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Joell Ortiz Slaughters Detox

Slaugterhouse's Joell Ortiz has revealed that he was recruited to help in the making of Dr. Dre's forthcoming Detox solo album.

According to Ortiz, Dre recruited his pen game for the ong-awaited Detox album.

"I wrote on Detox, got some money from that and he's a with DJ Envy. "He's been working on Detox for a number of years now so I know I haven't heard everything. He gave me ten beats, I sent him 20-something. He did select two me ten beats, I sent him 20-something. He did select two joints so that was a blessing." ("Sucker Free")

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Monday, 29 November 2010

10 Reasons Dre Is Finally Ready to Drop Detox

Yeah, yeah, we've all been fooled by Dr. Dre before.

It seems like every few months or so for the last ten years, a new Dr. Dre song hits the Internet. Rap fans begin clamoring about how it must be the good Doctor's new single. A rumor starts and suddenly everyone thinks Dre's long-awaited, much-talked-about, oft-delayed Detox album is coming. And then ... nothing.

Well, listen up, folks: Detox is dropping. For real this time. And not just because RapFix says so. But because Dre said as much when he jumped onto the cover of the December's XXL and told the world definitively that the LP will drop early next year. He's even got a street single, "Kush," featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon, making the rounds on the Internet (and iTunes!) and a Joseph Kahn-directed music video in the works. And, you know what? We believe him this time. Why, you ask? Well, to help show you, we came up with a list of 10 reasons why we think Dre is actually serious this time when he says he's dropping Detox. Here's why it's time to start believing the hype.

1. There are no more Eminem albums to hide behind

A couple of years ago, it sounded like Detox was really going to drop. It was finished, according to several artists who had worked closely with Dre, and it reportedly sounded great. Then, Slim Shady jumped back into the picture and Dre put everything on hold in order to work with his protege. But now that Relapse and Recovery are both in the bag, Dre's got no other major projects to impede his progress.

2. Dre—and all his ghostwriters—have to be getting tired of seeing his music leak to the Internet

From "Could Have Been You," featuring 50 Cent, R. Kelly and Slim da Mobster to "Under Pressure," featuring Jay-Z, Dre's had a handful of unfinished tracks leak to the Internet. No offense, Dre, but when you wait ten years to put out any new product, these things tend to happen. At this point, can he really risk holding onto Detox for another couple years and seeing spring it leak every couple months? He'd be better off finishing it and putting it out on his own terms.

3. "Kush" is featured on iTunes

One song that did leak that doesn't have Dre throwing a fit is the weed anthem, "Kush," which hit the 'net a couple weeks ago. It's already on iTunes for purchase and Dre's parent label Interscope Records seems to be standing behind it. It's the first time that's happened with one of Dre's song in a long time, leading us to believe that Detox is officially more than just an urban legend.

4. The good Doctor isn't getting any younger

Believe it or not, Dre is 45 years old. Yes, you read that right—45 years old. If he waits any longer to put Detox out, he'll be going through a midlife crisis when this album hits stores. And that's not exactly the look you're going for during a promo run for a new album.

5. The new generation of rap fans is too young to remember 2001

Think about this: People who were in high school back in 1998 when 2001 dropped are pushing 30 right now. People who were born shortly after it dropped are almost ready to enter high school (yikes—we feel old!). That means you've got a whole generation of rap fans who probably don't know Dre as anything other than "the guy who produces songs for Eminem." It's time to reintroduce yourself, Dre.

6. The response to Dre's appearance at Em and Jay-Z's Home & Home concerts was amazing

Thousands of fans chanted "DEEEEEE-TOX!" in unison when Em brought Dre out to perform "Still Dre," "Nothin' But A G Thang" and several other classic cuts. If that didn't inspire him to get back in the studio and put the finishing touches on the album, we don't know what will.

7. He has other projects that he wants to work on

Detox is not a swan song for Dre. He's not retiring or falling back once he puts it out (though, for the record, it does sound like he's hanging up the mic). In fact, he's already got a lineup of other projects he wants to work on, such as an instrumental album called The Planets (Sidebar: Odds on us hearing this before 2020?) and the N.W.A. biopic, "Straight Outta Compton," that he's helping Ice Cube produce. In order to get to those, he needs to get through Detox.

8. There are more Beats by Dre headphones to be sold!
If nothing else, Dre releasing a new album is good for business. More new songs means more new music videos which means more product placement for Beats By Dre headphones—which means more sales. A new album will also raise Dre's profile even higher than it already is and probably help him snag another endorsement deal or two. Releasing Detox ASAP is a good business decision.

9. The buzz for the album isn't going to get any bigger than it is right now

Between the XXL cover, the appearances on the Home & Home bill, and the release of "Kush," the buzz for Detox is just about as big as it's gonna get from this point forward. If Dre doesn't release it now, he's not going to find a better time to do it.

10. The album has to be finished by now ... right?

The one thing we've heard over (and over and over and over and over) for the last ten years is that Dre is a perfectionist. He tweaks every single sound, overanalyzes every lyric and pushes every artist that he works with to do bigger and better things. That was all well and good five years ago, but at this point, Detox has to be finished. Or, at least, as close to "finished" as Dre is going to get it. Hey, Kanye West—a fellow perfectionist—just finished a damn-near-classic album in less than a year. It doesn't take forever. The time is now, Dre.

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Big Hutch Talks Dre, help inventing G-Funk,

Exclusive: "Dr. Dre's understudy" shares his thoughts on "Kush" and the freedom he feels as "the architect of G-Funk" to take the sound wherever he wants to.

Twenty years after the release of Above The Law’s celebrated debut, Livin’ Like Hustlers, A.T.L. front-man Big Hutch, (a.k.a. Cold 187um), is still going strong with two new solo efforts set to drop: Only God Can Judge Me (due January 18th) and O.G. Since 1967 (due summer 2011).

