Tuesday, 16 November 2010

New Dre radio interview

Yes its true - below is of the highlights of the interview: (props to Tympanic)

- Said "Kush" was the only song about weed on the album. Not a representation of the rest of the album but ON the album. He calls it "Just a weed record, just a fun record."
- Confirmed it was Sly, not Nate *duh*
- Said he didn't want to give the fans an "Antici-pointment."
- Working on 6 videos, they've been talking about touring but he's not sure about that just yet.
- Talked about the headphones, meh.
- Working with some new dude from Compton, mentioned a name but I didn't hear it properly.
- Kush was finished sometime this summer.

Not sure i am allowed to provide the  audio interview here. Google is strictly followin me if i add any leaks, not sure about this interview tho.



  1. Official version and instrumental.

    The rapper he mentioned was Kendrick Lamar.

  2. come on, mate... give the link to the interview for at least a day, so we have a chance to listen to it.. i'm a big fan of dre too and would like to know what's going on with detox...


    Its on here