Thursday, 18 November 2010

Message to all haters/idiots/noobies

The following comment was posted by a noobie/idiot under the 'Aww hell naw!!! - 'I Need A Doctor' blog post: 
"This isn't even a Detox track, not even a Dre song & not a Dre beat This is one of Em's songs that was recorded but didn't make Recovery...Just b/c Dre is featured on it don't mean it's Detox damn..If you listen you can straight up tell this is a Em song...Stop spreading bullsh** people!"  

This was my response to this idiot and all those who think negative or bitch or dont read the blog posts carefully:

 ^^ye we all know it aint a Dr Dre track as he is a guest on it, it aint his beat we know that too, and it aint on detox which we also know. 

Dude we know all that ya noobie. But the one thing that is tru is that Dr Dre is on this track. For that reason alone it is posted here and on ALL other Dre fan pages. 

Dont bitch the obvious shit and make assumptions. If u read the post carefully, all this is stated already


  1. Looks like this blog is turning into a bitch post. Even the moderator is getting in on the act. Not a good example!!!

    On a Dre note... i am afraid he is falling off (hip hop game that is.) Time to step aside. His shadow clouds whats really in his musical content. And he has upteen people doing ground work for him. Commercial success has over weighed his true roots. Shame.

  2. uzee u created this blog and your bitching just as much as the haters you made a section just to post this kids comment on grow up your a hypocrite this is a good blog but dont let it go to your head!




  4. Id have to disagree with the comment that Dre is fallin off. Ive been a dre fan for many years and I too was discouraged with the sound of 'under pressure', but this point needs some qualification. First, Dre has put out countless bangers over 2 decades for his own shit in the Chronic and 2001 and other massive artists like Snoop, Xzibit, Eminem, 50 Cent and Game, and with a legacy of that size any current material will inevitably be compared and seem subpar to his classics. Furthermore, in a music industry controlled by the youth who seemingly demand a lollipop sound, coupled with the fact that most dont even buy music anymore, makes it incredibly hard to sell the straight up gangsta shit we expect from Dre. Nonetheless, he listened to the dissatisfaction of his fans and returned with the familiar on-point piano and bass driven orchestration and 'weed' theme on Kush, and this has recieved very high praise and consequently was deemed worthy of release and to get the detox machine finally rolling, so it can hardly be said that Dre fell off when he listens and delivers what the fans want. He started this gangsta shit and this the muthafuckin thanks he get? And Uzee big ups on the comments, werent out of line but defending the artist at the centre of this blog from unwarranted criticism.

  5. I wasnt bitching, i was responding with a strong statement. First i repeated the comment. Then turned it around to a positive. Lastly i reminded of what not to do and what to actually do.

    The person said he was straightening the other unsure/confused fans about the track. But looking at his comment again he doesnt seem to be straightening things, instead he just went downhil negative and not one positive statement was written.

    He didnt fix the confusion or whatever he was tryin to do. He then accuses me/us of spreading bullshit? Oh ye that is fixing things eh.

    I straightened this out and turned the negative around by reminding that Dre is at least on the track etc.

    One should make meaningful constructive strong and concrete comments, which are backed up.

    Focus on the bolded words of my comment response not the bad language. This will also aid those who are mislead.