On Tuesday, (November 30th), the Ruthless, Tommy Boy and Death Row Records alum will be providing a preview of his upcoming offerings via a 3-song digital EP, Ef U Hutch. 

The producer/rapper recently spoke to HipHopDX to talk about the diverse direction of his new recordings, (“eventful” music that he explains was inspired by his mentors Eazy-E and Dr. Dre). Kokane’s cousin, (and nephew of the late Soul singer Willie Hutch), also explained why he thinks Dre’s “Kush” could have done without the “crossbreeding,” why as the subgenre’s inventor no one can tell him what G-Funk is, and lastly Hutch broke down why he feels those who are O.G. since 1987 have yet to match his generation’s contribution to the game.    

HipHopDX: …I gotta ask why I’m still in love with the fly-ass “Untouchable” video 20 years after first seeing it as a little kid?

Big Hutch: [Laughs]…we was the first cats pushing Cigarette boats and driving big-body [Mercedes] Benz’s on a video. That wasn’t even the climate back then, and we kinda took it upon ourselves to introduce that to the game. On a whole ‘nother level, baby.

DX: Plus, your voice was like the flyest shit I had heard at that point. [Laughs]

Big Hutch: Well I appreciate that, man. [Laughs] I kinda [pride] myself on trying to be a fly muthafucka. [Laughs] 

DX: …Who produced that remix of “Untouchable” for the video?

Big Hutch: Me and [Dr.] Dre. I came up with the elements, and then me and him took it in the studio and did it. ‘Cause I did it [initially] at the house on a little four-track [recorder]… Big labels wasn’t really fuckin’ wit’ cats out they mama bedroom, so I always had to channel it through Dre, any idea I had. So basically, it’s conceived by me but it’s actually all put together and developed by me and Dre, on a technical level.
DX: Was it the same process for “Murder Rap”?

Big Hutch: No, [and] it’s a trip because I produced “Murder Rap” on a 16-track and we just bumped it up to a 24-track. Me and Dre, we just took all the files that I did – all the samples and everything – and re-put ‘em into a bigger board…just sonically so it would sound better. 

DX: And you played those synths yourself? 

Big Hutch: Yeah.     

DX: Those synths proved to be the start of a musical revolution.
Big Hutch: And that’s what I’m talkin’ about. [Laughs] 

DX: Since [you] mentioned Dre, just curious to get your thoughts on “Kush”? I can’t help but feel like Dre’s about to pull an Axl Rose comeback and drop a Chinese Democracy dud with Detox.

Big Hutch: Well, I like his record. My whole thing about it is that when you doing records I don’t really think that we need to add any of the elements that are not from our element if we created the element. Ya dig what I’m saying? A lot of this crossbreeding stuff is…I won’t say it’s a cheap-shot, because I’m Dr. Dre’s understudy so I know he knows what he’s doing. My difference in that is that I don’t really think we need cats from other regions to sell records as west coast artists. I think that we’ve done enough work for people to respect us everywhere based upon what we’re capable of doing on our own. But I like the record… It’s dope. I felt it when I first heard it, and that’s cool. I just think those elements – When I hear him and Snoop [Dogg] doing a record, I know it’s the right shit… But when you add those other elements – No disrespect to Akon. I love Akon, when he does Akon with whoever he does it with. [But] when we start adding those [elements] I think that starts being the political…fake little Hollywood game.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking nobody for what they do. But, no one’s calling us who made a record hot out here to make their record hot.  

But I love [Dr. Dre’s] approach… Dre’s always been a producer that always was like…he’s eventful. Like, when you see what I’m doing, I’m like that because of what Dre and Eazy [E] taught me: how to make your music eventful.      

DX: And what’s gonna be the eventful direction of Only God Can Judge Me?

Big Hutch: I don’t know if nobody know it [yet], but “Lord Have Mercy” is the record that’s that record, that’s fin to knock muthafuckas heads off they shoulders… I think people try to put too much on the event part of it and not really check for the music, and I’m making the music that I’m making an event.  

DX: We put “Electric Lady” up to our audio section and the people who commented on it didn’t judge very…pleasantly.

Big Hutch: That’s cool.

DX: What was the inspiration for that record, or why that direction for that song?

 Big Hutch: Well see, one thing you gotta realize is this, there’s not a direction when I make a record. If I wake up in the morning and say I wanna rap to a Rock track, I rap to it. I’m not in a box. You gotta understand this, I’m the architect of G-Funk. You can’t tell me what G-Funk is. If I want G-Funk to be blowing on a whistle and beating on a box, that’s G-Funk, because I invented it. I am the architect.   

DX: I thought Warren Griffin, [Warren G], was the architect?

 Big Hutch: I am the architect of that. Warren Griffin used to sleep on my floor. I am the architect of G-Funk. So when people tell me what I should do and what I should not do, I tell ‘em shut up. I go to the studio and I make records based upon how I feel… And one thing that Eazy taught me while I was at Ruthless [Records], he said, “Look at it like this, Hutch: one day you walked in here and you didn’t have one fan. What did you come in here to do it for? Because of what you felt like doing. Keep doing that and you’ll always be good with yourself.” …I’ll keep it real with you, homie. I went in and cut “Electric Lady” from my heart, not to trick nobody, not because people is on my shit, but because I heard the beat - I heard it in my head, wanted to cut it, and did it and put it out there to the world. I feel comfortable with you saying I don’t like it, Hutch, because I did what I wanna do from my heart.     

DX: But am I wrong as a fan for wanting some throwback sounds, some “Black Superman” slinky synths?

Big Hutch: You’re not, because that’s what I give you on “Lord Have Mercy.” But you gotta understand where he’s coming from. You can’t just say, “Oh I just want that,” and not give a artist [creative space]… I agree with you on this level - and this is why I do it like I do it - if you do something different you gotta do the old shit too. You can’t just do something different and stay different.

