Sunday, 3 April 2011

Dr Dre to release mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid

Dr. Dre will join the pantheon of artists who have collaborated with DJ Whoo Kid.

In a recent interview with Hip Hop Chronicle UK, DJ Whoo Kid revealed that he may be working with Dr. Dre on a new mixtape.

"Finally, goddamn!" said the G-Unit deejay of the opportunity to get to work with Dre, whose presence on the mixtape circuit has been extremely scarce.

"It would be an honor to finally finish my mixtape career do something with him," added Whoo Kid.

DJ Whoo Kid has worked with a slew of artists over the past decade, including 50 Cent and the rest of G-Unit, Maino, Obie Trice, Lil Kim, Chamillionaire, Bishop Lamont, Capone 'N Noreaga, Busta Rhymes, Tech N9ne and many more.

Watch the interview below:


  1. is he going 2 release detox scraps???
    uzee whats the insight?

  2. Everything he's been doing over the years beyond producing for others could be a potential Detox record, and if he's only putting an album's worth of them out, why not some of the hundreds and hundreds of finished records that don't make the cut? So yes logically they're Detox scraps or at least mostly will be. It's surprising for Dre but a terribly obvious move for anyone else... makes you wonder how Dre could not possibly do mixtapes with Detox material at least to build up hype if anything, shit.

    I give him credit for doing it but let's see if he'll even just do it. At least with mixtapes you can just say "it's a mixtape" so he doesn't have to feel like it has to be impossibly perfect (which Dre is incapable of doing himself anyway) and the other good news is that it means the closer this comes out, the closer we are to an actual Detox release. Makes no sense to release a Detox mixtape when there's no album in sight to hype, but then again, Dre commissions extremely expensive videos (Kush, INAD) for singles that have no album. Who the fuck knows. The thing with Dre is you can't count on SHIT until it's a fact it physically exists because you're holding it and listening to material from it. You will be fooled otherwise.

  3. IF he does release this mixtape, hopefully Kush, INAD, Mr. Prescription and Chillin' are on it cos they all sucked and not worthy of being on Detox. Dre is 0 for 4!

  4. Its already April 2011, we need a new OFFICIAL Detox single. Kush was hope. I need a doctor was all right, it still is a good record because that song has a story to it. Besides that, we need another bangin' official single off Detox. People need to just go along with what ever Dre puts out, he knows what he's doing. He's not stupid. He's been in the rap game since before most of you were born. There is not such thing as a perfect song. Anybody will judge any of his new material in a negative way just because its not perfect for u. if his music isnt the way u want it to be, then go start making your own music! Let Dre do his thang, it's all gonna be worth it. Detox will put the West Coast back on the map, it will also encourage more up and coming rappers from the West to start puttin out some dope music also!

  5. The mixtape idea maybe was part of the plan for the build up And not a last minute emergency.

    It could consist of mastered version of recent leaks, but he might also throw in some OTHER tracks in between with subtle. By other track i mean some real unique stuff that some fans may not be ready for.

  6. yea u know kush and inad were never produced by dr dre himself, so why not put it on a mixtape :)
    it would make alot sense, hyping the release of detox, and can give something for the fans to bump while we listen to the real shit,
    plus the mixtape scene is weak in the sense of wack rappers like wayne and gucci leading the way,

  7. I've been all over Detox following everything about it, every interview, reference, news, for years. I don't expect or want "perfect" songs as I'm a Dre fan because I enjoy his style and can really appreciate the impeccable production he puts in his records whether they're even hot or not. His shit does things nobody else did and he executes it well. All I wanted was what Dre said in the beginning Detox was supposed to be just because he seemed like he really had big, next level ideas about a grand cinematic concept album. When Dre is inspired and knows what he wants to do, I trust him. I know we're not getting that now and that's okay. I'm not gonna get hung up on shit that's not happening. I think it takes a bigger leap of faith from critics who don't know anything about Detox to assume Dre wouldn't release at least a halfway decent album regardless of the cloud of mythical bullshit raining over it.

