Tuesday, 7 December 2010

With success u get some problems. (my thinking behind comment moderation)

As you have maybe noticed, i have added the comment moderation functionality to the blog.  Some ppl assume/think that i have done this to block out any negative dre/detox comments.

I'm sorry but this is the wrong thinking. The comments are now being moderated because of some ppl are actin like kids and are posting spam/offensive stuff, about me.

Secondly other spammers come and post their links about health detox, not detox album etc haha.

Once the spam calms down, then i will consider removing moderation.  I dont like moderation either as i always have to check to publish most comments.

With success (top of google) u get some problems.

If u go through the comments, negative dre comments are posted. If i block them, how can good discussions occur?



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