[That’s] the difference between the Kanye West’s and all these other muthafuckas. That’s what we do wrong [as west coast artists]. We stay one way. We don’t never try to be different. But when they rap over funky shit, and they rap over real shit, they’re cool. But [people are telling me] I should go back to doing [“Black Superman”], and not even giving me a chance to say I got other records y’all, relax, it’s cool…    

DX: How is O.G. Since 1967 gonna be different from Only God Can Judge Me?

Big Hutch: O.G. Since 1967 is like a live album, but it’s more like a…how can I put it to you? …Only God Can Judge Me is more personal, and this is more like…raw sounding [and] soulful. I had written a series of songs that were kinda like Soul records but [still] Rap shit. And that’s what I’m doing on O.G. Since 1967. It’s like a lot of different fusion of soulful music, but with [rappin’] on it… I wouldn’t say it’s like Eazy-E-meets-The Roots or Above The Law-meets this, ‘cause I don’t like to get into [comparisons]. It’s just a different organic experience.     

DX: I just wanna note that I think that’s pretty brave putting your real birth year in the title. You know cats who are O.G. since 1987 might front on it. 

Big Hutch: That’s cool. I’m a music guy, dog. I don’t care about that [other stuff]. I’ma do what God tell me… People can look at it how they wanna look at it… I’m not too old to get up and write a hit song. I don’t see ‘em doing too much anyway. I don’t see the guys from ’87 doing a lot of shit anyway but the same shit that every one of ‘em is doing. It’s a great world of copycats… It’s funny [though], I was having a conversation [recently] about new guys…and believe it or not, I respect what they doing. So [if they] knock me, you put yourself in a bad position. Because hey, when I was your age, I wish somebody understood what I was doing. Because you gotta realize, when we first came out all these people didn’t support what we did… So if we woulda had that kind of support, we don’t know where Rap woulda been. [So]…if you gonna disrespect a person like Big Hutch, Cold 187um from Above The Law, you don’t really have a broad perspective of where you at as an artist anyway if you O.G. since 1987.

Fans comment of the week

This weeks comment of the week was written by Souzai:

"Sorry but I have to disagree with you. Dre is more than an other hip hop producer with a big budget. For example, "what's the difference" from 2001 is a sample from an Charles Aznavour. It's a french singer and producer known around the world for his high quality instrumentals and lyrics. This shows that Dre is really passionate about music in general. I think that's why people like dre's music, because they feel it and they have the same passion."


Some have questioned that i'm biased and only put out positive fan comments about Dre. 

It's not biased, it was a good comeback comment regarding passion about music. I didn't pick this because of dre. I picked the above comment because the fan showed good passion by highlighting specific things like the sample used for the track, which some of us didn't know.

It was a good link of dre showin passion and also the fan showin passion.

And what he said is accurate. If you hear Dre's previous interviews, he is always asked which currents music he listen to or likes. Dre responds by mentioning at least one non-hip hop band/artist.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

50 Cent Compares New Upcoming Album Download To Detox Album

G-Unit’s 50 Cent has been long teasing everyone about his fifth studio album and upcoming follow-up to Before I Self Destruct, with his latest announcement being a comparison to Dr. Dre’s Detox album.

50 Cent claims that his follow-up album to Before I Self Destruct will be his “Detox” album.

Many believe that this metaphor used by 50 Cent could symbolize that the rapper is preparing for retirement, while others believe he’s simply saying his album will take time like Dr Dre’s much delayed ‘Detox’ album because they’re both looking for the album to be their best work.

50 Cent actually hints of this when he states that his ‘Detox’ album could take 10 years before it drops.

Lately though, 50 Cent has been tweeting hints that the album is coming along like this posted tweet by 50 Cent this month claiming, “I’m on some new sh*t my album is coming along get ready for a classic.”

One thing is for sure, the expectations are high at this point and the anticipation is just as high.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent and Soulja Boy have dropped a new collab entitled “Mean Mug” while Dr Dre, who’s hinted at his ‘Detox’ album being his last album, is slated to be dropping in 2011, possibly early in the year around February.

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Friday, 26 November 2010

Polow Da Don gives insight on working with Dre/Detox

While the rest of the world continues to wait for Dr. Dre's 'Detox,' Polow Da Don wants to assure fans that the album will be well worth the wait. The producer, who has worked with the likes of Usher, Keri Hilson, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown has been in the studio with Dre cooking up some musical magic.

"He has it," Polow told The BoomBox of the quality of the album. "He approaches hip-hop from a classical perspective. He's not a producer, he's beyond a producer, he's now a conductor. That's how he approaches his album, it's like an orchestra but it's hip-hop. It's crazy."

Dre has been pretty much teasing the release of 'Detox' for years now and with the recent leaks of 'Under Pressure,' 'Kush' and the Eminem feature 'I Need a Doctor,' Dre says the album will finally see the light of day in February of 2011. Check out the Jay-Z assisted 'Under Pressure' below, which leaked before it was finished and will now not make the final 'Detox' cut.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Dre: “My Record Collection Is Gone"

As I promised, here are the outtakes from my Vibe cover story with Dr. Dre. In these snippets he talks about meeting DJ Khalil as a kid for the first time, sampling Nottz, programming the beat on “L.A. Niggaz” and what happened to his collection of 80,000 records. A few years ago there was an article in The Times Of London where it said that labels were over-compressing music in the mastering because people are listening to music in little earbuds now.

Dr. Dre: That means they’re doing it absolutely the wrong way. You should improve the source of the sound, the thing that people are playing it on. Not the end result. That’s ridiculous.

You mentioned drum kits earlier. How do you feel when you go on line and see “Dr. Dre drum kits”?

I think it’s the biggest compliment. Of course I have my problems when people use my music and they water it down and make it sound corny. But for the most part when I see that it’s a big compliment. If somebody is taking the time out to take a dre kick it makes me feel like what I’m doing is really valuable.

