Sunday, 5 December 2010

Dre's protege Slim the Mobster interview part 2

Dubcnn: Tell us about what you can about the progress of Detox and the preparation for it.

Slim the Mobster: When they say you’re having a baby they go in trimesters right. We in the final trimester. We in the last little bit of it. Shout out to the Blade barbershop, I always go in there. I need to follow up in there. I ain’t been in there in a minute.

Dubcnn: Can you tell us any specifics as far as stuff that’s being done?

Slim the Mobster: That’s Area 51. We got a lot of things going on. Me personally, I got some different endorsement deals that’s I just acquired or that are still in the works, with Levi’s. I got some shit going on with them, should be real big, coming soon. As far as the album, just making sure that everything is what it should be, that’s the biggest thing. It’s probably not as many features as you probably guessed or the date.

Dubcnn: How is everyone planning as far as when you drop to make you as big as a success as you plan to be? How are you planning the attack for your campaign when it comes?

Slim the Mobster: We got a plan, but like I said the streets is mine. I’m like Jay-Z, when Reasonable Doubt was about to drop. I gotta get out here and get on it. That’s how we planning it, to make it big. But Detox is my catalyst.

Dubcnn: Do you have any things you do as an artist to make sure you stand out and above the crowd?

Slim the Mobster: Everything I’m gonna do is gonna be that. I don’t want the same forte of what we seen from here. I don’t want the ritual. Another nigga in khakis with a six four is gonna kill us man. We need a man in a Bentley with a suit one. It’s time for that, a fly nigga. I don’t think we exalted fly yet. Where Jay-Z is a fly nigga, Slick Rick was a fly nigga. We ain’t had that, we have the same repetitive behavior over and over. Khakis, 6-4, light skin bitches. I might be in a suit with a bunch of fat bitches, just to break the monotony. I do not want to be seen in the same light as the rest of these niggas. That’s why I carry myself in the way I do, and I don’t have to. I don’t have to do the same things that A B C D E F and G did. I’ve been blessed to not have to go through that. So for me that’s what it is. For all the people with me. That be my motivation. I ain’t motivated for myself. The niggas that I push with they’ll tell you we been in the street situations, the money situations, the jail situations so you know it’s time to get us together and away from all the negative. Oh shit, I almost hit an old white, white, white, man, haha.

Dubcnn: You were telling me earlier that you’re already set, not set but living well.

Slim the Mobster: I’m livin’ better than a lot of these dudes. I’m not saying that to be bragging, I’m sayin’ that in my work ethic. I don’t say that I’m livin’ better than the next man because 9 times out of ten these other dudes, they tryin’ to show what they made of through their jewelry. I don’t give a fuck about no jewelry, my kids can play football in my house.

Dubcnn: A lot of people coming up can say that’s their motivation, the money the success. What’s your motivation as an artist?

Slim the Mobster: The money, the success, I’m motivated by that too, but it’s not my motivation. It’s part of it, my motivation is lookin’ at my kids knowing that they don’t got no worries. All the worries I had when I was young, my kids don’t got no worries, and I’m a parent. I’m not a, some of these dudes is surrogates, they not really fathers. All the money in the world don’t mean you’re a man. Half of these dudes’ kids don’t even respect them. I don’t wanna be like that, I’m not gonna be like that. And it’s true that you can’t please everybody. In that light I say that because of the baby mamas. Some of them is fucked up, bitches can be vindictive, especially when the nigga you used to sleep with is well off and you got the same struggles you had ten years ago. You ain’t done nothing with your life yet? When is you gonna do something in the motivation of forward? A lot of motherfuckers ain’t got that right now. It’s crazy, a call from the LA county jail.

Phone: You have a collect call from an inmate in the twin towers correctional facility.

Slim the Mobster: I’ve reached my collect call limit, I’m takin’ too many calls from the jail.

Slim the Mobster: Tell ‘em that, you’ve been kidnapped, you’re taken hostage, takin’ you to my crib. And I never be tryin’ to put it out there. I hear a lot of talk, seein’ niggas change. But that shit is nice, when you live with your fuckin’ mamma, you fuckin’ dick. Nigga got a $50, 000 car, $80,000 watch, $100,000 chain and lives with his fuckin’ mamma. Fuckin’ idiots, these niggas is idiots. That’s funny to me, I live in an all white neighborhood, my crippin’ is over. Damn, ain’tno lights on in this motherfucker. My shit is black. Let me see if I can get some lights on. Shit don’t even know how to turn the lights on. Turn on my they motherfuckin’ self. See look, I really live here too nigga. You see the camera nigga? You can’t see it’s too dark. It’s black as fuck. What time is it? I’mma turn the lights on and let you look around. You se my kdis’ bikes, we turn this the white house, for the people who don’t know. You can leave the camera on, ain’t nothing we ain’t hidin’ shit. When the lights come on you can see what it look like. You know what I’m sayin’, big boy shit. All you single family one stores, you see these stairs right, haha. You see one of these, probably mean a nigga been in Italy somewhere. Forgive me for the toys. Look at my refrigerator, I probably ain’t got shit in here. Psych, we eatin’ nigga, we ain’t hungry. Now let’s see the freezer, see what the freezer look like, my kids shit, my shit. I ain’t on no diet either, I eat what the fuck I want. I got a new whip too. I been in shootouts, I been shot stabbed, everything you can imagine. So shit what we about to do. I got an office too. Half of these niggas don’t got an office because they ain’t got no business. This my riggh hand. Look at his hand, you see his hand? You see what that say right? (Gang Module). Let me show you my backyard too. What up?

Baby Slim: Sup nigga!

Slim the Mobster: Wassup, say what’s up nigga. What’s your name?

Baby Slim: DeMario.

Slim the Mobster: What they call you?

Baby Slim: Baby Slim.

Slim the Mobster: That’s my youngest son, he’s a beast.

Baby Slim: All these niggas got candy.

Slim the Mobster: Bad. (laughing) Beverly Hills with a South Central mind-state. Tell him what’s up. You ain’t gonna say nothing? You on that bullshit.

Baby Slim: Your turn daddy.

Slim the Mobster: It’s my turn. I been talking to him in for a minute, that’s Dubcnn, we been talking for a minute.

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  2. Ye a few were sayin that. Dunno really ;-)