    At the same time, I have my doubts too because Dre lost the very people that developed his signature sound and wrote the riffs, beats, and whatnot from scratch that Dre tweaked and mixed into gold. I've rambled about it enough here. So you can't follow Detox like I have and not come to the conclusion he's been stumbling for a long time getting it where he wants, fumbling with a lack of focus, lost other talented guys like Bishop who was writing a lot of shit and all over the old Detox, and IMO lost the whole point and purpose of what this album was supposed to be. I said before it feels like Dre has just turned Detox into this mission of just putting together anything that satisfies the hype and pleases everyone at once rather than just do whatever the fuck he wanted to do in the first place. The long hype and wait ruined it and that's his fault in the first place.

    2001 is an album where Dre knew exactly what he wanted to do and just did it and he had those people behind him doing it with him. It's a weed smoking album laced with dark humor and evolved gangsta rap to a level nobody else can reach. Point is Dre couldn't have made and put out that album in '99 if he was making it to just be about pleasing fans like Detox. That album is dope as fuck and never gets old precisely because Dre did what he wanted to do because he had confidence, ideas, focus, and talented help to develop it alongside him. I don't know what Detox has except impossible sky-high hype that to me ruined and obscured Dre's vision for it fucking with his head to make him obsessed with just not disappointing and proving he's relevant again.

    If Dre is gonna bring the WC back and inspire, he has to do Detox for the WC and set the trends himself. He did it last time with 2001 and will always get respect for that album because it is what it is and it's dope, it's fresh, it's different, it's next level. You can only do classic albums like that because you know exactly what you want and have the talent to do it. Dre has had enough time to pull this off but it's all this outside bullshit and the bubble he's in surrounded by his camp that isn't real with him that is killing it along with the bigger fact his key people split because of his bullshit and the way he does things. Putting out embarrassing failures like these latest leaks isn't going to inspire anyone to do anything but laugh in disbelief and I told you so's.

  8. Wow i gotta say if a mixtape comes with detox scraps that didnt make the final cut i would be so excited, i dont have to wait for just one leak, i can get a pack of 12 songs and bump it like an actual album, dr dre never did have a mixtape scene, i would be nice if it came out
    Pretox??? lol

    uzee i really hate this moderation, i know u have immature writers and spammers etc. but who deosnt have all that were ppl can write comments. the only reason im saying this is because we want to have conversations while we have to wait when your sleeping on the other side of the planet. :)

  9. I thought Dr. Dre was above doing mixtapes? Hence no tapes before this. Minus those fresh late 80z tapes. What an era that was for style!

    Seems like he's grabbing at all avenues to redeem some credit.


  10. yeah it would be really cool if uzee could bring the chat back because sum of us would like to share views and not wait till the next day to get replys....

    and dre should release all potential detox material in like 3 mixtapes and hopefully he dont keep us waiting another year for a mixtape

    if dre died now......we,d be

  11. Has anyone heard Curtis Young - The Delivery? Dr dre's son is releasing his album summer 2011 so it says. Possible reason for a Detox delay at this point? Also pretty dope beat in the song fwiw.

  12. I very highly doubt thats the reason for the detox hold up. Dre's son hasnt really worked wit his father. Think he is trying to show that he can 'make it' on is own without any shortcuts/help.

    BTW moderation is off. So no need to wait anymore.

    Hope the good discussions continue.

    If any inappropriate comments are published, they will be deleted.


  13. oh man that delivery song by curtis young is hot! crazy ass beat! that beat sounds way harder than the beats dres been puttin out lately.