I watched a funny interview with Rockwilder where he talked about sampling your Lolos for Xzibit’s “Front 2 Back.”

Dre: Yeah, yeah. I remember that. What was funny about that is that I loved it so much it made me go “why didn’t I think of that shit?” It was really dope. I was like “damn, that was supposed to me be. That was my shit.” But Rockwilder beat me to that one.

Someone posted one of your Roadium Swap meet mixtapes on Youtube. It had Eazy E rhyming over Dana Dane beat. Do you remember it?

Back then I think I did about 60 different mixtapes. I had a radio show on KDAY. I was on the traffic jam everyday at 5 o clock and a lot of those mixes went on tape for sale. That was a fun period. That eventually developed into me getting curious about engineering.

When did that curiosity become practice?

When I found a facility to practice. There was a radio show called Radio Scope with this guy named Lee Bailey out here. He had an 8-track studio in his garage and he would let me come over and toy with it. I started out learning to engineer and I think that’s why my mixes come out so well because that was my thing. Getting really involved in the technical part of it and then I just started touching the drum machine and so on.

How do you feel about software vs. drum machines?

I have a love/hate relationship with software. I love the quickness of it but the sound is a little transparent. It’s a little difficult to get the sound out of software that I would out of a module or a regular keyboard. That’s the only thing, getting it to sound as warm as it used to.

Snoop’s “Boss’s Life” had the same sample as Buster’s “Everybody Rise” produced by Nottz. You knew Busta had already done it at that point, right?

Yeah! We listened to the Busta record to replay the music! It’s just a track that I loved for a long time and I played it for Snoop and went yeah! We just twisted it up right there.

I guess you’ve elevated yourself to this level to why would Dre use the same sample as someone else?
I understand. It’s something that I liked. That’s one of the tracks I’ve really enjoyed. What’s wrong with that? Do I really need to prove myself anymore? Come on.

You replayed Isaac Hayes “Bumpy’s Lament” for “XXplosive.” Talk about your replay process. What do you say to musicians to get them to sound right?

It doesn’t work all the time. I would say 80 to 90% of the time it doesn’t work. It’s just first finding the right musicians that understand it and they have to be excited about what they’re doing. Some musicians want to sit there and play something they wrote to get money instead of getting the song done. So it’s about the musicians understanding and being able to do what they’re asked to do. There’s no big science behind that too.

“Some L.A Niggas” is one of my favorite Dre Beats because…

The stops and starts…

Yeah! What made you program it that way?

The reason that it was programmed that way was the air in it. I wanted all of the MCs to have that stop. That was the trick, to have the rhyme stop with the beat. I thought if we could get the MCs to stop that way it could be interesting. I know it was no hit record, but it was something we were trying that’s why it comes so late in the record. It was just us having fun. It was funny watching everybody trying to write a rhyme to that stop and it still make sense. They got it off though.

Do you still have a record collection or is it all in a warehouse somewhere?

The record collection is gone now. I had a warehouse full of albums and I contemplated getting rid of it for at least two years before I did it. I wasn’t really using it anymore. It was just sitting there as another bill for storage. 80,000 albums.

Sold or gave away?

Both. What I did was just went through and jotted down everything I was in love with so I could order it [later]
What are three of those records you wrote down?

I didn’t keep em for sampling purposes. Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly” a Barry White’s Greatest Hits… a gray album and everything else on it was black. [thinks] It might be fucking Nirvana. That’s one of my favorite albums ever made. I still listen to that shit to work out.

On “Next Episode” you took that David McCallum sample and just did something else with it.

Now it’s funny that you say that. The Isaac Hayes song was a slow song and I knew nobody was gonna sample that. I try to go for those obscure samples or something people aren’t gonna think about recreating.

In producer circles there is a lot of talk about the team that you’ve assembled. What is it about those producers like Khalil and Mr. Porter that you like to work with them?

I love their personalities and I love their talent. Khalil is one of the coolest guys you ever want to meet and one of the most talented guys you’d ever want to meet. It’s really crazy because I’ve known Khalil’s sister for at least 20 years now and I was at a pool party that she threw and there was this kid that came up and said he wanted to learn about production. I don’t know how long ago this was but he was 11 or 12 years old. I sat and talked to him for about an hour or two and it was Khalil. Next thing you know he’s out doing his thing and he’s got a song on my album. Which is the craziest shit! And he’s on Eminem’s record sounding real good. He did his thing.
I’m branching out using some other producers on my record and it’s just people that I like. It’s not necessarily a team but it’s just me branching out to other producers that are new and up coming. It does nothing for me to work with somebody who is already established. It means more to me to build something from the ground up.

9th Wonder told me that he wants to ask you how you manage to do so much but not be seen. How do you do that?

I’m really protective of my family, myself and my image. It’s one of the reasons for my longevity in the business. I’m not a person that really gives a fuck about being on camera or people taking pictures of me. I like being to myself. I have my designated events, I do like to party and have fun but in controlled environments, like the room you’re sitting in right now.

RZA has an equally fabled album he’s working on called The Cure and he told me that Detox has to come out before The Cure. “You gotta detox before you get the cure…”

Ha! That’s funny. RZA is my man. He’s dope as fuck too. But there’s really no detoxing. Fuck detoxing. But like I said, hearing it and seeing it is two different things.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

La Roux Singer Explains Why Kanye West, Dr. Dre Embrace Her

Now that she's managed to crossover into the world of hip-hop, La Roux's front woman, Elly Jackson, admits that she has one good reason why artists like Dr. Dre, Kanye West and L.E.P. Bogus Boys are getting on the La Roux bandwagon. And, she admits it has a lot to do with her songs' titles.

