Thursday, 21 April 2011

Kendrick Lamar in spite of shine from Dre, they're still out to prove themselves

When covering the New West, the name Kendrick Lamar will inevitably pop up. The Compton rapper has managed to convert mixtape and hip-hop blog adulation into a co-sign from Dr. Dre, who'll be contributing to his forthcoming Section .80 album.

Despite his high-profile admirer, Kendrick remains focused on his grassroots grind and is signed to independent label Top Dawg Entertainment. The 23-year-old and his fellow TDE labelmates — Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q, all high-caliber hip-hop prospects in their own right — joined forces and formed Black Hippy. The talented rap quartet share a love for deft wordplay over thumping beats (see "Zip That Chop That" and "Rolling Stone"), making them one of L.A. hip-hop's most highly anticipated crews. More amazing is that most of their music is created in a tiny studio.

"Sometimes it gets a little difficult because there's four or five of us, so we somehow manage to squeeze in enough time to get our work done as well as the Black Hippy material," Ab-Soul explained to MTV News.

Thankfully, cramped quarters haven't stopped them from creating music that they continue to get out to more and more fans as their popularity grows. "It feels real good to see our music touch everybody, not just my color, his color, all colors of people and different cultures," said Jay Rock, a former Warner Bros. Records artist. "For all of those people to come together and watch us do our thing and show us love, that [gives] us the energy to do what we do."

Kendrick is set to appear on the good Dr.'s Detox and also has a joint project in the works with Roc Nation rapper J.Cole. Jay-Z's first signing will be producing 90 percent of the as-yet-untitled album, according to Kendrick, who specified that it won't be just a mixtape.

But props from Dr. Dre, J. Cole and others, isn't going to stop Kendrick and his Black Hippy family from working even harder to build on the foundation they've already created.

"A lot of people will be like, 'You good now, Dre messing with you,' " Kendrick said. "No, we're not good now. We've got to go 10 times harder. Just because that man is further in his career doesn't mean he could say one word and further my career right that instant. I've got to have the music to back it up and prove myself still."

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  1. Nice label....Fuck You Dre....Bow Wow 4/20 baby Im coming....yea right suck a dick...Im through wit dis bullshit...time to move on

  2. Bow WOW Wow 4/20 baby 4/20! Im comming!

  3. lol at peeps sayin 'fuck dre blah blah , no release date blah blah, aint comin back to this blog blah blah...'

    You will all be back visiting this blog lol.

    You will all be listening to Detox, whenever it drops lol.

  4. please no more news about kendrick i dont know who.
    we know the story he is not 1% bishop lamont and bishop was dropped so kendrick my advice to you jump before they push you
    detox wont drop untill all the 500$ headphones are all available worlwide

    imagine this package; detox,headphone and a picture of lady gaga hahahaha

  5. Contrare uzee I respect this blog but for you to knock the people that make this blog a success makes u a jackass....the fans are warranted in knocking Dre because all he has done is lied and made false promises....for u not to acknowledge that is basically ridiculous....he's fucked all of us and I think its ridiculous...he ddosent deserve the support he's getting and u know it.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. ^^ i think its ridiculous to knock Dre, before even knowing any official news of release date or the type of sound detox will have.

  8. Hello Uzee,

    You look pretty self-confident. I remember when you got angry last time sayin all the succes of this blog is because of you and you only. I think you should remember all the great fans who have been debating on this blog, because it would be just a random Detox blog without their geat comments.
    I think you should be more humble, don't forget that as the owner of this blog you have a big influence on the way people talk on this blog so show us the way...
    Besides, I know you're a muslim so don't forget you're duty to show the positive effect your religion has on your behaviour.

    I hope I didn't offend you, it is just an advice comin from a brother to another.

    Peace be with you.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. ^^I never said the blog is solely my success.

    From the very start i knew the success to this blog was the social interaction/discussions. I'm sure you and others remember when i had 'comment of the week' postings? ; ) to encourage more quality discussions.

    Souzai u were and hope u still are one of the great contributors to the discussions here.

    I am humble here, thats why my thinkin is mostly cool and calm. Not jumping to negative conclusions about Dre/Detox. And like u said, hope this thinkin of mines do have a positive effect

  11. Kendrick is on detox and he is incredible

  12. Ok, my bad. Then it was a good idea to remove the live chat because somebody pretended to be you and said those things.


  13. Souzai ur a moron for believing what ppl say on live chat. and post above Soz,go kill ursellf with ur useless comments. As for the rest of you idiots who knock on Uzee... to be honest... some of ur comments are informative/ u help uzee out, but most of them r uselss speculation/bsing/ and MOSTLY bitching. ur opinions mean nothing to most ppl.... (most ppl dont read the comments). we just come on here for the up to date news. so in my opinion.... i think u all r being selfish tryna steal shine from a dude who obviously spent alota his time nd put his efforts into maintaining this site. Uzee does deserve ALL the credit. And uzee ill kill u if u delete my post. And special note to cos... ur the biggest fool of them all. If uzee doesnt stay positive/ neutral it will lead to more ppl losing faith and bitching. Dre didnt fuck u.... he simply doesnt care cuz he has the networth to never put another album out again. he is doing u favor.... and an even bigger favor of not giving u a premature dissapoint. its not like he is stealing ur oxygen bro... u will live another day without detox and when detox is good n right... u will b happy. no1 owes any of u shit u pricks... get a reality check. Uzee keep up tha good work homie!

  14. I wanna add 1 last thing. Just to prove to u idiots that Dre is superior to u narrowminded individuals who only care about instant gratification... Dre is thinking long term. U all think short term. Obviously if he isnt comfortable.. Detox needs a little work and thats fine, just accept tht and move on. Sometimes some of the best ideas and creations come at the end. In the grand scheme of things looking at the BIG PICTURE. his "extra" delay of like what.. a year n a half? It will = great music that will last generations. And no offense but if u look at chronic 2001, 7 years probably meant alot of bitchin... and u dont rly hear about tht nowdays. So if u think about it... overtime no1 will rly even acknowledge the delays or countless promises dre didnt keep. So dont waste ur breathe... ur just stressin urself out for no reason hahaha

  15. You don't know anything. Dre has scrapped Detox at least twice, if not more, and he's not just "perfecting" it per the delays just to release a classic. Dre is thinking: "Shit, everyone is expecting this to be a classic and I just can't do it".

    Sure Dre doesn't give a fuck about delaying the album over and over or breaking his promises but that's because he couldn't care less about his fans, PERIOD. He shows zero love to his fans because he doesn't give a shit about them.

    To think Dre is on top of it all like the puppet master on this album is some fantastical bullshit right there. I thought the same thing but I don't anymore after realizing he is COMPLETELY lost when it comes to Detox and has been for a long time. The delays are because Dre is second-guessing everything he does as he doesn't have his old Chronic 2001 team like Snoop said. So he can keep punching the snooze button on the alarm clock on Detox if he wants but we all know he's just going to use Detox to sell overpriced headphones to idiots. That's where the money is - not CD's.