Saturday, 30 April 2011

Xzibit touches briefly on Detox

Basically he said: "You dont know if your on the album until you seen the art work lol!"

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Your all time best Dr Dre track?

What is your all time best Dr Dre track?  This might be hard for some fans to answer and so they might be thinking of more than one track.  But it is not impossible to pick ONE track.


  • You can only pick one track. 
  • The track has to be a Dr Dre track.  Not a [insert artist] feat Dre.  
  • Comments outside this topic are not allowed. 
Comments will be deleted if the simple rules are not followed.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Memorial weekend Dre & Snoop event rumored

The Good Doctor and The Doggfather may be reuniting for a Memorial Weekend event but details are still unclear as to how this reunion will shape up.

Reports have surfaced about a possible reunion between Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg in the form of a Memorial Day Weekend event in Miami, Florida. According to top Hip Hop blog, You Heard That New, this will be a "massive event" but no official details have been released and little is known about the plans.

The two first linked up when Dr. Dre signed Snoop Dogg out of Long Beach, California. The two have since been linked based on their partnership in the early 90's, a bond that allowed them to create Snoop's 1993 debut, Doggystyle and other memorable cuts since. However, they have not collaborated consistently in years. 

While many supporters will be pleased to hear of this rumor, it wouldn't be the first time plans for a Dre/Snoop reunion failed to come to fruition. Snoop once announced that he and Dr. Dre would team up for Break Up to Make Up, an album that never came to be. Most recently however, the rapper/producer duo reunited for "Kush," the first track released for Dr. Dre's highly anticipated Detox album.

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Chrysler 300S Dr Dre TV ad (Video)

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50 Cent: Eminem & Dre "don’t deal with confrontation"

Below is a few excerpts from 50’s upcoming cover story for the April/May issue of Vibe magazine in which he speaks on his current relationship with Dr. Dre & Eminem, his past feud with The Game & more..

After announcing that you would be selling your Sleek headphones, you tweeted that Dr. Dre was mad at you. Is he still mad?
I met with Jimmy Iovine and he’s not angry with me. He has a closer relationship with Dre. Me and Em are like Cain and Abel. You can figure out which one is the bad one. I get the bad guy hat because I’ll execute without their knowledge, because I can make the deal on my own. Em can too, but he has no interest in it.
That sounds like the same reason you would criticize Game or Young Buck.
Let me explain something to you: If it was up to me there would be G-Unit South. Young Buck would be running that. I told him to run with that. When I did that, it was for him to present himself as a bigger artist to the Southern community. Game—I wish nothing but the best for Game. As far as Black Wall Street is concerned, he did that prematurely. Then he turned around and told me to kiss his ass. If you can interpret that as me trying to keep them under my wing, that’s just a fucked-up interpretation.
Do you think Dr. Dre really cares about your headphone line competing with his?
I have a strong personality, a strong character. And I can be difficult to deal with at certain points because I’m vocal. If you upset Em, he’s just gonna not talk to you. You’re not going to get him in the next room you wanna get him in. With Dre, the same. He’s not comfortable with friction. That [tweet] is, “Hey look, I’m here. Is everybody still paying attention?” So they go, “Why he say that? Why he say we mad?” Then the meeting happens.
Then they say, “We’re not mad?”
Yeah. “Were not mad. Stop it.” It’s funny situation. Because they don’t deal with confrontation or altercations very well. Their way of dealing with things is not dealing with it.

Be sure to get your copy of the new VIBE issue to read about the G-Unit head honcho’s thoughts on God, why he’s not that close with Diddy & Jay-Z, his thoughts on Detox & more.

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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kendrick Lamar in spite of shine from Dre, they're still out to prove themselves

When covering the New West, the name Kendrick Lamar will inevitably pop up. The Compton rapper has managed to convert mixtape and hip-hop blog adulation into a co-sign from Dr. Dre, who'll be contributing to his forthcoming Section .80 album.

Despite his high-profile admirer, Kendrick remains focused on his grassroots grind and is signed to independent label Top Dawg Entertainment. The 23-year-old and his fellow TDE labelmates — Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q, all high-caliber hip-hop prospects in their own right — joined forces and formed Black Hippy. The talented rap quartet share a love for deft wordplay over thumping beats (see "Zip That Chop That" and "Rolling Stone"), making them one of L.A. hip-hop's most highly anticipated crews. More amazing is that most of their music is created in a tiny studio.

"Sometimes it gets a little difficult because there's four or five of us, so we somehow manage to squeeze in enough time to get our work done as well as the Black Hippy material," Ab-Soul explained to MTV News.

Thankfully, cramped quarters haven't stopped them from creating music that they continue to get out to more and more fans as their popularity grows. "It feels real good to see our music touch everybody, not just my color, his color, all colors of people and different cultures," said Jay Rock, a former Warner Bros. Records artist. "For all of those people to come together and watch us do our thing and show us love, that [gives] us the energy to do what we do."