"I think it's because our songs are called 'In For The Kill and 'Bulletproof,' " Jackson laughed to MTV News. "A lot of kids in the UK, they see it as not kind of in the way it was supposed to be meant, which is great [and] which I what songs are supposed to be about kind of people making them into their own thing. But obviously the tracks are about hope and going and doing something great for your self and a lot of kids in the U.K. were like, 'it's quite ghetto,' and I was like, 'It's not supposed to be ghetto,' but I like that about it."

She laughed, "They're like going 'in for the kill' [thinking it's about violence and] it's not really how I meant it, but alright."

While she laughs off the misinterpretations of her songs and appreciates the shine from the hip-hop community, she does say that she can't see the band going hip-hop for their next album.

"That’s why we did that with Kanye [and remixed 'In For The Kill'] cause it’s a one-off, but La Roux and hip-hop don’t really mix … on our albums certainly they don't mix."

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Producer Alex Da Kid - Dre Is 'Constantly Working,'

After years of working on his long-awaited album Detox, Dr. Dre is the epitome of a perfectionist. In addition to some rumored collaborations, the super-producer, who is set to drop the LP early next year, has been logging studio sessions with the industry's newest hitmaker, Alex Da Kid.

When MTV News caught up with the British producer at the American Music Awards on Sunday, he revealed that the duo were introduced through Eminem, who worked with Kid on the Rihanna-assisted "Love the Way You Lie."

When asked about Dre's forthcoming project, the producer remained tight-lipped, joking, "I'm not allowed to say too much because I will get shot and killed. They have snipers on the rooftop as we speak."

Despite working with Em, Rihanna and other music staples, Kid admitted that the biggest challenge when working with the West Coast icon was overcoming his "fear of getting in the studio with such a perfectionist."

Once the duo met, Kid said his anxiety melted away. "He's been working at this for 11 years, but once you get over that, he's like the nicest guy ever. I can't describe how nice he is," he said, adding, "He just makes you feel comfortable and easy."

As a newcomer within the industry, the 27-year-old music mind said Dre's secret to success boils down to his work ethic. "I think, basically, he works harder than everybody I know," he said. "He's constantly just working. I think that's what it takes to be successful in anything, not just producing."

Detox may not be out until early next year, but fans have already gotten a taste of Dre's Alex Da Kid-produced material, including "I Need a Doctor." The track, which features Eminem, hit the Internet last Wednesday. The collabo coincidentally finds Slim Shady giving Dre a musical reality check about his perfectionist goals.

Slim da Mobster-Writing for Detox and debut album (audio)

In an interview with DubCNN, Dr. Dre's protege Slim da Mobster talks writing for the legendary producer and the status of his own debut.

In a rare interview, DubCNN caught up with Dr. Dre's protege Slim da Mobster to discuss his involvement in the legendary west coast producer's highly anticipated third solo LP Detox. With DubCNN reporting that Slim wrote over 70% of Detox, including the recently released "Kush," the up-and-coming California emcee explained what fans can expect to hear from the Good Doctor

"We done with Dr. Dre’s album," said Slim. "We waiting on all the singles to come out, I got a little influence on that. That’s always good. We got Em getting ready to get on his stuff. You know how that go...I had a lot to do with [Detox] on different levels. It was certain songs that I probably didn’t write on, but I probably chose the beat. I got a lot of different elements on that album. That album and my album’s gonna two totally different vibes. So that’s gonna be the biggest transition. For the shit that you hear with him and me – I gotta couple great records with him that’s gonna be on that album. But I think what I’m about to do is gonna be different. It’s gonna be like Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Not music wise – I got some of the same elements. Shout out to Sha Money. I wan tit to be different at the time, the element of music – the way everybody is sounding and looking right now, I ain’t gonna do that." (

Slim also discussed his own as-of-yet untitled Shady/G-Unit/Aftermath debut. Although Slim revealed few details about the album's release date, he did say that Dr. Dre will be featured. He also added that his album will be heir apparent to N.W.A.'s discography with respect to its content.

"[My album's] gonna have its similarities [to Detox], and the difference is…I’m in my own space," he explained. "The shit I talk about is the shit Dre can’t talk about, the shit Dre won’t talk about. And the shit Dre talk about is the shit I can’t talk about because I haven’t done it yet. Same with me the things I talk about it’s kind of untouchable to him because he already talked about it. My album is gonna be like an N.W.A. album, you gonna hear some shit that’s real. It ain’t gonna be a Dr. Dre album, it’s gonna be a real joint." (

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Monday, 22 November 2010

My views on the recent Dre hype

‘Kush’ - A typical Dre banger to get the buzz goin.  Good choice as a first official single or unofficial street single.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit number 1 in the iTunes charts.  ‘Crack a bottle’ was like this too, it was leaked so the release was put early.  Unexpectedly it won a grammy.

‘I need a doctor’ - It has ALL the things i look for in a track:

*Unique sound with various elements
*An underground/upcoming singer (not commercial) on the vocals
*meaningful topic/context of the track
*Really good flow from the rappers (its not just what u say, its how u say it)

Those that think it's a pop track are only 'surface' listening not ‘deep’ listening.

Dre the most powerful producer/artist on the planet right now. When Kush was leaked within 22 days he is/was EVERYWHERE:

*radio interview (Power 106)
*iTunes (Kush)
*his 2 tracks banged in the streets
*website reborn
*magazine cover (XXL)
*very soon back on TV wit new video

I have been receiving ‘friend requests’ on Facebook but have turned them down because I don’t wish to mix my friends with web fans.  Instead you can still interact with me on Facebook by joining the Facebook Detox blog group

In light of the Dre/Detox hype - a new twitter trend is created - #drdredetoxblog. Please spread this trend through twitter.

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fan's comment of the week announced

 Last week it was stated that a 'comment of the week' feature will be in play. Every Sunday a new post will highlight which fan's comment stood out the most. This way the readers will gain a little recognition and respect and motivation.