  14. he can be like game, did with purp and patron, release the mixtape if its good and everyone likes it, release another one the following week then you get the streets involve.
    look at kush and OJ by wiz khalifa that shit the streets hard, and now look at him a year later a pop artist...but still u get the point

  15. i highly doubt dr dre will release a mixtape, he probably isnt happy with the songs he has made for detox, if he does release one its going to be hot trash

  16. imagine in 16 days there has to be a hard evidence detox is coming, im worried that eminem would release spacebound single and push back detox up 2 summer, which makes more excuses for detox.
    i agree with detox 2012
    detox in 2012 hahaha

  17. ^its deja vu all over again

    2009- relapse delays detox

    2010- not afraid delays under pressure (around this time of year)

    2011- spacebound delays detox????

    Dr Dre needs to be honest on how the album is going, i bet you he is just like the little kid that waited a whole month without doing his big project assignment, and waiting till the last day before the project is due and it comes out like SHIT

  18. Just heard that Detox will be delayed till fall....What the Fuck!!!! r u kidding me...that better not be true...Im so tired of this record

  19. i can picture this blog going on till next year or maybe another 5 years, look at chinese democracy it was annouced in 1994 and came out
    uzee is going 2 be a very dedicated man, he may give up 2,

  20. you guys suck, dr dre is a beast he is foolin all you guys, why do u think he seems so confident???

  21. Dre is fooling everyone he's had a masterpiece up his sleeve the entire time he's only been perfecting but the guy above me nailed it. Dre is the kid who didn't do his big school project all month but kept telling his parents he's been working on it and it's great, and right now he's sitting in class furiously writing a 5-page essay on a book he didn't read just to turn something in. Another analogy is Dre's Detox is George Lucas' Star Wars Episode I. He claims he wrote it decades ago and everyone gets excited only to realize Episode I was a completely shit film that Lucas wrote over a three-day weekend just before he had to turn in the script.

    If Dre is such a beast, he would've put out Detox at the right time: Late '05. At one point he actually said on video to expect it in September '05. I remember. Now holy shit, it's 2011, and I'm still waiting for this stupid ass album that everyone says has been done like five times over six years. The joke is over now. But man it would've been dope for Dre to just put out Detox on April Fools Day out of the blue... his Beats website did flash an image that said "Album Available April 1". Now April 20th is coming and god knows that shit isn't going to be anywhere in sight. So what was Dre talking about in that video with Just Blaze?

    Nigga this whole Detox thing is an entire joke in itself. I know people have been joking Detox doesn't exist but now it's almost feasible it might be true and that Detox hasn't existed until Dre ~really~ started working on it in 2008 in between producing for Em and others.

  22. geez i wonder how dr dre did in school? lol
    im guessing he slacked off alot.

  23. ^yea i can see this

    Teacher: "You guys have an assignment about the solar system" :}

    Dr Dre: "Oh yea i love the solar system, one day im going to do an instrumental album about it" :]

    Teacher: "Alright andre, seems you have a interest, im expecting alot from you" ; )

    Dr Dre: "Dont worry its going to be the best project ever" ; )

    1 month Later......

    Teacher: "Alright everyone, today is the big day your projects are due" :P

    Dr Dre " Oh shit?!?!?, wtf??" :O

    Teacher: " Who wants to go up frist? Andre?" :)

    Dr Dre :"Oh, just wait a second ma'am im still adding the last touches" : /
    Teacher" Alright Andre, im expecting alot from you :D "

    Dr Dre:" Dont worry, ( grabs his notebook at starts doing it)

    Teacher: "Andre your up next!!!!" :D

    Dr Dre: "Ok, um well here we go" : ?

    Mercury is the small,
    Venus is hot,
    Earth has water,
    Mars has aliens,
    Jupiter is big,
    Saturn has rings,
    Uranus is blue
    Neptune is dark blue
    Pluto isnt a planet,

    Teacher: "This was a last minute thing!!!!!!!, im very dissapointed, i was expecting so much more from you" >: O

    Dr Dre Life times and Stories

  24. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that shit was fuckin funny
    and the funniest part is that
    it is exactly what he is doing
    with detox!