Kendrick is set to appear on the good Dr.'s Detox and also has a joint project in the works with Roc Nation rapper J.Cole. Jay-Z's first signing will be producing 90 percent of the as-yet-untitled album, according to Kendrick, who specified that it won't be just a mixtape.

But props from Dr. Dre, J. Cole and others, isn't going to stop Kendrick and his Black Hippy family from working even harder to build on the foundation they've already created.

"A lot of people will be like, 'You good now, Dre messing with you,' " Kendrick said. "No, we're not good now. We've got to go 10 times harder. Just because that man is further in his career doesn't mean he could say one word and further my career right that instant. I've got to have the music to back it up and prove myself still."

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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Kendrick Lamar & Dr Dre working on #Section80 (Video)

Chrysler 300 adds Dr Dre to TV ads

After making a splash with its unprecedented two-minute Super Bowl ad showcasing rapper Eminem, Chrysler is announcing today plans to keep its urban music theme with a new ad campaign starring rap entrepreneur Dr. Dre.

But the ads for its new 300 sedan seek to portray the 300 as a car that drivers aspire to own. They portray luxury as something earned through hard work, not only with Dre, but in additional ads featuring NFL rookie sensation Ndamukong Suh and high-fashion designer John Varvatos.

"This will be a breakthrough in terms of how you speak about luxury (in) this country," says Olivier Francois, CEO of the Chrysler brand. "It doesn't speak about luxury in terms of just aesthetic, but about luxury in terms (of) the spirit."

Each ad will show the personalities hard at work or visiting their humble roots. The ads plant the idea that buying the just-redesigned 300 is a reward for labor.

The announcement will be made today at the press preview for the New York International Auto Show. The ads begin airing next month.

Chrysler is being closely watched in the ad community for its new, brash attitude. It began its successful "Imported from Detroit" campaign with the artsy, hip-hop-themed, long-form Super Bowl ad with Eminem, the midsize 200 and scenes of Detroit. The idea was that the city — and Chrysler — are on the rise.

Chrysler Group, now run by Fiat, still is recovering from its 2009 bankruptcy reorganization and remains partially owned by the U.S. government.

Unlike the Detroit-made 200, the full-size 300 is made across the river in Windsor, Ontario. But the automaker says the campaign is meant to invoke the "spirit" of the Motor City. Chrysler's headquarters is in Auburn Hills, a Detroit suburb.

With both the stars of the ads and the car, the goal was to "keep it real." Francois says the celebrities were chosen because they are authentic success stories, not just famous. The car, too, is shown as true luxury, not a pretender.

"This is a departure from traditional advertising," Francois says. "I want to be at least as visible as my competitors — (even) without having the same resources."

Eminem TV ad for those who havent see it yet:

Judge: No right to sell The Chronic online

The new incarnation of Death Row Records does not have the rights to sell Dr. Dre's iconic rap album "The Chronic" digitally, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Christina Snyder ruling states that the rapper and producer has received far less money than he is due from online sales of the iconic 1992 album, which also helped launch the career of Snoop Dogg.

The ruling does not call for a halt of digital sales of Dre's music, but entitles him to receive 100 percent of the proceeds of online sales, his attorney, Howard King, told The Associated Press.

The rapper, whose real name is Andre Young, sued WIDEawke Death Row Records last year, claiming it was improperly selling "The Chronic" digitally and using some of his music on compilation albums without his permission.

Snyder's ruling states the label, which bought the original Death Row Records' holdings out of bankruptcy, does not have the right to put Dr. Dre's music on compilation or any other albums.

"For years, Death Row Records forgot about Dre when they continued to distribute his music digitally and combined his hits with weaker Death Row tracks in an attempt to elevate the stature of their other artists," King wrote in a statement. "We are gratified that the federal court has unambiguously declared that Death Row has no right to engage in such tactics, and must hold all proceeds from these illicit distributions in trust for our client."

Phone and email messages for WIDEawake's attorney, Michael Holtz, was not immediately returned Tuesday evening.

The rapper has a long history of battling Death Row Records, a label he confounded but later left.

The most recent case he filed centered on his 1996 exit agreement with the label, which called for him to receive 18 percent royalties on his music created while at Death Row and gave him substantial authority over how the songs were used.

The agreement states that WIDEawake can only sell Dre's music in the format it appeared in before the deal. Another of Dre's attorneys, Stephen Rothschild, told Snyder during arguments in court on Monday that meant it could only appear in four formats: CD, cassette, vinyl and 8-Track.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Is Detox near?

On the Best Buy (US) and HMV (UK) websites another line of Beats Headphones are available.  This time the 'Monster Pro Detox Over-the-Ear' edition.

Like i said before it's probably some package deal of Beats plus Detox album.  

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Akon worked with Dre on more than one track

'Kon was more assured in his reverence for Dr. Dre. Last year's "Kush," the official lead single from Dre's long-awaited Detox album, featured a vocal from Akon. "Dre is one of those guys ... he's a perfectionist in his own [right]," Akon said.

