Monday, 22 November 2010

My views on the recent Dre hype

‘Kush’ - A typical Dre banger to get the buzz goin.  Good choice as a first official single or unofficial street single.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit number 1 in the iTunes charts.  ‘Crack a bottle’ was like this too, it was leaked so the release was put early.  Unexpectedly it won a grammy.

‘I need a doctor’ - It has ALL the things i look for in a track:

*Unique sound with various elements
*An underground/upcoming singer (not commercial) on the vocals
*meaningful topic/context of the track
*Really good flow from the rappers (its not just what u say, its how u say it)

Those that think it's a pop track are only 'surface' listening not ‘deep’ listening.

Dre the most powerful producer/artist on the planet right now. When Kush was leaked within 22 days he is/was EVERYWHERE:

*radio interview (Power 106)
*iTunes (Kush)
*his 2 tracks banged in the streets
*website reborn
*magazine cover (XXL)
*very soon back on TV wit new video

I have been receiving ‘friend requests’ on Facebook but have turned them down because I don’t wish to mix my friends with web fans.  Instead you can still interact with me on Facebook by joining the Facebook Detox blog group

In light of the Dre/Detox hype - a new twitter trend is created - #drdredetoxblog. Please spread this trend through twitter.

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  1. Yo Uzee, I'm not sure if you have ever stumbled upon this... if not you may b in for a surprise. It's slightly old but still! The Very First track gives me hope of sumthing truly amazing and restored my faith in Detox a while back. Check it out, snippets to unheard detox tracks... this isnt my youtube account and I'm positive its Dre:

  2. lets face it, Detox is a letdown. No more G funk, just straight gay.

  3. ^^well dont come back to this blog again my friend.

    I know u will comeback, i know u will buy the album.

  4. thanks for keeping us updated with this blog i check it daily.

  5. i thought that it was established that I Need a Doctor is an Eminem track, not a Detox one?

  6. ^it is an eminem track. But cos Dre is in it then its worthy mentioning.

  7. unheard detox tracks? Who do you think you're talking to? Looking for some comments on your youtube page? (flashy and under pressure, that's it)

  8. Ohhh hell no, is that really a countdown to Detox?..... Freeky Zee.