Sunday, 7 November 2010

Not just hip hop but.......(sub-title tweaked)

Hey Dre fans, hope your're all ok and doin gr8.

Just to let those know who have attention to detail - the sub-title of the blog has been tweaked from 'Hip Hop's best kept secret' to 'Hip Hop's Music's best kept secret'.  

Was meaning to do this a looong time ago.  Reason?  I believe that Dre's music doesn't just spread through the hip hop world, but also in general to music, person.  I personally class it as Universal Music.  

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  1. universal music ,thats really pushing it uzee, of course if he stills an indian loop or a middle eastern rythm that would make him a thief not a universal artist ,lets just say no body cares about dre in NEW YORK !

  2. dre brought in listeners from other music genres through eminem.

    Some ppl who weren't into hip hop got into it when 'in da club' came out, i have seen this happen here.

    Dre has worked with other genres artists.