Saturday, 20 November 2010

Kush behind the scenes (video)

Peep's Ent Exclusive Dr. Dre Kush behind the scenes with 50cent,E40,The Menace,Roccett,G Malone from Peepsent on Vimeo.


    What's up Uzee, check out the second video.Peace.

  2. I am happy that Detox actually looks to be coming out now. The fact Dr Dre has released "Kush" as a official single along with recording the video for it means Detox is probably finally going to come out. If Dr Dre is just finishing up the album it could be out in just a few months from now I am thinking February or March 2011.

    Also with the hype all the hype Dr Dre has been working on this album for years on and off of course he can't realistically live up to all the fan's expectations. Like with anything you can't please everyone, Dr Dre won't please all the fans but I am sure he some classics up his sleeve I can't wait to hear Detox.

  3. wack, fucking whcak, 10 years for this shit? dayum.