Saturday, 12 November 2011

Dre and Bishop Lamont to reunite?

Reid is currently recording a new version of “Seeds of Memory,” the title track from his 1976 album produced by his friend Graham Nash, which calls Reid's best. He wrote it about World War II, but hip-hop master Dr. Dre and Bishop Lamont are now adding raps about Afghanistan to Reid's new, harder vocals.Reid is reticent to say he's making a comeback because he never made it big enough.

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  1. YEAH!!! I've been waiting for this since Bishop left. In my opinion Bishop kills Kendrik.

    My dream detox song is Dr. Dre, Bishop and 50 cent.

    Another cool song would be Dr. Dre, a verse from eazy-e and Krayzie bone.

  2. Hate to tell this to you but Eazy-E is dead.

  3. Yeah eazy's been dead for a while bro. Biggie shot him in Vegas back in the mid 90's

  4. Being a huge resident fan of Bishop here this is a really optimistic rumor and suggestion he and Dre are still cool enough to record together - especially for Detox. Bishop never had ill will toward Dre, just a victim of bullshit label politics by Interscope Dre was co-signing Bishop for years, spending enormous amounts of time and effort producing joints for him, while Bishop reciprocated for Dre's project even more.

    If Bishop can walk away from Aftermath with his masters without bad feelings toward Dre, I hope Dre puts Bishop on Detox without any of that either. Bishop deserves it for devoting himself to Detox for YEARS and not even getting The Reformation put out for it, and Grow Up getting gutted and pulled by Interscope after it was blowing up on radio. Plus Bishop needs some spots because he shits all over Slim the Mobster anyway. Plenty of other good reasons too IMO.

    Like any rumor or suggestion, I guess you just keep it in the back of your head and see how things pan out without emotionally investing into that shit. It would be nice to hear Bishop spitting on a Dre record again but fuck me if I can't get away from thinking The Reformation is nowhere to be found because he's still waiting for Detox to come out. Once it does, I swear to god it'll free up so much space and time to get back some NEW shit for once. Hurry up Dre!

  5. I'm well aware that eazy-e is dead and has been for a while now. What I meant was an unreleased verse from eazy-e, maybe I should have made that more clear.