I was be looking for meaningful comments about Dre/Detox.

There were alot of good comments  but the one below from an anonymous was in my opinion best comment.

Next time please be sure to add your id/name to the comment.  also remember im not lookin at quantity but quality and concrete backup of arguments.

"Id have to disagree with the comment that Dre is fallin off. Ive been a dre fan for many years and I too was discouraged with the sound of 'under pressure', but this point needs some qualification. 

First, Dre has put out countless bangers over 2 decades for his own shit in the Chronic and 2001 and other massive artists like Snoop, Xzibit, Eminem, 50 Cent and Game, and with a legacy of that size any current material will inevitably be compared and seem subpar to his classics. 

Furthermore, in a music industry controlled by the youth who seemingly demand a lollipop sound, coupled with the fact that most dont even buy music anymore, makes it incredibly hard to sell the straight up gangsta shit we expect from Dre.

Nonetheless, he listened to the dissatisfaction of his fans and returned with the familiar on-point piano and bass driven orchestration and 'weed' theme on Kush, and this has recieved very high praise and consequently was deemed worthy of release and to get the detox machine finally rolling, so it can hardly be said that Dre fell off when he listens and delivers what the fans want. 

He started this gangsta shit and this the muthafuckin thanks he get? 

And Uzee big ups on the comments, werent out of line but defending the artist at the centre of this blog from unwarranted criticism."

More ''Kush video shoot pics n vids

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Kendrick Lamar - 'Lookout for Detox' freestyle

Sly Pyper>Studio>Chorus/Hook

Kush behind the scenes (video)

Peep's Ent Exclusive Dr. Dre Kush behind the scenes with 50cent,E40,The Menace,Roccett,G Malone from Peepsent on Vimeo.

My views on the hype!

Hey wots happenin.

This week has been covered with Dr Dre from all angles. I will post my personel views of the latest happenings and releases soon. Watch this space.

The countdown begins.


Friday, 19 November 2010

La Roux's Elly Jackson on Detox?

British dance outfit La Roux are having quite a moment, and it seems to be recognized by the hip-hop community. The group's ginger-haired, fashionista lead singer, Elly Jackson, not only appears as one of the many, many A-listers on Kanye West's "All Of The Lights," she's also rumored to be appearing on Dr. Dre's long-simmering album, Detox.

Reports online say La Roux's leading lady may appear on the Compton MC's album, so when MTV News got a hold of her Friday (November 19), we asked her to clear up the rumors herself.

She laughed, saying, "I don't know. I don't think ... No, I don't know. We'll have to talk about that at a later junction. We'll see." While she may not have revealed details regarding the Dre rumors, she did add, "I think my facial expressions say more than my words. Nothing's physically come out of my mouth, so it's fine."

When pressed, Jackson played it cool, but was willing to give very vague insight into what the two of them could be working on together. "If I was to do anything with Dr. Dre, let's just say that I didn't necessarily do anything with him, that he might have done something with me," she said. "But not anything new."

Two songs have already leaked from Detox, neither featuring La Roux. "Kush" features Snoop Dogg and Akon and is rumored to be the album's first single, complete with a video reportedly being directed by Joseph Kahn. The second leaked track is Dre's collabo with Eminem, "I Need a Doctor." 

Release dates and guests?

Dr Dre’s new single Kush may have leaked early but he’s reacted fast by making it available on November 21. According to his reps, Detox is coming in February and will feature La Roux?!?!?

Dr Dre claims he never intended to release his collaboration with Akon and Snoop Dogg as a single until it leaked and was met with a positive reaction, that doesn’t really fit with the story that he was already filming a video for it four days before it leaked but who are we to complain [the video is set to drop December 6 by the way]? We just want Detox.

According to a new press release Detox will feature Jay-Z, La Roux, Beyonce, Game, Eminem and more and will be released in February. We’re very interested in hearing La Roux on Dre production.

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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Message to all haters/idiots/noobies

The following comment was posted by a noobie/idiot under the 'Aww hell naw!!! - 'I Need A Doctor' blog post: 
"This isn't even a Detox track, not even a Dre song & not a Dre beat This is one of Em's songs that was recorded but didn't make Recovery...Just b/c Dre is featured on it don't mean it's Detox damn..If you listen you can straight up tell this is a Em song...Stop spreading bullsh** people!"  

This was my response to this idiot and all those who think negative or bitch or dont read the blog posts carefully:

 ^^ye we all know it aint a Dr Dre track as he is a guest on it, it aint his beat we know that too, and it aint on detox which we also know. 

Dude we know all that ya noobie. But the one thing that is tru is that Dr Dre is on this track. For that reason alone it is posted here and on ALL other Dre fan pages. 

Dont bitch the obvious shit and make assumptions. If u read the post carefully, all this is stated already

New twitter trend - #drdredetoxblog - spread it!

In light of the Dre/Detox hype - a new twitter trend is created - #drdredetoxblog

Pleez show ur loyalty and respect and tweet this trend - #drdredetoxblog

I really appreciate it.


Dre & Snoop Shoot ‘Kush’ Video (Pics)

A couple days after it leaked online, Dr. Dre is moving forward with plans to shoot a music video for “Kush,” the first offering from his long-awaited album Detox featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon. A buff Dre was seen on the downtown Los Angeles set Wednesday, while Snoop looked high as a kite in a Japanese “Sakana-kun” hat. Joseph Kahn previously hinted that he would direct.

“There was a version of ["Kush"] that leaked that I wasn’t really happy about, so we’re gonna go on and push it and put it out because everybody seems to like it,” Dre told Power 106’s Big Boy of the smokers’ anthem, which is available now on iTunes. “It’s about weed smoking and I don’t want people to think that that’s what my album is about. This is actually the only song with that type of content in it. It’s not a representation of what the album is.”

Kush now available on iTunes

Thats right, and if u want to Dre wil huge success includings chart numbers/sales/grammys then go buy this track.