"You feel confident working with him because he's not going to let nothing go undone. In a way, that's great. But sometimes you're anxious too, like, 'Man I can't wait to let everybody hear this.' Ultimately, working with Dre was just amazing. Dre is very picky about who he decides to work with too. For him to call me and do [multiple] tracks on the record and be involved in more than one record on that album, it said a lot. It shows how much he really appreciated what I'm doing."

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Detox higher priority than Game's RED album

The Game's forthcoming The R.E.D. Album does not yet have a release date. According to the rapper, Dr. Dre's Detox album is holding up the process. 

"[The] release date [is] probably late July or early August, man. I'll let [producer] Jimmy Iovine put that red paint on the calendar and give us a specific date," the Game said. "All I know is that the album is almost finished. Dre is finishing up Detox and then he going to help me finish up mine. I'm like 90, 95 percent done. Just waiting on Dre to finish his project and then come on over and lend his ear and probably mix a couple of songs, especially the ones that he did, and we're going to see it in stores." 

Dr. Dre famously said, "Look out for detox" on the song "Higher" from the Game's 2005 debut, The Documentary. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for The R.E.D. Album or Detox.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Dr Dre "used mainly the vocal and then he put his own beats on it" LA Roux sample

La Roux singer Elly Jackson told the BBC how the rap legend first heard the hit while watching US show Entourage. "He got really excited about the track which is obviously really complimentary. He did something with it and then sent it to us and said can he use for his record and we said 'yes',” she explained.

"Apparently he and The Game, this is a really hilarious image for me, were sitting watching Entourage together."

"[He's used] mainly the vocal and then he put his own beats on it. It's supposed to be on the next record."

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Friday, 8 April 2011

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dr Dre Samples La Roux For New Album

Dre has sampled a song by La Roux for his new album'Detox'. The duo's Elly Jackson said the rapper-producer first heard 'In For The Kill' after the Skream remix was played on the TV show, Entourage'. She told BBC Newsbeat: "He got really excited about the track which s obviously really complimentary."He did something with it and then sent it to us and said can he use it for his record and we said, 'Yes.'

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Dr Dre to release mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid

Dr. Dre will join the pantheon of artists who have collaborated with DJ Whoo Kid.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Chronicle UK, DJ Whoo Kid revealed that he may be working with Dr. Dre on a new mixtape.

"Finally, goddamn!" said the G-Unit deejay of the opportunity to get to work with Dre, whose presence on the mixtape circuit has been extremely scarce.

"It would be an honor to finally finish my mixtape career do something with him," added Whoo Kid.

DJ Whoo Kid has worked with a slew of artists over the past decade, including 50 Cent and the rest of G-Unit, Maino, Obie Trice, Lil Kim, Chamillionaire, Bishop Lamont, Capone 'N Noreaga, Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne and many more.

Watch the interview below:

Friday, 1 April 2011

DJ Quik confirms "U Ain't Fresh" was a Dr Dre diss

DJ Quik reveals that his 2000 track "U Ain't Fresh" was actually aimed at Dr. Dre.

Although the mainstream may have never given him his just dues, DJ Quik is perhaps one of the most venerated and innovative emcees and producers to hail from the west coast. But on his recent retrospective mixtape with LA Leakers The Audio Biography Of David, the legendary Compton artist revealed that at one time, he was going for the neck of his California compatriot and "Put It On Me" collaborator Dr. Dre.

Quik explains on the outro of "Youz a Ganxta" that his 2000 song "U Ain't Fresh" was intended as a diss at the Good Doctor. He says that he felt Dre had dissed him on the Xzibit and Eminem-featured song "What's the Difference" with the line about the N.W.A. reunion, and decided to respond. Quik went on to say, however, that it was Xzibit who helped mediate and squash their feud before it could materialize.

"At this point...I was mad at Dr. Dre," confessed Quik. "I thought he dissed me on the record 'Between Me and You' when he was like, talking about a N.W.A. reunion. I thought he just shitted on me, so I let it marinate for a long time. I can't just take no diss, because at that point I was trying to work with Dre and I was sending messages to him and it was like he was ignoring them or [his] people just weren't giving him the messages, so I did this record like fuck Dr. Dre. I was really mad. I was pissed, so I was like fuck it, who gives a fuck?

"Ultimately, Xzibit told me I was wrong, like 'No man, he wasn't talking about you," he said. "That wasn't even about you.' It's not like he was shitting on me, it's just that with the whole N.W.A [reunion], because I wanted to Eazy-E's part if they had ever done an N.W.A. X cleaned it all up and let me know I had jumped the gun and was tripping. I don't even know if Dre heard the song, this shit was probably so far under his radar that it didn't matter...but I was wrong. I ain't perfect. Then Dre...called me and we ended up working together. So I had to pout and scream like a spoiled brat and damn near diss the man to get in the studio with him. Funny how life works."

DJ Quik's Book of David is due April 19.

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Snoop is anxious to hear Detox (Video)