Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wiz Khalifa to get studio time with Dre

Wiz Khalifa is looking forward to spending some time in the studio with Dr. Dre after the two met for the first time and the veteran rapper let Wiz know that he was interested in working on a collab.  Although Khalifa didn’t have too many details to offer about the collaboration, he did expect that the he and Dre would be able to come up with something incredible when they hit the studio together.
Wiz Khalifa says that he recently met Dr. Dre for the first time at Rick Ross’ Birthday party just prior to Coachella which gave them an opportunity to work together and the rapper explained that he’s already scheduled some time in the studio to record with The Good Doctor. “I just talked to Dre the other day for the first time. We had to talk about the set for Coachella. It was funny, because he actually just called to tell me he’d talk to me later,” said Khalifa. The ‘Black and Yellow’ rapper didn’t have much to say about when his recordings with Dre will come out but he did expect their studio sessions to produce incredible results saying, “It’s gonna be amazing, man.”

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  1. Dre working with a bunch of up and coming stars that people are getting familiar with .. This could be something big or we could never hear of it again only time will tell

  2. I've got love for Wiz. One of the better new school rappers out there

  3. Dam dre finish your sh*t
    dont worry about other people Sh*t
    help your son Curtis young instead every1 else

    Dre never helps warren his son no loyalty

  4. im a big Dre fan but i gotta admit, i dont think we'll ever hear another classic Dre album.. we were so close to it in 2010, he said it himself its coming in 2010 forsure with jimmy iovine by his side.. and look, april 2012 still no album.. let alone no single. no promotion. with all the leaks and new kendrick lamar single, i gotta admit Dre isnt the same person anymore, idk if its just me but i can tell he kinda has a accent when he raps, sorta like Timbalands style.. he doesn't have that gangster deep voice anymore.. I believed in Detox for so long, read many updates, believed it was coming soon and it was gonna be the best album ever.. but come on, i hate to say it but Detox is never coming out.. what Dre will most likely end up doing it using the Detox material for Kendrick Lamar, Slim The Mobster, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Game albums.. just so he won't see all that music as a waste.


  5. my brain hurts

  6. Hopefully he gets some tracks " PRODUCED BY DRE " Hes a pretty descent artist and I heard he is going on tour with Kendrick Lamar. I still believe we will hear new Dre stuff soon and 2012 is still going to be the year. Keep this blog alive Uzee

  7. Jizz Myqueefa. All this deusch bag talks about is how high he is. No better than soulja boy

  8. Unreleased Dre: Truth Hurts – Truth (Sets Free) f. Beanie Sigel (prod. Dr. Dre & Mel-Man)