Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dre takes 3rd spot in Forbes Hip Hop richlist

Diddy creeps closer to becoming the first billionaire in the hip hop industry as he tops the newly released ‘Forbes Five’ list.

Making money and hip hop have become two in the same over the years seeing how money is the subject of your choice for most rappers on the mainstream scene these days. Every year Forbes documents who has the highest net worth in the rap game with their exclusive ‘Forbes Five’ list.

The list points out the 5 rappers with the highest net worth, and 2012 proves that Diddy may actually be the first rapper to turn billionaire. Sean Diddy Combs topped the list with a net worth of $550 million, a number that should see a massive increase during 2013 when Diddy launches his Revolt cable channel.

Jay-Z follows relatively close at $460 million, who is followed by a distant third place Dr. Dre worth $270 million. The number four slot goes to Bryan Birdman Williams with a net worth of $125 million, and 50 Cent rounds out the exclusive list with $110 million to his name.

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  1. Dr. Dre will be a hologram before detox comes out :D

  2. ha ha...classic

  3. Face it guys last year(kush inad etc) was the closest we got to it getting released, the tracks got such a bad reception he binned it and started again and he is clearly not happy with the results

  4. I really liked the 2 tracks under pressure and die hard. They had alot of potential. I would have loved to of heard those tracks complete. Now there's proof that Detox does exist. Why he never completed those tracks I guess we will never know why. The only thing I would like to know is the albums status from Dre himself. He at the very least owes us that. Its going on two years since Dre even spoke of Detox, I'd just like to know what's up. I really believe that there is a chance Detox will be out in 2012 maybe late quarter, but I guess we will just have to wait and see. I'm just as frustrated as everyone else on this site and have been waiting almost 5 years for this album to drop. I think that Dre needs to realize there is no such thing as perfection, his last 2 were both classic albums but are by far not perfect. I think that it is just fair to the fans to let us know the status instead of hearing alot of the false rumors from everyone else. I still have high hopes of it dropping but at some point you have to wonder is it time to move on and give up hope. There can be only 2 things. Either Dre has a shit load of banging tracks that he is going to release, because the last time I've heard tracks produced by Dre is going on 3 years( Ems relapse Refill) or there is nothing and there never will be and this is all just a bullshit waste of time. I guess only time will tell. thanks to Uzee for keeping this site going song and to all the regular contributors. I hope some day we will all be rewarded and then we will have some real shit to talk about. Peace out Art Man