Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fan's comment of the week announced

 Last week it was stated that a 'comment of the week' feature will be in play. Every Sunday a new post will highlight which fan's comment stood out the most. This way the readers will gain a little recognition and respect and motivation.

I was be looking for meaningful comments about Dre/Detox.

There were alot of good comments  but the one below from an anonymous was in my opinion best comment.

Next time please be sure to add your id/name to the comment.  also remember im not lookin at quantity but quality and concrete backup of arguments.

"Id have to disagree with the comment that Dre is fallin off. Ive been a dre fan for many years and I too was discouraged with the sound of 'under pressure', but this point needs some qualification. 

First, Dre has put out countless bangers over 2 decades for his own shit in the Chronic and 2001 and other massive artists like Snoop, Xzibit, Eminem, 50 Cent and Game, and with a legacy of that size any current material will inevitably be compared and seem subpar to his classics. 

Furthermore, in a music industry controlled by the youth who seemingly demand a lollipop sound, coupled with the fact that most dont even buy music anymore, makes it incredibly hard to sell the straight up gangsta shit we expect from Dre.

Nonetheless, he listened to the dissatisfaction of his fans and returned with the familiar on-point piano and bass driven orchestration and 'weed' theme on Kush, and this has recieved very high praise and consequently was deemed worthy of release and to get the detox machine finally rolling, so it can hardly be said that Dre fell off when he listens and delivers what the fans want. 

He started this gangsta shit and this the muthafuckin thanks he get? 

And Uzee big ups on the comments, werent out of line but defending the artist at the centre of this blog from unwarranted criticism."

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  1. not to mention dre is an innovator. he's always pushing the envelope and creating a new sound for himself. he doesnt conform to whats popular at any given time and he said himself he's trying to do something that hasnt been done before - which is even more of a challenge since he's already changed rap twice with both albums. ya, im sure he has a whole vault of amazing songs that have the classic dre sound lets say from 2001. he could throw 15 of them on detox and people would love it, but he doesnt just settle, he steps it up everytime and that why i love him as an artist. i dont care how long it takes for detox to come out, dre's a perfectionist and works harder then anyone else in the rap game to perfect his sound. detox is going to be a classic and anyone who says dre fell off obviously doesnt appreciate quality music. if you think that, go listen to your lil wayne records and let the grown ups work on bringing real hip hop back