Thursday, 19 April 2012

C-Bo calls Dre & Snoop 'Parasites' for using Tupac Hologram

All the buzz surrounding Dr. Dre's use of a hologram version of Tupac at Sunday's (April 15) Coachella Music & Arts Festival is sparking reactions from all types of people, from newcomers who never saw the late rapper in person to seasoned veterans who worked alongside him while he was alive.

Most recently, veteran Sacramento-bred rapper C-Bo, who worked with Pac a handful of times in the 1990s, spoke out against Dr. Dre's use of Pac's likeness, calling both him and Snoop Dogg "parasites" for using Tupac's presence for profit.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, he expressed his disgust over it.

"These n****s is like vultures, man. Parasites. They trying to suck blood from a corpse," Bo said. "[Tupac] wasn't even f***in' with fake, phony-ass n****s. 'Pac was a real n****, man. And these n****s all coming out trying to use old verses and all this sh**, man, I just think that's some way out sh**. I ain't got no respect for a n**** like that."

For those unfamiliar with C-Bo, he's a vet within the independent hip-hop scene, releasing over 11 albums to date, each offering a grime insight into the world of gangbangin' and drive-bys.

He befriended Tupac during the mid-'90s, after the late icon had begun reaching out to him before signing to Death Row Records. Finally, the two linked up and recorded two tracks -- "Tradin' War Stories" and "Ain't Hard 2 Find" -- that would go on to appear on Pac's classic, double-disc album, All Eyez On Me.

Despite C-Bo's feelings toward Dre's digital resurrection of Pac, he may hear more about it in the coming months ... because, word is, Dre and Snoop are discussing plans to take a version of their Coachella performance on the road for a full tour.

However, nothing has been confirmed as of press time.

C-Bo is gearing up for the release of a street album called Cali Connection soon, following by his next official project, Orca: The Killer Whale of the Hood, coming in July.
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  1. sadly, I agree with C-Bo in relation to Dre's motives for using 2Pac's hologram... i too think it's all about boosting profits, while not providing any new music...

  2. O shit we got beef know lol dre and snoop better do a comeback

  3. i thought the hologram was CORNY as hell, it made me cringe