Wednesday, 29 December 2010

'Syllables' leaked

A new Eminem titled "Syllables," is leaked on the web.  It features the powerful combination of Eminem, Dr Dre, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Stat Quo and Cashis.

Eminem leads the track and features the rapper chastising Hip-Hop fans, who no longer pay attention to the artform and lyricism in Hip-Hop.

Jay-Z comes in second and followed by Dr. Dre, who delivers a verse that also checks the younger generation, which is followed by a mock chorus, featuring Eminem singing an R&B hook.

50 Cent comes in next, followed by Stat Quo. Cashis ends "Syllables."

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  1. think this track was created in 2007

  2. Again from aftermath it's a good concept with amazing artits, but unforunately every leaked track will never appear on Detox ...


    This is the guy who leaked Topless (Eminem & Nas), I Need A Doctor and Cocaine.

  4. Tracks HOT but this is something that I would personally not want to hear on Detox, although its HOT. Detox has to be even HOTTER. Freeky Zee (50s finally droppig that hot-ish and cashis, I cant wait for him to drop.)

  5. Not_afraid2leak might have some exclusive tracks, I don't know, but Cocaine was on before he leaked it so...

  6. I would like to share some toughts with you. I'm afraid of the strategy that Dre and his people are using.

    This summer, when "under pressure" leaked, many of us did not like it. Then Dre made an official statement saying it won't be on detox.

    Then "kush" leaked and many of us liked it. So Dre made a kush video.

    From a business point of view, it is a smart move. He can know that, before Detox comes out, it will be a best-seller.

    But from an artistic point of view this is a shame. Because a custom-made album can't have a soul like Chronic and 2001 had.
    He has been on a journey since 1999, he discoverd new music, new kinds of music and he experienced new things. I think that the perfect Detox album should be made with this 12 years and nothing eslse. Whatever comes out of it, at least it would be a 100% dre album. And this won't keep him from using other producers like he did in chronic and 2001. But he must not follow the actual trend because nowadays young people are used to garbage. And they're the one's who mostly give there opinion on the web.

    I'm still convinced that I'll love Detox, but I hope it will be a album coming deep down from his heart and not a commercial product influenced by intescope's people. Because they're very good at makin money, but I don't think they know a thing about QUALITY MUSIC. A business man and a artist are two different things, and I don't anybody can be both.


  7. Another average Dre production. Must be from after 2006. 99% of his productions after 2006 are average, some even wack.

    Drefan since 91

  8. The beat was made that way so you pay attention to the lyrics. Likewise with The Warning - Eminem.