Real talk


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

"Kush" iTunes release

UPDATE: "Kush" hits the streets formally tomorrow, as Interscope Records sends a formal announcement of "Detox's" first finished leak.

Monday’s release of the song “Kush,” brought a bit of a renewed anticipation to Dr. Dre’s Detox album, after a year filled with false starts. The single, which features Snoop Dogg, Akon and an artist Slim Da Mobsta confirmed to as Chief Thuderbird or Sly, almost met the same fate as “Under Pressure.” During an interview with Big Boy of Power 106, Dre said the song was also an unauthorized leak, but it will be a keeper nonetheless.

“It got leaked, and it was a version of it that I wasn’t really happy about,” Dre explained. “But we’re gonna go ahead and push it and put it out, since everybody seems to like it. It’s about weed smoking, and I didn’t want people to think that’s what my album was about. This is actually the only type of song with that type of content on it.”

In addition to pushing his line of Beats headphones—which Advertising Age just named one of America’s Hottest Brands—Dre said he was looking forward to more collaborations with Snoop as well as meeting and working with fellow Compton native Kendrick Lamar. All of the progress has apparently sped up Dre’s usually methodical recording process.

“I see the finish line right now,” Dre added.  “I’m wrapping it up. I need about two or three more songs, and hopefully I’ll start the mixing process at the end of next month. From that point I’m about 30 days out. One of the reasons it was taking so long was because I felt like I was doing it more out of obligation as opposed to actually feeling it.” (November 16)

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Interscope Records and Dr. Dre just gave word that "Kush" will be made available on iTunes tomorrow, mentioning that Detox is presently planned for "early 2011."

J. Cole and Dr Dre...

After J.Cole tells Rap-Up about Dre's "life-changing music," should fans expect the collaboration on his debut or Detox?

Prior to releasing his “Friday Night Lights” mixtape, J. Cole expressed his concern about making sure his formal debut album would reach as wide an audience as possible. Getting an assist from the man behind two of the past decade’s best selling artists should help in that regard.

“I did some work with Dr. Dre, without going any further than that,” Cole told “I will tell you he’s incredible, absolutely incredible. He has life-changing music.”

The confirmation comes after Dre went on record with radio personality Big Boy and listed Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole as two artists he had his eye on. So far, two confirmed singles, “Kush” and “I Need A Doctor” have been released from Detox.

Past collaborators such as Bishop Lamont and Knoc-turn’al have said Dre takes a team approach to making albums, and a quick glance inside of 2001’s liner notes show’s ghostwriters such as Jay-Z listed with publishing credits. If the collaboration sees the light of day, the only remaining question is if it will be on J.Cole’s album or on Detox.

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Latest 'Kush' video shoot updates

Below are the latest tweets from MistaChoc, who is directing the 'Kush' video:

Man this is crazy, on my way wit Slim The Mobster 2 Dr Dre OFFICIAL VIDEO shoot so world get ya asses ready KUSH the 1st single...DETOX ... 

Yep I said Official n this is not from no hear say truss me I been there 3 yrs n the making so its no hype. Imma post pics up so look fo ... about 14 hours ago via txt

Exiting The street for Dr Dre video and Slim Drivin like a nascar driver lol about 14 hours ago via txt

Sittin here at Kush video this shyt is crazy big, Dre is clean as board of health.. about 10 hours ago via txt
Akon juss left suited up as well, tommorow is gonna b one of them big ones can't wait!! about 10 hours ago via txt

Dre is shootin elevator scene and Akon had a dope azz airplane scene. about 10 hours ago via txt, this shyt is super crazy Knoc ya boy Dre is doin this west up. about 9 hours ago via txt

Gotcha he shootin dis crazy elevator scene but man I cannot explain this Kush single.     about 9 hours ago  via txt

    Aww hell naw!!! - 'I Need A Doctor'

    Another track! This time Dre appearing on Eminem's track 'I Need A Doctor', Liz Rodrigues on the vocals (Prod By Alex Da Kid).

    This is the track that  Alex Da Kid was hinting at before:

    ...dropped another bombshell, revealing that he and Em have recorded more music and one of their collaborations will arrive before Christmas. “When it comes out, it will probably be the biggest song in the last 10 years,” he boldly proclaimed.


    Official Dre website...

    The new track 'Kush' can be listened to now on the website. You need to login on Facebook to listen to it.

    Tuesday, 16 November 2010

    New Dre radio interview

    Yes its true - below is of the highlights of the interview: (props to Tympanic)

    - Said "Kush" was the only song about weed on the album. Not a representation of the rest of the album but ON the album. He calls it "Just a weed record, just a fun record."
    - Confirmed it was Sly, not Nate *duh*
    - Said he didn't want to give the fans an "Antici-pointment."
    - Working on 6 videos, they've been talking about touring but he's not sure about that just yet.
    - Talked about the headphones, meh.
    - Working with some new dude from Compton, mentioned a name but I didn't hear it properly.
    - Kush was finished sometime this summer.

    Not sure i am allowed to provide the  audio interview here. Google is strictly followin me if i add any leaks, not sure about this interview tho.


    Snoop one line tweet.

    Snoop tweeted the following line:

    The time has come...#DETOX

    Source -

    Front page stardom (Yes, Detox is Coming)

    The Doc is back. Hip-hop’s legendary producer Dr. Dre is finally preparing to release his highly anticipated comeback album, Detox, and XXL got the chance to pick the rap icon’s brain for the December/January 2011 issue.

    After over a decade the West Coast superproducer is finally preparing the first quarter 2011 release of the long-awaited Detox. In a candid interview with Editor-in-Chief Vanessa Satten, the master beatsmith said, “I’m really feeling it now. My energy has been back and forth with the record, tussling with doing it out of obligation, as opposed to doing it because I really feel it. My feelings about it have been going up and down. Now I’m in that place where I’m really feeling it, and it’s coming out right. It’s like, Yeah, I’m excited about it.”

