Thursday, 2 December 2010

Eve says show/prove Detox

Eve has shared her thoughts on the on Dre‘s long-awaited  Detox LP delay questions the project’s existence.

Asked about whether or not she was a  Detox contributor, Eve gave an amused response and posed an nquiry on the project’s release.

“[laughs] I don’t mean to laugh but t’s only funny because obviously I’ve been taking a long time talking about my record, Dr. Dre has taken the longest time, are we still talking about  Detox,” Eve said in an nterview. “Seriously. I feel  Detox is not real. I do. Honestly, I would be honored [to be featured], I hope he does call me ‘if’ the album happens. God forbid he sees this,[nevertheless] I believe in you Dre but where’s the album? Seriously. I don’t know. I hope he calls.”

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  1. lol she just mad cos she wasnt patient enough to remain on Aftermath, now Aftermath gona blow up more than ever with Em's reign and Dre's return, while her album still hasnt surfaced either.

  2. Couldnt agree with u more.

  3. Hello Uzee, check out the remix with Game.

  4. hey uzee, did u hear the new official remix of Kush, which additionaly features The Game? here's the link to a youtube version of it:

  5. props to ya both