Monday, 29 November 2010

Fans comment of the week

This weeks comment of the week was written by Souzai:

"Sorry but I have to disagree with you. Dre is more than an other hip hop producer with a big budget. For example, "what's the difference" from 2001 is a sample from an Charles Aznavour. It's a french singer and producer known around the world for his high quality instrumentals and lyrics. This shows that Dre is really passionate about music in general. I think that's why people like dre's music, because they feel it and they have the same passion."


Some have questioned that i'm biased and only put out positive fan comments about Dre. 

It's not biased, it was a good comeback comment regarding passion about music. I didn't pick this because of dre. I picked the above comment because the fan showed good passion by highlighting specific things like the sample used for the track, which some of us didn't know.

It was a good link of dre showin passion and also the fan showin passion.

And what he said is accurate. If you hear Dre's previous interviews, he is always asked which currents music he listen to or likes. Dre responds by mentioning at least one non-hip hop band/artist.


  1. i think u r pretty biased in your judgements uzee... u only choose these comments which r favourable to dre...

  2. I want to suck dr dre's big black cock
    and suck his balls till he nuts on my face!!!! yum!!!!!!!

  3. ^^ ha ha ye use my against me, shows u aint mature enough to construct good comments. My response regarding biased is in the updated post.

  4. Dude. Have a look at what your typing. 2 comments in a row? Do they sound mature? I think not.

  5. What doesnt sound mature? Stop steering away from the actual discussion. I backed up my comment of the week choice and u cant respond to that.