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DJ Quik confirms "U Ain't Fresh" was a Dr Dre diss

DJ Quik reveals that his 2000 track "U Ain't Fresh" was actually aimed at Dr. Dre.

Although the mainstream may have never given him his just dues, DJ Quik is perhaps one of the most venerated and innovative emcees and producers to hail from the west coast. But on his recent retrospective mixtape with LA Leakers The Audio Biography Of David, the legendary Compton artist revealed that at one time, he was going for the neck of his California compatriot and "Put It On Me" collaborator Dr. Dre.

Quik explains on the outro of "Youz a Ganxta" that his 2000 song "U Ain't Fresh" was intended as a diss at the Good Doctor. He says that he felt Dre had dissed him on the Xzibit and Eminem-featured song "What's the Difference" with the line about the N.W.A. reunion, and decided to respond. Quik went on to say, however, that it was Xzibit who helped mediate and squash their feud before it could materialize.

"At this point...I was mad at Dr. Dre," confessed Quik. "I thought he dissed me on the record 'Between Me and You' when he was like, talking about a N.W.A. reunion. I thought he just shitted on me, so I let it marinate for a long time. I can't just take no diss, because at that point I was trying to work with Dre and I was sending messages to him and it was like he was ignoring them or [his] people just weren't giving him the messages, so I did this record like fuck Dr. Dre. I was really mad. I was pissed, so I was like fuck it, who gives a fuck?

"Ultimately, Xzibit told me I was wrong, like 'No man, he wasn't talking about you," he said. "That wasn't even about you.' It's not like he was shitting on me, it's just that with the whole N.W.A [reunion], because I wanted to Eazy-E's part if they had ever done an N.W.A. X cleaned it all up and let me know I had jumped the gun and was tripping. I don't even know if Dre heard the song, this shit was probably so far under his radar that it didn't matter...but I was wrong. I ain't perfect. Then Dre...called me and we ended up working together. So I had to pout and scream like a spoiled brat and damn near diss the man to get in the studio with him. Funny how life works."

DJ Quik's Book of David is due April 19.

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  1. quik is better than dr dre IMO
    dr dre doesnt even produce half his beats
    im looking forward to the book of david

  2. dj quik > dr dre any day for the true westcoast music

  3. quik is too fuckin sick. he is the only hope for the westcoast revival i cant wait for the book of david

  4. dj quik is coming hard this year, his new song real women is different form his old shit but STILL has the gangsta touch that dre is missing

  5. you cant compare quik to dr dre.......
    yes dr dre is a legend but quik writes and makes his own music, dr dre didnt even do shit on kush, and inad.....
    im giving up on detox
    BOOK OF DAVID 4/19

  6. i always wonder why dr dre and dj quik always had some time of beef, 2 dope producers form the CPT trying to take the crown.
    best song ever "put it on me"

  7. a very sad fan2 April 2011 at 07:10

    damn i wondering when detox is coming????
    not this month maybe may or june :/

  8. we should let dr dre
    and dj quik go up in up on the same date
    we know dr dre will sell more
    but the book of david would satisfy us wescoastians lmao
    dr dre is going commercial now

  9. grow up Quik!!!

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    Mainstream hip hop have been sucking for 5 years now(arguable). But I belive 2011 will be the year it will be revived. The question is who will be the savier? Will it be Detox? Book of David? The R.E.D. Album? MC Eiht - Which Way Iz West? Jay Rock, Yelawolf Slaughterhouse? What do you guys think?

  11. To the guy above blackout sucked. And you didnt even mention a single outkast, kurupt, or dmx album? Or Scarface?

  12. MC eight to revive hip hop??? yelawolk? hahaha this guy is crazy!!!!

    I hope its jay rock, he's coming hard.

  13. quik is the real cpt westcoast legend, make the whole world know

  14. I always wonder who he was dissing... now that song makes perfect sense......

  15. mc eiht only had one good song and that was str8 up menace

  16. the lox , mcgruff, mexiclan, jay z , slick rick all better.

  17. DJ Quik is the shit but he has some weird ego to assume Dre was dissing him on those lyrics and getting so worked up about it that he had to get all mad and diss him all over a record without even calling him out. He's a legend but he's not ever been hot enough to be on the level of what Dre does.

    Now from what this says, when Dre was talking about an NWA reunion/new album after the 2001 album (that never happened anyway), Quik signaled Dre he wanted to be in it in Eazy's place. I know Snoop was going to be in it as he's been made an official NWA member. So he thinks Dre got this message and went out of his way to just purposely diss the fuck out of Quik with this:

    "...and Eazy I'm still wit you
    Fuck the beef, nigga I miss you, and that's just bein real wit you
    You see the truth is
    Everybody wanna know how close me and Snoop is
    And who I'm still cool wit
    Then I got these fake-ass niggaz I first drew with
    Claimin that they non-violent, talkin like they (voice sample)
    Spit venom in interviews, speakin on reunions
    Move units, then talk shit and we can do this
    Until then - I ain't even speakin your name
    Just keep my name outta yo' mouth and we can keep it the same"

    I can sort of vaguely understand why Quik would think Dre was talking about him but why would he think that in the first place? If I were in Quik's place I'd not blow up like a child and assume I'm important enough to be the one being called out all over a song from a legend like Dre and just find the fuck out before jumping the gun. He admits his diss song was so far under the radar that Dre never heard it yet he thinks Dre goes out of his way on his comeback album just to embarrass him. I don't know, weird stupid shit on Quik's part.

    To the guy who said Dre didn't do shit on Kush, that's not true. Uzee even posted an article about it on here. Khalil was the one who came up with the hook sung by the Nate Dogg clone and developed the song from there, but when he gave it to Dre, Dre's own mix was much different than where Khalil was going with it and blew it away. Mixing is important and can make a huge difference. Khalil still got credit as producer but that song is what it is because Dre mixed it, end of story. Dre may not do shit by himself from scratch but his talent and shine illuminates when he takes someone's good ideas and makes them into gold.