Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Alex Da Kid clears the confusion over 'i need a doctor'

Talented Grammy nominated producer Alex Da Kid was interviewed, question and response below:

Skylar also features on Dr. Dre and Eminem’s “I Need A Doctor.” Can you clear one thing up about that song—is it meant for Dre’s long-awaited Detox or will it feature on a re-release of Eminem’s Recovery?

A: That’s for Detox. I can’t really talk too much about it, but, yeah—that’s for Detox.

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  1. That makes no sense at all! 2 Em verses and 1 Dre verse? Produced by a 'Eminem-sounding' guy? I really hope this isn't on Detox and if it is, I'm sure it will sound out of place, especially compared to all the ghost tracks and Kush... Weird that he said it is for Detox. But then again I don't think anyone knows what is except for Dr. Dre.

  2. Okay enough is enough. Seriously. I check this site every day hoping for some new exclusive MUSIC from Dr. Dre and all I ever see is "speculation" and "assumptions" of what Detox is "supposed" to be like and sound like. Now from what I heard so far (Kush, I need a doctor, Under Pressure, Topless, etc.) I would say I'm disappointed, but also I personally feel we havent heard ANYTHING that will be on the final release of Detox. Heres why...

    1. Dr. Dre is too much of a perfectionist to allow any "leaked" records be on the final version of Detox.

    2. NONE of these records that we heard so far were even confirmed by Dr. Dre himself...except for "Kush"...and even Dre said that record was leaked. Not planned to be released...

    3. Detox is the most anticipated album EVER. Of ANY genre. So if you think for one second that these unfinished, sub par, medicore, reference draft, half done, unmixed, unmastered songs will be on the final version of Detox you obviously dont understand Dr. Dre's brilliance...

    In conclusion: This album (if it ever comes out) will be the album that raises the bar in hip-hop once again the same way the Chronic did and 2001 did. I'm sure this Alex Da Kid guy has NO idea what he's talking about, neither does anyone who been in the studio with Dre. Only Dre knows what's going to be on Detox. So the moral of the story is we just have to continue to wait for the masterpiece we all know Dre will deliver.

  3. If you all remember it was the MEDIA and FANS that REALLY forced Dr. Dre into doing Detox. He was probably high the day when he said "yo my next album is gonna be called Detox". I'm sure when he said that everybody in that room who heard him ran and told their friends, then those friends told their friends, and so forth. Thats how the Detox-mania started. By word of mouth.

    Then when the media started asking Dr. Dre about a rumored new album called "Detox" I believe Dre was so backed into a corner by the extreme demand of this album he felt the pressure to live up to it. You even notice how Dre constantly says he felt like he had to do this album out of "obligation" so realistically his heart was never into the record. It was a idea that got leaked, and now he has to live up to it.

    The bright side of this theory is Dr. Dre never disappoints on a album. Every album he produces turns out to be a gem. Every producer has "hit and misses" as far as songs are concerned, but for the most part Dre rarely lets his fans down on anticipated projects. I'm sure Detox will live up to the hype. IF he keeps his word...

  4. i agree with you^^^^^^
    i confused about detox aswell.
    why does dr dre want i need a doctor on detox?
    its a good song and i love it but i dont like it that it wasnt produce by dr dre.
    other than that kush isnt produced by dr dre either.
    i just hope there promo singles

  5. regarding the 1st comment - 2001 had tracks which didnt feature Dre, so dont know whats there to complain about Eminem spittin more than Dre.

    @SHATTASTAR - why do u think most news are rumours and speculations - because we dont have anything concrete/cofirmed album details. The blog subtitle states that it's 'news AND rumours' and 'music's best kept secret' so if u add both these up... : )

    Like ur positive thinking.

    The media/fans maybe forced him, but they didnt force him to do 2 projects, meaning 'The Planets'. ; )

    To every1 - Lastly, Alex Da Kid means that this track was created for detox, it doesnt mean it will definitely make the final track list. So we should take a big jump to conclusions.

    Regarding Dre not fully producing tracks like kush, whats new about this? This shouldnt surprise you fans, as other singles like 'still dre' was help from Scott Storch.

    Dre has a very good production team since around 2004,which i will highlight later in a post.

  6. another not dr dre the perfectionist produced song,so weve got dj khalil, alex the kid ,not much of dre production there

  7. *I'm the first comment poster*

    My point wasn't just that Dre rapped less than Eminem, it was more that the song is not a 'Dre-sounding' track at all, whereas Kush was (even though Dre didn't produce it). There was only one track on 2001 he didn't produce...

    In regards to the Eminem having 2 verses - i don't think there were any tracks that Dre actually rapped on where he had one verse and someone else had 2... he was either on the track the nost or equally (like Kush), or wasn't on there at all...

    My point is that I don't think it sounds like a Dre song at all... mostly cos this guy, with no disrespect to him, produces poppy songs. This sounds like an Eminem single and doesn't belong on Detox...

    The reason we're discussing this is that Alex Da Kid keeps saying it IS on Detox. But I for one don't believe he knows anything at all about the tracklisting since I think only Dre does.

  8. i cant believe i first heard of this back in 2003 in a MTV show the most anticipated albums of 2004 which had eminem encore and the massacre on the list along side 05 i expected to drop like the song higher"look out for detox" the 1st detox reference track i heard was "here we go again" which wasn't bad at the time,then everything went down hill from there

  9. Exciting for the next single to come out! That will probably have the "real Detox sound" to it. Anyone knows when to excpect it?
    Also, would love to read Dre's full interview with XXL, anyone knows where to read that online?

  10. uzee just to let you know someone left a bad comment in your name on the detox mafia promotion article at just thought you should know

  11. ^^^haters wanna hate those who show passion and create a successful blog.

    Let them kid do whatever. Its a compliment that they wanna go after me : )

  12. He said it was "for Detox" but it doesn't mean it will make Detox's tracklisting. Only Dre truly knows what will be on the album.

    If it receives a similar negative reaction like Under Pressure then hopefully it won't be on Detox. Dre did say that Kush had a "positive" reaction so that's why they ran with it. Guess the fans have some say in Detox!

  13. hey guys a new song leaked!!!! for detox
    Dr Dre Ft Uzee - Im Really Gay

  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^LMAO
    somebody is a hater.
    well alex da kid is a good producer
    i dont mind i need a doctor song
    i would like to see dr dre co produce
    atleast on some of the songs that are out
    under pressure was produce by scott storch
    and kush was produced by dj khaled and i need a doctor was produced by alex da kid

    kendrick lamar interview new one about detox

  16. ^^props thanks dude.

    Haters take time out just to take shots at me. I'm honoured.

    Moderated comments back on, sorry to the rest.