Friday, 26 November 2010

Polow Da Don gives insight on working with Dre/Detox

While the rest of the world continues to wait for Dr. Dre's 'Detox,' Polow Da Don wants to assure fans that the album will be well worth the wait. The producer, who has worked with the likes of Usher, Keri Hilson, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown has been in the studio with Dre cooking up some musical magic.

"He has it," Polow told The BoomBox of the quality of the album. "He approaches hip-hop from a classical perspective. He's not a producer, he's beyond a producer, he's now a conductor. That's how he approaches his album, it's like an orchestra but it's hip-hop. It's crazy."

Dre has been pretty much teasing the release of 'Detox' for years now and with the recent leaks of 'Under Pressure,' 'Kush' and the Eminem feature 'I Need a Doctor,' Dre says the album will finally see the light of day in February of 2011. Check out the Jay-Z assisted 'Under Pressure' below, which leaked before it was finished and will now not make the final 'Detox' cut.


  1. It still amazes me that people talk like Dr. Dre is some kind of GOD or an orchestal conductor or something when it comes to producing hip-hop. Reality is it's a music style full of repetitious loops and repetative samples being trigger over and over. Dr. Dre is just another hip-hop producer but with a bigger budget. I think its good thing he is retiring from being Dr. Dre the rapper. Because that might fade his name away a little and concentration will be directed to the much better and constant producers in the hip-hop music industry. Just a thought...

  2. Well some judge what he does according to other rappers/producers.

    One style which i highlighted of Dre's production is a movie cinematic style, which i'm fond of personally.

    Dre has been and will further focus on scoring movies etc.

  3. Point taken. But does the name RZA come to mind when you say 'cinematic style'. That cat has produced 10 fold the amount of records than the 'Dr.'. Hell, the world knows about shoalin kung-fu because of this dude. Cinematic?

  4. Sorry but I have to disagree with you. Dre is more than an other hip hop producer with a big budget. For example, "what's the difference" from 2001 is a sample from an Charles Aznavour. It's a french singer and producer known around the world for his high quality instrumentals and lyrics. This shows that Dre is really passionate about music in general. I think that's why people like dre's music, because they feel it and they have the same passion.

  5. But you're right about RZA, he made incredible records for Kill Bill or Afro samourai. Dre is more famous because of his circle of acquaintances. You've got to admit that Jimmy Iovine is a genious when it comes to marketing's strategy.

  6. Guys i dont think has yet done alot in terms of movie scored, so cant reslly touch it.

    In terms of music the cinematic style tracks are:

    Bustta rhymes Legend of the fall offs
    50cent When it rains it pours
    Jay-z Minority report
    Himself/hitman Murder ink

    And many more. Look with not just music but other elements too.

  7. sorry, i meant "genius"

  8. So if dre and his team have the above tracks then u can tell he woukd be good at movie scores too.

  9. Thanks for the compliment :-P