  25. yea that was a good one...i remember last year not afraid came out and then under pressure was suposedly delayed, bull shit dre can be full of shit supposedly

  26. guys after a serious thoughts about detox i think that dre is delaying it because there is nothing worth listening to other wise he would have released it and if you take account of the latest leaks i really think dre has nothing amazing to show for detox otherwise he would have released it

  27. uzze you re becoming like hitler ,so what if dre walks in on executive with his cd full of inad,chillin and underpressure and he gets hit with a stereo? what so bad about this comment its just shows my frustration with dre , for years i hear all other artist saying how perfectionist he is and then shit got leaked or released not even produced by him thats what im saying


    DR DRE




  29. Nigga, you're crazy??! Did you forget about Slim Da Mobster or Kendrick Lamar? The tour will be AMAZING !

  30. ^who said there is going to be a tour anyways lol

  31. hey ill come next week :D
    maybe there should be a official news about detox soon,
    come on dr dre said it himself "4/20 baby, im coming, who knows detox might leak in 1 week or lol j/k

  32. detox has been shelved due to all the negative feedback from the fans regarding the 3 leaks

  33. ALL HEIL HITLER5 April 2011 at 21:08

    It should be shelved if these songs were meant to be in the album.
    Im sure Dr. Dre wants to go to Miami, and go golfing in a retirement housing...with snoop dogg maybe then can make songs for old people since, dr dre is having trouble time with being young again

  34. i hope the mixtape comes out this month!
    i mean he has made probably up to 2000 for
    detox you can just pick up atleast the the
    dope recent ones from last year and then put it
    on a mixtape im sure there dope, i hope so

  35. The person who said the album is delayed indefinitely again because of the backlash from the leaks is probably right too. It's not a secret Dre's camp, besides Dre himself, have their studio and everything on total lockdown. It's a fact. Things don't just leak over and over from Dr. Dre when he's the most self-conscious, perfectionist, and secretive producer you can find, and there are only so many people that have access to the material to leak it. So sure, leaks happen, but they're usually just early album leaks (when the album is already done) hitting the internet because before release they're usually thrown around all over like DVD screeners of movies before the Oscars. I know all about it, I used to be in a couple music/movie groups years ago that distributed early net releases of albums and movies because we had a specific source or feeding them for money or whatever. But unfinished songs for an album like Detox don't just leak straight from Dre's studio over and over like this by accident. I can tell you right now that's certainly intentional for the most part but I do think it's possible a few of the leaks were real leaks. At the same time, you would have to be stupid to just believe that one guy has been leaking Detox shit all these years and they haven't figured out who's been doing it. Or that Dre and his camp are retards who lack security or any precautions on their hard drives or email accounts and are getting hacked. But knowing Dre who would take ANY potential Detox material very seriously and won't even let people like Snoop listen to it, I have a hard time believing he wouldn't be locking it down three times over with a magic key.

    If you don't believe me, take Kush as an example. That leaked. It was unfinished. But it got a positive response. So what did Dre do? Finished mixing and mastering it, hit the radio, put it out on iTunes and vinyl, and made an expensive video for it. In fact I heard before Kush even "leaked", they were already planning to shoot the video. None of it was an accident that fell into place. Under Pressure leaked, got a shit response, and it got scrapped and used for the HP Beats Audio commercial instead. We know Dre or his camp are intentionally leaking things to feel out the response, and it's been swing and a miss every time except Kush (which I liked, definitely has to grow on you though) and INAD. This whole thing about Dre not fucking with any leaked material is a myth. Leaks will make it if enough people feel it it which is why Kush leaked, even when it was unfinished, and it'll make the album. INAD, same thing, leaked, although it might've been finished when it did. I didn't like it, I think it's just mediocre (but not god awful terrible like this other shit), thought it would make 100x more sense to have put it on Recovery than Detox, but it will make the album.

