Saturday, 4 December 2010

Alex Da Kid: Dre Trusted Me With 'I Need A Doctor' > Next single release???

Behind the Beats: Alex Da Kid

At this rate, Alex Da Kid might want to consider changing his name to Alexander Da Great pretty soon.

The British beatsmith was nominated for five Grammys this week for his work on B.o.B's blockbuster hit "Airplanes" and Eminem's chart-topper "Love the Way You Lie." He also produced Nicki Minaj's "Massive Attack."

While he only has a few placements under his belt, the producer has a knack for knocking what he does do out of the park.

His next big single comes courtesy of his work with Dr. Dre.

The veteran hip-hop producer invited Alex Da Kid to work with him on a track for his forthcoming Detox project, "I Need a Doctor" featuring Eminem.

"That was amazing," ADK told Mixtape Daily about the experience. "He's one of my favorite producers of all time. Everybody knows how much of a perfectionist he is: He's been working on his album for 11 years. For him to bring me in, trust me, not micro-manage me, and let me bring what I do to the table, I can't even describe how that makes me feel."

The song recently arrived online, and on the number, Eminem attempts to turn the tables on his mentor. The MC credited Dre with being one of the people to help him out of his funk the past few years, so on "I Need a Doctor," Em looks to repay the producer.

"It hurts when I see you struggle/ You come to me with ideas/ You say they're pieces, so I'm puzzled," Eminem raps on the track. " 'Cause the sh-- I hear is crazy/ But you're either getting lazy/ Or don't believe in you no more/ Seem like your own opinion is not one you can form/ Can't make a decision/ You keep questioning yourself, second guessing/ It's almost like you're begging for my help/ Like I'm your leader; you're supposed to be my mentor/ I can endure no more/ Don't you remember who you are?"

"I think it's gonna be huge," Alex Da Kid said. "It's just my opinion, but it's one of my favorite songs that I did and just what it means for hip-hop."


  1. Reading the article, it looks as if this is now a Dr Dre track and not an Eminem track. What u think?

  2. I hope that most of the tracks on Detox are produced or at least co-produced by Dre. That's what he is good at and at least I'm looking forward to hear some great Dr. Dre beats (G-Funk?) and not something produced by some 'Alex da kid' from Britain. It's Dre's album and I hope he does something else on it apart from mixing the music and promoting headphones.

    I hope that rappers/singers featured on the album are West Coast legends and Dre's protegees like Eminem, no Lil' Wayne and Akon only to get radio airplay and 12-year old female fans.

    But thanks to Uzee for keeping this blog up, certainly the #1 source for Detox news!
    (forgive me for any grammar mistakes, I'm not a native English speaker)

  3. ^^ur not a native speaker? Man ur english is good. and plus ppl shouldnt be picky on grammar on these type of websites.

    Ye this blog is on TOP of 'dr dre detox' search results, well under wikipedia eh lol.

    I know wot u mean in terms of production - Dre should handle the KEY parts.

  4. u know what... I think 'I need a doctor' is dope.. it's really good.. but I really wouldn't like it to be on Detox... First of all, cos it's not produced by Dre, and as far as for me, on Detox all tracks should be at least co-produced by Dre.... Secondly, most vocals r by Eminem, not Dre... again, on Detox I wanna listen to Dre rapping and not others...

  5. I am not convinced that this track is for Detox at all. It leaked and Dre never spoke about it, he acknowledged all the others... Also even if it is a Detox track, I thought all the leaks were scrapped except Kush?

  6. Im confused wit kush. I always see it as a stree single which wont be on the album.

  7. didn't u listen to the latest interview with Dre? he said there, that Kush will definitely be on the album...

  8. Detox is going to be a big dissapointemnt to all true DRE fans. Nigga has gone pop. Typical hypocritical lyrics against shit they all had said back in the day. "Won't sell out, pop records are for pussy's" etc. The label machine is like a casino, the house always wins. No matter what.

  9. i feel like dr dre is going back to his roots on detox, i want this album to sound exatly like the chronic features of RBX,Daz,Snoop,Lady of Rage, etc