    Dre has been teasing fans with the disc’s release since first announcing Detox in April 2002 but, as he explains in the XXL cover story, it’s been Dre himself that has been the cause of the many years of delay. The beat maestro, who turned 45 this past February, says, “The only part that has been pushing me back is just the fact that I’m getting older, and certain things to talk about… But I can incorporate other artists, new artists with this record, to say some of the things I won’t say. It’s been a little tussle in that area also, just because of age and being able to identify with the younger audience.”

    Staying motivated over the years has been a struggle for Dre, who told XXL that there were moments where he almost gave up on Detox. “I’ve been through that thing several times, where I’m like, ‘You know what? I quit. I’m not doing this. Everything is starting to sound the same.’”

    In the story, Dr. Dre also reveals that Detox might be the last time fans will hear him rap. “I don’t ever see myself retiring totally from music, because I have a genuine love and passion for it,” he said. “But as far as me going into the mic booth, that shit is over. I’m always going to talent scout and try to find new artists to work with. But, yeah, that’s it. I don’t see myself doing it the way I’m doing it now. I’m in the studio at least five or six days a week for 16, 18 hours. I think I’m going to back off a little bit and spend some time with the family.”

    With 27 years in the industry, Dre has experienced one of most successful runs in the game, but the mysterious legend is conflicted about his own legacy. “I have mixed emotions about it,” he said. “I think it’s incredible what I’ve done. A lot of sweat. But as an innovator, I look back and can’t help but go, Damn, there’s things I could’ve done better, you know?”

    'Kush' leaks.

    Yes the track has leaked which features Snoop Dogg and Akon. Initial reception has been very positive from the listeners. What do you think? Rate the track with the new poll on the left.

    Wot an Eid gift this leak.

    Watch this space.

    P.S. this just shut the mouths of those who doubted this news.


    Monday, 15 November 2010

    Blog readers/fans to gain recognition.

    Hey folks wots happenin.

    From this week Monday a 'comment of the week' feature will be in play. Every Sunday a new post will highlight which fan's comment stood out the most. This way the readers will gain a little recognition.

    I would be looking for meaningful comments about Dre/Detox. Make sure u insert ur name too.

    There already a couple of good comments imo.


    Saturday, 13 November 2010

    Planned music video is called......and features.....

    According to a Tweet (below) rumours are flying around that the planned music video is to feature Snoop Dogg and Akon, the single is  'Kush'.

    Tweet by

    'Auditions Rollin in for 2morow!! Music Video song is called Kush Dr Dre Feat Snoop & Akon Let's get it Jazz!!'

    Thursday, 11 November 2010

    Director J. Khan - “Just booked my next video. It’s big. Three guesses who. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.”

    Dr. Dre just may be delivering on his plans to deliver material from Detox before Christmas. The hip-hop icon will be going in front of the lens to shoot a new video before the end of the year.

    Director Joseph Kahn hinted on Twitter that he will be directing a video for Dre. “Prepping DR. DRE. Hey Interscope, do you think there will be any BEATS headphones in this video?” he tweeted.

    The day before, he provided more evidence of what he had in store. “Just booked my next video. It’s big. Three guesses who. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.”

    Kahn has recently helmed videos for Dre’s Interscope labelmates Eminem (“Love the Way You Lie”), Keri Hilson (“Pretty Girl Rock”), and Nicole Scherzinger (“Poison”).

    When asked in September about Detox‘s status, Dre said that he was still recording the highly-anticipated project, but hoped to have something out in time for the holidays. “In a perfect world, you know I’m really trying to make Christmas, but we’ll see,” he stated. “Something will definitely be out.”

    The album has been over a decade in the making. “I’m actually working on it every day,” added Dre. “I just have to make sure I don’t accomplish this word: anticippointment.”


    Sunday, 7 November 2010

    Not just hip hop but.......(sub-title tweaked)

    Hey Dre fans, hope your're all ok and doin gr8.

    Just to let those know who have attention to detail - the sub-title of the blog has been tweaked from 'Hip Hop's best kept secret' to 'Hip Hop's Music's best kept secret'.  

    Was meaning to do this a looong time ago.  Reason?  I believe that Dre's music doesn't just spread through the hip hop world, but also in general to music, person.  I personally class it as Universal Music.  

    Keep following me:  
    Thanks for following and supporting me.

    Tuesday, 2 November 2010

    Detox sounds like East Coast underground sh*t?

    Veteran hip-hop producer Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox album is continuing to take form and is influenced by the East Coast underground hip-hop movement.

    SOHH recently spoke about the highly-anticipated album with burgeoning producer Nottz, who is working on both Dr. Dre and Busta Rhymes' upcoming efforts.

        "We did the first joint on Busta's new album," Nottz revealed. "I also did the first joint on Dre's Detox. It's going good. With Busta, I really, really think this album is dropping soon. You know it's going to be Extinction Level Event Part Two, so that's what it is. It's just like anybody who does a part two to a record, you know that's gotta be banging. It's gotta be banging way better than the first joint. And from what I've heard? Oh my God. It's crazy. Busta. That dude is so amazing man. He really be having records. Records, records, records, records. It's crazy man because the dude is so consistent." (SOHH)

    Nottz also explained how Dre's long-awaited LP surprised even himself.

        "Both Busta Rhymes and Dr. Dre are gonna be dropping," Nottz promised. "Dre is moving like a snail, but [the album will come out]. He's gonna drop, I know it. Dre played me so many records, it's a lot of records that has you thinking, "He's rapping over this?" And it's dope sh*t. He played at least about 40 records and each one of them joints were like East Coast sounding stuff. And it was crazy, East Coast underground sh*t. Like, if he drops this, it'll be over." (SOHH)