Monday, 18 April 2011

Is Detox near?

On the Best Buy (US) and HMV (UK) websites another line of Beats Headphones are available.  This time the 'Monster Pro Detox Over-the-Ear' edition.

Like i said before it's probably some package deal of Beats plus Detox album.  


  1. uzee have a look at this fucking 500 pounds now i know what was all the delay with detox

  2. and look athis picture uzee

  3. This is prob the detox logo that will be on the cover, I like it

  4. damn! 500 bucks! if only i had a job...

  5. all what if's... not a story.

  6. thats not a what if man , its right there 500pounds for headphones thats not an if

  7. and the release date of the headphones on hmv is 25/05

  8. I'm sick of all the bullshit surrounding this album...headphones, videos of people talking about how good it is or how bad it is, all the leaks, etc.

    All this shit is meaningless without an actual fuckin album that I can listen too..

  9. dont really like the detox emblem seems boring maybe detox is boring.......

  10. dr dre seems to care more about money than he does with music.
    he made 500 million dollars off of beatsbydre
    wat is he planning to do?

  11. im so fucking tired of the hype that they're building for the album. Dre and monster know what they're doing. If detox isnt the shit im gonna shoot somebody

  12. calm down people he is a bizzness man so he might as well take the opportunitie to the foulest
    but if with all the expensive bullshit headphone
    the album bums out then it will all come down crashing on andre young the PERFECTIONIST
    ps;i still didnt hear any song produced by dre form the leaked and the released

  13. hmv is now displaying detox release date on 06/06

  14. 06/06 looks like it will be announced on Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!woooohooooo!!!!!!!!!!'

    This better be the shit!!!!!!

  15. ^ nice!! I also heard that kush and INAD arent on the album....check rap basement...mabye they were throwoffs afterall

  16. now thats awesome news!!!! Mabye were close to seeing the light and 4/20 is Wednesday!! Fuck yeah!!

  17. 6/6 is a Monday, if they are going to announce a release date it will fall on a Tuesday, just like all releases. Besides, I hope it comes out earlier.

  18. Beats By Dre. Nigga please!!! These headphones are For commercial sales only. Have a look at any of the great recording studio's around the world. Do you see them using beats by Dre headphones? No. Would Quincy Jones put on a pair of Beats By Dre to mix track?? I think not.

    You are a (as Mr. T would say) a Sucka to buy these if you believe in listening to the best quality. Let alone pay that sort of price.

  19. dr dre just release detox now! who cares if the album sucks
    you said 4/20!? 4/20 wat??
    i hope dr dre address something by this week!
    why detox is being delayed etc.?!

  20. 06/06 is british release date in britain they release cds on mondays not tuesday and in germany its way earlier its posted on friday 03/06!

  21. i don't see S any more >>

    Maybe he converted to trans Music :p

  22. Uzee its all over the web that 06/05 is the release date in the states...any truth to that??what are you hearing and when will it be announced....looks like our journey is finally coming to an end..

  23. something will be posted here once an official statement will be released

    treat it as a rumor for now

  24. 4/20 tommorow!!!
    i really want to see what dr dre is going to do that day?
    let me guess, get high all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Rumor has it that nothing will be announced tomorrow!!!??? If that's the case consider me an ex Dre fan as sooooo tired of this shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Guys 4/20 he is only going to smoke weed

  27. Im about to lose my mind you been gone for too long . im running out of time i need DETOX DETOX to Bring me back to life :D

  28. uzee is gonna be my baby's momma before detox comes out!!! ( which is never )

  29. "roll up wait up minute let me put some kush up in it"

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    44444 2222222222222 0000000

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    `-+shdmdhyo+:-.` `-/sdmNs sMmhs/.` `-+ydmNmdy+:.
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    .:oymNNmdhs-..-:+ohmNNNd+` .mMs - `mN/ `/dMNmdys/--.:shdmNNmyo:.
    `.:+syhhdmNmy-` .:odmMh/` .:NN`- sMh ` `:hNms/-` -ymNmddhhs+:.`
    ``.-::/+shdNNh+.` .+dmd+..sM+-.NN-..:hdo-` .:yNNmhyo//:-.``
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    `.:/oyhdmNmds+-.`` .+ds/d:hs:so. ../ohmNmmhyo/:.`
    `.-/+++/-.` ``.-:/+shdddhs/-`
    ``````` ``.:/+++/-.`

  30. ^damn uzee my art got messed up

  31. Already Pre-Order Theses. I can't Wait To Get Them!!!

  32. ^^ didnt understant wot u said. Pre-order detox u mean?

  33. The Headphones Yea. Through Im Still Waiting For The Detox Album Pre-Order To Officially Pop Up

  34. look fools detox is a forth quarter album i said it before dr.dre wants to rule 2011 and 2012 dummies

  35. ... this reminds me of the hype and delays for gran turismo 5... lol

  36. There is a song on youtube by Dre ft X "think about it", dont think it wud be on detox, but that is the kind of music I am expecting, not this gay sh***. And have you guys heard Mr Prescription - gee; the good doctor has gone gay. This album will not be as good as we expect it.
    Nico - South Africa, Johannesburg

  37. what is a dre..? why does it want 500 million headphones?? anybody like 2pac :)