Monday, 9 April 2012

Kendrick Lamar has 30 Tracks With Dre

DJ Whoo caught up with Kendrick Lamar on the phone on Shade 45. In what turned out to be a very insightful interview, Kendrick discussed many things, amongst them was Detox.  He says him and Dre banged out around 30 tracks during their sessions.



  1. around 7:38 he said that he looked up with snoop nd dre for detox so we might get a detox single for coachella

  2. Kendrick needs to get this album out by summer and hopefully Detox will follow in its footsteps at year's end. If these tracks are in fact produced by Dre for the album then there's definitely potential for a hit record. I really was disappointed with the "Recipe", it sounds like mixtape material and is on par with " Drug Test " What we need is that banger with production from Dre himself so we can get that banger to start the summer off right. Keeping my fingers crossed / reemember The Reformation

  3. I personally think 'the recipe' is SUPER hot and it combines old west with new west - which HAS to be the formula. Dre could release a hundred songs that are banging (with the piano/drums) that sound like "kush," but just dont bring anything new. I think Dre senses this, and that's why he keeps delaying. In my opinion, "the recipe" is exactly the direction he should be going. if dre follows the input he gets from kendrick/black hippy, he'll give us a classic. I think he's been searching for someone like kendrick, who he can feel confident that he's producing something hot and new, for young and old, and true to compton. Kendrick has the key, in my eyes.

  4. Stop being dillusional guys.
    The new west sucks ass, thats why even the lolipop rappers today are tyring to get back to the basics; were beats are concerned.
    Kush was a banger, inad was a flop
    And wtf happaned to Die Hard?

  5. kush was a banger, but it felt contrived. inad ended up being an eminem song. die hard is same old same old. I would LOVE for detox to be just the old classic veterans, just like most of us who came up on dre in the 90's, but I just don't think they have it in them alone. I think they gotta combine all the legends with TDE/black hippy specifically to see what sticks and find that balance. schoolboy 'sacriligious' or 'hatin joint' is a great example of why dre and co. should mess with these dudes.