Sunday, 22 April 2012

Suge Knight is furious about Dre's Tupac Hologram…You'll never guess why!

Not everyone is a fan of the technology you used to create a 3D hologram of Tupac - but the reason why is a bit of a shocker!

Suge Knight has revealed that unlike many, who where blown away with the rapper bringing his late friend 'to life' during his Coachella set, he is furious that the people behind the illusion neglected to include his iconic Death Row Records chain!
Suge explains:
"At the end of the day, how you gonna take the Death Row chain off Pac? That's like taking the Raiders symbol off the Raiders."
Uh-oh! That's a serious accusation!
To be fair, we'd argue that the technology is still pretty new, and so the fact that they were able to do what they did is an impressive feat alone!

The chain is important detail, but hey! It's just that - a detail!

What do U think?? Was the exemption of Tupac's chain from the hologram forgivable?

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  1. This has nothing to do with Detox. Uzee you should close this blog for a while until there is some official news. People need to accept that this is not coming out for few years, maybe never.

    Move on people...

    1. LOL who said this blog is JUST about Detox? It's about Dr Dre AND Detox, as the white subheading states.

      YOU can move on and other loyal fans stay ; )

    2. The problem is this news is neither about Dr Dre or Detox. This whole thing is pretty bad parody when Dre doesn't do any sign of a realesedate and still performs at the biggest festival in the U.S. for no reason.

      Relax uzee, there is more in life than a old washed up's "gangster's" cd, which is never coming out.

  2. It's times like these I wonder if those bullets that hit Pac weren't meant for Suge in the first place, because he's one of the most disgraceful, vile, money-hungry, desperate business failure of a bloodsucking vampire squids that ever existed in hip-hop. He's such a egomaniac he'll literally say anything if someone is recording it to get attention, including implying Tupac may be alive in the same interview he later disses Rick Ross for associating with Diddy because he blames Diddy for killing Pac. His pathological and borderline-schizophrenic behavior can't even make sense within the same ten minutes.

    That aside let's not get into this nonsense that Suge ordered Pac's hit because that makes even less sense. Nobody is going to organize a hit on someone the exact moment you're sitting right next to them and a lot bigger and apt to catch stray bullets. Suge is a disgrace in each and every way conceived by the human brain and I wish he'd go away and get his karmic retribution sooner the better. He also happens to be the biggest miracle in hip-hop for somehow remaining alive.

    Lastly man, you know someone is bitter, angry, and brand-new to this blog when they take it out on Uzee because he dare post something that isn't all Detox news. As if Detox news even matters in the first place, at this point the only news you can call news is an official date or official anything which is something we don't get. We know more than anything else we could know about one album so let's keep it chill, grounded, and keep a discussion going rather than looking for ways to block any conversations here.

    1. plugin how would u know if he is a borderline schizophrenic, are u a psychiatrist? You dont have a clue of what your talking about, you are always on here all high and mighty on your perch, get a life

    2. I said "borderline-schizophrenic behavior" because this dude gets attention implying Tupac is alive but in the same interview disses Diddy because he blames him for Tupac's death. I'm not diagnosing shit and you need to ease up, I'm making a casual observation. Sorry if I offended your sweetness for Suge Knight.

    3. ok plugin whatever you say, you are ,afterall THE authority on all things dr dre

  3. this blog should be renamed the fucking " 2pac hologram blog" fucking so sick of this hologram bullshit.....

  4. I will always remember 2pac with the death row chain.

  5. Death Row did not create 2Pac, he was long around before he started wearing that Death Row chain, did Suge forget that Pac was on Interscope years before Death Row even existed. Fuck Suge Knight, always trying to take credit for shit.
    Suge Knight needs to accpet his career is now over, its his fault Pac is dead now.