Thursday, 3 November 2011

Beats by Dre shop opens in NY

The first and only pop-up store for Dr. Dre's line of headphones opened on Greene Street Wednesday afternoon and the rapper/producer himself was scheduled to appear there Wednesday night.

The high-end headphone shop Beats by Dr. Dre was set to host a grand opening party at 67 Greene St. from 7 to 9 p.m., spokeswoman Karen Civil said. Dr. Dre was expected to be joined there by Interscope Geffen A&M Records chair Jimmy Iovine.

While the event with music by DJ Prostyle of the radio station Power 105.1 was private, small groups of fans who gather for the event were expected to be allowed in to the party, where a cake in the shape of a giant set of headphones was on the menu.

Metal barricades were set up outside the store Wednesday afternoon.

Dr. Dre said in a statement on Beats by Dr. Dre's website that the headphones, which start at $229 for over-ear models, provide realistic sound quality.

"Most headphones can't handle the bass, the detail, the dynamics. Bottom line, the music doesn't move you," he said. "With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do."

Headphones that the company designed for celebrities, including the New York Yankees, are displayed in glass cases in the store. Every Yankee was given a pair of custom-made white headphones with blue pinstripes, Civil said.

The store also has a soundproof-room where shoppers can test the brand's speakers.

The pop-up store for the line, which launched in 2008, will be open through mid-January, Civil said.


  1. its a natural progress to have a own shop selling own headphones ,detox seems a step backwards ,honesstly i dont think he has time to produce detox or produce for any other artist, i think dr dre next step is making his own ipods to complete the sound experience

  2. if he just released detox then did whatever he wanted to do...but it looks like hes using the detox "hype" as an extra advertisment for his headphones, everytime artists and producers here and there talking about detox being worth the wait and being almost done. Without this hype his headphones would be alot less profitable, because if theres no album coming for a certain artist, especially if it was someones like dre, people wouldnt care that much about that person or whatever hes doing. Even those 2 singles that came out were not "dre testing his fans", instead they were all advertisments, now every artist with interscope should include an advertisment for a beats by dre franchise in any video he/she makes.

    Well, the only thing we can say about dre regarding all this is that hes smart, but i think its also a little unfair to treat his "real" fans like that.


    Slim the Mobster discuss Dre, Detox, single Kush & War Music.

  4. You mean there's more money in selling headphones than CD's?! Fuck outta here! Dre branded his name with Beats, they marketed the shit out of them, they're selling hot to everyone with money and no taste in headphones, and HTC bought a $300 million share put in his pocket to use the brand on their smartphones. He's doing the best any human being could hope for with Beats and if anything, Detox puts DOWN and taints Dre's name because that's what people want and he's yet to give it to them. It's not a good thing. If people mention Dre, the other person is more likely to say "fuck Dre, still waiting for Detox" than think of headphones.

    Some of you act like the entire success of Beats is predicated on Detox which is plain STUPID and incorrect. People are stepping on each others' heads to spend $300+ on those mediocre ass headphones and what good is Detox doing for that? People want the headphones because they have Dre's name on it, they're sold as high-end, they're stylish, and they're marketed like Tickle Me Elmo as a fashion brand. Detox ain't out, Detox makes Dre look like a joke, and Detox has nothing to do with Beats' success. If you didn't know the album isn't out, people have been waiting a long time for Detox, and most dismiss it now and put Dre down for it. If anything Detox right now has had the opposite effect on Beats or Dre's success. There's no hype! There's just frustration. Who here is happily excited more than they are pissed off or impatient waiting years and years for it? Makes no sense.

    Nobody said Detox is "almost done" since Slim said so last year and presumably that was the old version. I don't know where you guys get this idea they're just holding back the almost-finished Detox to sell headphones when its ACTUAL RELEASE would boost Beats' brand recognition and market appeal. There's no Detox music to sell the headphones now and trust me, Dre/Jimmy are depending on that when Detox is finished and ready. Get it right next time, this "Dre is a dick for being a success with Beats and he purposely holds it back and doesn't care!" idea just makes no sense when you take a minute to think about it.

  5. Its funny how some people call the fans who are waiting for detox "whiny" while they write 1000 lines defending dre when someone says we want detox not headphones.

    I have one advice for you and for all other fools acting like dre's "lawyers":

    Get the fuck off dre's dick!

  6. I've waited for Detox just about 7 years and if you knew how to read any of those 1000 lines, I was putting in place the whiners who explode on the internet because Dre didn't deliver a perfected Detox by a deadline they made up themselves and never actually existed. I'm sorry you feel Dre deserves an onslaught of shit for doing anything outside of finishing Detox but the world doesn't revolve around you. Anyone can criticize Dre, I do all the time, but not over things that make no sense or make you sound like a little kid because mom didn't bring you back a new toy on her way home.

    If dudes like you are such true fans and only the realest fans are the ones who bitch on the net, then how come you don't actually know anything about Detox or how Dre works? Some of you are just bitter and addicted to complaining no matter what and you plain invent shit to complain too. Lift a finger to get on the subject before you speak, actual fans will probably notice and put you in check.