Friday, 27 April 2012

Truth Hurts feat Beanie Sigel - The Truth (Set Free) (Unreleased prod by Dre)


  1. Cool track!
    Not new tho but alot better than recent dre try's

    Warren G producing some hits
    dre shouldget warren to release detox
    warren g got that new g funk cross over!!!

  2. sounds like a dre throw away beat, but sounds better than anything that's outs right now.

  3. where this came from ??
    its from the golden era i guess

  4. And you discover this song NOW ?!

  5. sounds similar to truck volume and Holla beats ( busta songs)


  6. @kizman, sounds more like family affair by mary j blige

  7. dre fell off big news? un-fucking-believable!

  8. this blog is officially DEAD!!!
    It's crazy how Dre is "always in the studio" but doesn't release nothing!!
    it's all just a big waste of time ..everybody around him know's it too.
    they don't leave his side though because they believe "there's hope"

    bishop lamont said it best on his new song "Wake Up"

  9. I can't understand why anyone in hip hop would ever want to work with Dre when there's only about a 1 outta 100 chance whatever they make will ever see the light of day. I think its more disrespectful to all the artist who write/produce/enginer 'his' music then it is to the fans. I can understand that he feels he doesn't owe his fans any new shit if he doesn't feel its perfect but what he does owe his fans is an explaination of whats atually going on and a REAL update, even if its bad news.

    1. I think dres main focus is the money. He actually mentioned this in one or two interviews: He said he is into music for the money. So every move he makes should promise more money.... I guess at the moment the beats headphones are doing very well so he can only think of dropin his album if he feels it will take him to a higher level money-wise (This should be very significant).Its a business move....

  10. If he really is just in his studio continuously working on productions for Detox, exploring concepts, and hammering toward perfection as best as he can when he feels like it, what is there to really update everyone about? I can feel where he's coming from because if he showed up to publicly announce "yeah I'm still working on it", it attracts negative attention. It's shitty for the fans on its face but having to repeat himself when there's nothing to really update the fans about does no favors for him, the album, or anyone else really. "Still working on it" isn't going to make anyone happy. If he has no real updates, news, or dates, then there's no point period. It sucks but that's probably reality.

    I do still believe he is just working on it. Everyone says he has a shitload of material and I have to also believe since his time is worth its weight in gold, he wouldn't waste most of it working on something he never plans to put out. It just makes no sense. Dre is comfortable where he is because he has nothing to commit and lay it on the line, and there's a sense of peace and building toward something when a perfectionist is allowed infinite time to do what they do. It's probably that simple. He should still get shit for not putting it out, I don't know how much better material can get after so long, but that's his hustle and people need to look elsewhere. Detox is alive until he says it's dead yet some of you guys predicate your everyday lives on this album when the best approach is to put it off to the side in your head and.

    Also people stand in line to work with Dre because they want to watch him work. A lot of these artists and producers (not all of them) are genuine workers in the studio who are there all the time, and why wouldn't they want to watch the best in the business practice his technique and inspire something for them? Dre isn't retired from the game, he's obviously working on something, so let the blog stay to keep track of what comes ahead. Besides, if Dre announced or put out ANY Detox news or new material, this blog will be swarmed within the hour, even by all the people who've repeated their declarations to leave a hundred times before.

  11. I understand you Plugin but what I think we deserve is What was the deal with the " I'm only 2 or three tracks away then I'll start the mixing process then I'm 3 months out?" an explanation about the Die Hard track, why it wasn't complete, the whole 2 or 3 tracks away thing was back in December of 2010, I think as fans we at least deserve to hear some kind of response. You are always going to get haters and critics, but my gosh it's Dre Anything he would release produced by him would shut the game down right now.I have that much faith in his skills and believe his best is yet to come however long it takes ( hopefully by years end) He's got a whole lot of support and probably an even bigger fan base from the headphones. I don't think that there's too much concern with the critics and negativity. I would also like to know his production status. We haven't heard much from him ever since Relapse/Refill/ The 2 Recovery tracks. DO NEW DRE TRACKS EXIST