    The last leaks aren't accidents. Record labels know exactly what they're doing, Detox is a mega-hyped potential cash cow record that they're holding back to please investors when the time comes, which is why behind the scenes Interscope will tell Dre "We need an Eminem album by the end of the year before the earning quarter ends" and it'll be done. It's a business. Detox is coming but people like Jimmy Iovine are going to make sure it comes out at the right time, with the right single, with the right hype, to make the most returns for them. With that said, they're going to have to test the waters with "leaks" once in a while, otherwise they'll risk a catastrophic flop.

  36. ^^^So in other words when Mr Prescription, and Chillin leaked they realized "shit we better not go the techno,pop,funk trash" they were trying to pull?

    I mean I agree some leaks are certainly real and for a reason. If that is the case with those singles well they obv have to go back to the drawing board right? Or atleast realize that Mr P, or this futuristic whack sound is not what the people want and then have another "leak" soon enough with some other "sound" that the people seem to want.

    Cuz we all know Dre has hundreds of tracks that could be potential Detox shit so its really about finding what the people truly want. You cant really hate on Dre for making those songs either or going for a different sound. Part of the art in music is messing with shit like that and you can say its whack all you want but an artist cant know whats what until its complete or sometimes gets a response from OTHER people/fans.

    Hell most artists put out entire albums that suck. Its not like they didnt have tracks that were scrapped. Just imagine if the tracks that didnt make the cut on THOSE albums were leaked. Im sure there would be some epic bad tracks.

  37. is it so hard for dre to realise all we want is west coast? no need to leak when he shud knw what he became famous for

    dre once said he aint gona put any songs about his late song on the album because it will destroy the upbeat dance album of INAD is upbeat?

    clearly dre has no clue yet what he wants yet on the album....and all the things hes said about detox in the past 10 years is utter bullshit

  38. IF we don't have any serious (we mean official) news concerning detox the 4/20, it will be an international "NO DRE DAY" .... And we will celebrate it every years.

    we have a Dre poster (from tne up in the smoke tour)and we guarantee you that we'll burn it as do the brave people in Arab countries.

    We expected no more time after the 4/20.

    (Message from the Human Hip Hop Right Committee)

  39. "^^^So in other words when Mr Prescription, and Chillin leaked they realized "shit we better not go the techno,pop,funk trash" they were trying to pull?"

    Could be. I don't know but let me ask you this: If you were executive producing Detox as head of the label that's making the money off its sales, would leaking record on purpose to gauge the reaction be out of the question?

    Detox doesn't have a focus and Dre is trying everything. He's enlisting everyone. The goal is to find something that works because he hasn't been able to do it. That is why it's taking close to a decade without any success, otherwise we'd have the album long by now. When he goes for something like Mr. P against all expectations, it could be leaked to make sure it works. If people freak out and hate it, they're going to scrap it and start over. They do it with films but most albums no but Michael Jackson was working a while with for his album and he leaked material. He scrapped it which is why you heard nothing about it after a while. It happens.

    Kush was leaked "unfinished" but people actually liked it. Then magically, Dre finished it, released it, and shot a video for it. Don't say Dre doesn't fuck with leaks. INAD leaked - same thing. IMO they're releasing material that's "unfinished" on purpose before properly putting it out because it's different, but if the reaction flops, they don't use it. Example: Under Pressure. It's all not the classic Dre material because Dre is probably convinced he has to take it to the next level and can't do the same WC shit we expect. He did scrap Detox the first time because it was the same shit. The second time, I don't know. But it was done. Listen to the reference song with Bishop "Who's Yo Daddy Bitch" and tell me it isn't fire. But you can hear the modern electro sound underneath because electro was popular (07-08).

    They're leaked because it's different shit and guys like Iovine are smart enough to test the waters before putting it out. You hear nothing about Detox because they're going by these reactions and it's been unsuccessful. Trust me, if all the leaks were well-received, we'd have Detox by now or soon. That's the truth.