Monday, 15 November 2010

Blog readers/fans to gain recognition.

Hey folks wots happenin.

From this week Monday a 'comment of the week' feature will be in play. Every Sunday a new post will highlight which fan's comment stood out the most. This way the readers will gain a little recognition.

I would be looking for meaningful comments about Dre/Detox. Make sure u insert ur name too.

There already a couple of good comments imo.



  1. Did you know Kush dropped already?
    Just wanted to let you know its not exactly meaningful but hey its info.

  2. Yeah Kush is banging! Detox is coming!!!
    According to, it's not Nate Dogg's vocals in the background. Kinda hoped it was.

  3. i like kush..i like how dre blended
    the pianos with some synths in the back
    and akon wasnt a bad touch..but u know ppl

  4. THE DR HAS RISEN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kush is pretty chill though.

  5. idk if this is the official single.
    but who knows it might be.i rate this song
    cuz too much people like kobe(singer),dr dre, snoop, akon, nate, the game on the back vocals...rico love on it?

  6. I was expecting "ground breaking music" like some 2017 shit or watever
    no lie

  7. so here is a question.... was the song leaked? and if so will it be dropped... probably not since the vid was shot. And lastly.. is this the mastered version? Very classic Dre tho.

  8. Boring. He has better. On the real... X