Monday, 20 December 2010

Good solid defense of Detox, for doubters to read.

I was gonna post a defensive post, however a forum member named Kezman summed every word i and other fans were thinking. Read below:

" can't really judge the success/floppage of Detox on the basis of one single that supposedly has a totally different sound to the rest of the album.Wait until another single drops.
Even if Detox turns out to be super dooper amazing people will still find something about it to pick holes in just because of the whole 10 year wait thing, unrealistic expectations and comparing it to 2001.

Sure theres been loads of albums over the years that have had a weak single but actually turned out to be a dope album and vice versa.

i'm just gonna keep an open mind and see what happens."


  1. I hope we get to compare it with The Chronic in terms of awesomnes!

  2. so how is these album going to be like then? im confused on detox
    i dont know what it is going 2 be like or sound like. i know its going 2 be high quality but the concept is confusing as well detox? and 1st single kush?

  3. boy1dna we dont have anything concrete album detail lol. Thats y its the best kept secret.

  4. i like your blog uzee
    maybe dr dre will notice you and give you some free things lol
    but back to i was saying is. my perfect detox album would be
    1.cinematic sound as unique drum patterns,and something we never heard before in hip hop yet

    2.great concept i think dre is going to follow up every song like he did for the chronic

    3.incredible mixing like he did with his past albums

  5. Is it me or does Kush just seem to get better everytime I listen? Funny...Chronic 2001 seemed to do the same....

  6. branden i couldnt agree more, quality rap like this has a tendency to grow on you, especially the not so out there singles that have potential to be number ones. the songs like the message and some la niggaz from 2001, not the most outstanding singles but extremely awesome tracks.

  7. @boy1dna - u spoke my mind! A great concept and cineamtic sound.

    Add up to a great surround sound experience!

    Gonna something about detox concepts later.

  8. boy1dna, Branden and others - follow me on twitter facegroup group : )

  9. But the fact that Dre didn't produce "Kush" is fucked up. It means he thinks he can't produce something better than that average track. If he had inspiration he would never let an other producer produce his first single.

    Drefan since 91

  10. Dude, look at Kush video. You got lines like

    Andre 3001, another classic

    You got Ciroc vodka, owned by diddy.

    You got a Chrysler Citadel, which was a concept released about 10 years ago.

    Dre ain't selling HP and Beats, he's selling music.

    Listen to the damn song a few times and you're see, wait til he brings you 72 minutes. Or will there be more?

  11. what makes u say specifically 72mins?? Because of 12 tracks?

  12. What if it's 100+ minutes double album, plus an SACD or 5.1 mixed, why the fuck not? Limited release on iTunes and videos of the singles, but you really gotta buy the album to get the full effect. Full Up In Smoke tour, with all the friends.

    I bet Dre and Jimmy have enough industry pull after getting 7.5M views on Kush on Youtube alone, that's a lot of proof that this thing will sell in any package. And you look at the demographics, it's mostly 25-35 year olds, not kids, watching this vid. And we got money to spend on double albums, fancy headphones and vodka. This is some sophsicated shit, it's not some angst album by Eminem or some new hit. And when you look at Dre, you see that "Dre" is like 10-20 people in the studio, plus a lot of rappers that support him perfectly. That's what producers do, they put shit together so it's greater than the sum of its parts.

    I'm just speculating but if the rest of the shit slaps like Kush, this is fire. Yeah, they put Akon on it, but this is a teaser track. He does have one of the best selling Hip Hop singles ever (Don't Matter). That says something about the wave that's about to come. Everything points to the big concept album idea, Dre himself says it, this song and video hints at it a ton, it's going to be like Dre's Sgt. Pepper. This isn't a hit album, it's a collector's item, and will get radio play 20 years from now. And it sounds like he has the tracks to get it done, now it's not a question of "Will it be big?" but rather "How big will it be?"