Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Latest 'Kush' video shoot updates

Below are the latest tweets from MistaChoc, who is directing the 'Kush' video:

Man this is crazy, on my way wit Slim The Mobster 2 Dr Dre OFFICIAL VIDEO shoot so world get ya asses ready KUSH the 1st single...DETOX ... 

Yep I said Official n this is not from no hear say truss me I been there 3 yrs n the making so its no hype. Imma post pics up so look fo ... about 14 hours ago via txt

Exiting The street for Dr Dre video and Slim Drivin like a nascar driver lol about 14 hours ago via txt

Sittin here at Kush video this shyt is crazy big, Dre is clean as board of health.. about 10 hours ago via txt
Akon juss left suited up as well, tommorow is gonna b one of them big ones can't wait!! about 10 hours ago via txt

Dre is shootin elevator scene and Akon had a dope azz airplane scene. about 10 hours ago via txt, this shyt is super crazy Knoc ya boy Dre is doin this west up. about 9 hours ago via txt

Gotcha he shootin dis crazy elevator scene but man I cannot explain this Kush single.     about 9 hours ago  via txt


    1. Does anybody know the release date? FREEKY ZEE

    2. cant frickin wait! dayum! but i must say when i first heard kush i didnt think much of it! the more i listen to it the more i like it! but i do hope the other tracks he has will blow this song away, cuz this is above average but not legendary!

    3. u should listen to it on the website -