of this bullshit.

    2001 is a classic precisely because Dre had a good concept, a good signature sound, good collaborators, and it took an old sound and evolved it with focus. Detox can't be made to be "perfect", it has to be made to take the concept or sound Dre wants and refine that shit. You can't perfect something you don't even know exactly what you're perfecting.

  32. ^spot on m8 best comment i have read on this blog

  33. has any one else got the oponion that the detox versions that exsisted between 2005 and 2008 could have being the best of what hes made so far, like every one else all iv heard are the leaks that surfaced at this time but im just nd baseing my oponion on the view that dre has probably over complicated the process and is over thinking it to the point of him questioning himself and being over critical heres hoping we hear detox in 2012

  34. I agree with plugin, 2012 is the defining year for detox and i cant see dre putting the album out after that. Dre just has to find the balls to put the album out. I believe that he has the killer tracks but his "perfectionist" attitude is holding him back. It has been said before but i believe that too much time and effort has been put into detox for it not to be released and its just a matter of dre growing a pair and releasing the album. All this silence about detox could be a good thing. The album may be complete and dre talking about the future could indicate that the album is finished. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that snoop and D.O.C convince him to RELEASE THE DAM ALBUM! The 20 year anniversary of the chronic would also be the perfect time to release the album.

  35. Fuck Gay-Z weakest rapper ever.


    ^ Ransom by Lil wayne f. Drake. @ 4.53-4.55 Wayne says they both wrote for Detox.... this is an old song hence old news :/