Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dr Dre Samples La Roux For New Album

Dre has sampled a song by La Roux for his new album'Detox'. The duo's Elly Jackson said the rapper-producer first heard 'In For The Kill' after the Skream remix was played on the TV show, Entourage'. She told BBC Newsbeat: "He got really excited about the track which s obviously really complimentary."He did something with it and then sent it to us and said can he use it for his record and we said, 'Yes.'


  1. What album? The one that never gets a release date? Well get in line! If every artist that says they made tracks for detox gets there song on it this is gonna be a Guinness world record for longest album ever. But maybe this is the Doctors plan. I'm sorry but don't get your hopes up La Roux.

  2. This is like comedey hour....Hilarious!!! I haven't checked in for about 2 months and basically I haven't missed a beat this is awesome!!! You....You....Your good you Your good.....Ill check back in 3 months....later....too funny

  3. yeah, that's not surprising. if dre plans to release a mixtape soon, that means the album will not be released in the next couple of months. but i'm pretty sure fall 2011 will see detox dropping. he already released 2 singles, that means he's feeling it right now ;)

  4. mixtape coming april 20th..jus saying

    btw we need the chat back

    this is boring

  5. he is defiantly droppin something on 4/20
    maybe a mixtape up 2 6 to 8 songs
    just like the drake mixtape
    or just another new single from detox

  6. lol this is the same shit game uses for the kill on his mixtape..

    this was the game's version
    idk if the detox version would sound more less

    btw produced by cool and dre

  8. idk why dr dre is been lacking production, the last hot beat that was good in the charts was "outta control" by 50, that was a very hot song in the clubs, 100 percent dr dre

  9. what a joke...hey uzee maybe u should just post news about shit that actually is released and that we can one cares about what is "being worked on" for detox cuz we've heard all that talk before...

    dre u need to walk to walk...enough of talking the talk...

  10. yeah whatever...

    hey uzee, wake me up when i can actually listen to new shit and not just read about it...

    dre, i'm starting to have HUGE doubts about whether you are really going to drop anything anymore (and this is from a huge fan who has been very patient and has backed u up all this time)...

    more and more it sounds like dre is falling off...i hate to say that but i call 'em as i see 'em

    the sad thing is that i know dre still is capable of dropping a classic if he really wants to...something is not right...

  11. 1 word = illuminati changed dre

  12. ^^ that's three words you idiot. I have one word for that: bullshit.

  13. This isn't really news, Dre confirmed La Roux would be on Detox months ago, and it being a sample of "In for the Kill" is something I already figured once I heard Game's mixtape track sampling the same thing. 100% unsurprising. The Skream remix of that song is kind of dope but this is pure, utter laziness on Dre's part. I'm not saying it's going to be a shit song because it probably will be cool since I like the song already, but is he producing ANYTHING original for this album? For real Dre, make some fucking beats yourself.

  14. "the sad thing is that i know dre still is capable of dropping a classic if he really wants to...something is not right..."

    If this was a year ago I'd agree Dre has it in him but now I don't even know. I've relentlessly followed, defended, and kept up with this album for years upon years and watched my whole life change in the span of waiting for Detox. If Dre could do it, he would've done it already, and he should've done it years ago when Aftermath was still relevant - like in late '05 which was the original release date. Obligations aside, Dre in fact hasn't had it in him to do it, and he already admitted it. Even when he's been feeling finally finishing it for everyone, he still can't fucking close the sale, even with everyone writing and producing EVERYTHING for him.

    Said it before a million times on this blog, even Snoop confirmed it, but Dre can't remake the classic shit he used to anymore because the same people around him left a while ago. Dre doesn't play instruments. Dre doesn't make by himself from nothing. He sits on the drum machine "perfecting" material already made and given to him, or isolates his musicians' riffs to tweak into a beat. He has a talent for having high standards and making hot shit but Dre was never really known for actually making anything himself. In fact, I can't name any leaked track from Detox that I would bet Dre even produced and that's pretty fucking lame for a legendary hip-hop super-producer releasing only his third and last album.

    I think "classic Dre" left when Mike, D.O.C., and Mel-Man took it with them out the door. Dre can still do great things, his songs with Bishop for "The Reformation" are fire, but Dre really only gets going when he has new hot talent to do it. It worked with Em in the late 90's, it was working with Bishop until Bishop left for Detox, and since then it's been Dre struggling to get it with Slim da Mobster who says he wrote most of Detox. There's a pattern here but who the fuck knows. Maybe Detox will drop and it'll be a classic but I doubt it. I don't know how you can put INAD or Chillin' on any album someone calls "perfect".

  15. @djspydmusic on twitter says he came up with a sample on detox too

  16. I don't buy this whole bullshit about how everyone else produces and writes EVERYTHING Dre does...

    First of all, if this were true, then the people that do write/produce for him must be the dumbest individuals on Earth for making hot tracks and then allowing Dre to put his name on it rather than taking credit themselves. I mean think about it, if you come up with a song like say, "In Da Club", why the hell wouldn't you want the credit for it? It makes no sense.

    Secondly, let's say it is true that other people do write the shit...I still don't give a shit. All I care about is listening to hot music and I know if Dre's name is on a track, then that track has a great chance of being a banger (no matter if it was written by him, or Mel-Man, or D.O.C., or some random cat off the streets).

    So however Dre does it (whether he produces/writes himself or has other idiots produce/write for him), the formula works and has been working for years. I wouldn't change one damn thing.

    As far as the crappy tracks that have been leaked so far, I believe these are throw away tracks that were made during the Detox recording process. None of these will make the final cut.

    Detox will be a classic! (if it ever drops)

    All that being said, I am getting pissed at all the delays and waiting...

    I'm not convinced that Detox will ever drop but not because Dre can't produce a classic, but because there's other bullshit going on at Interscope/Aftermath that we do not know about.

    (Oh, and by the way, no one seems to ever mention that Dre lost a son a few years back. That probably cost him a lot of time working on this album. I don't know why everyone always forgets that.)

  17. ^^ well said (applauds)

    Im getting sick and tried of repeating myself and glad others are highlighting the above points, again.

  18. detox will be released i think but im not sure of the content cause if you follow interscope and drdre on twitter they seem to be playing games, like who is the girl in the water of inad video, whois this guy first from left on this photo, and it got me thinking ,if this is the way to create a buzzzz then im missing something .but since they are playing games id rather have angrybirds on detox not chillin

  19. ^^ye i saw that drdre tweet with the video shot of the floating female model.

    But in my opinion dont look too much into this. I think they just simply getting more drdre tweets out to keep it going.

  20. A dr. dre cd cannot be a classic if it has "i need a doctor" on it. That is a b.s. pop record that we have all heard before. Eminem, b.o.b., lasers etc

  21. How can that cd not be a classic if INAD is on it..that songs is pretty fresh and it is just telling a story about his life. Any has anyone ever heard syllables or topless. both produced by dre. those songs are sick. stop bitching about chillin and my prescription because he has the potential for a classic album.

  22. Actually topless is produced by dj khalil. If you think INAD is "fresh" you have no idea what hip hop is. Dre mocks that type of song in syllables.

  23. @13, THANK YOU, i was bout to say that. i got all excited when topless leaked then found out dj khalil did it. and the lyrics to syllables are really ironic and contradictory

  24. i agree with 2pac fuck dr dre sometimes for laggin, i mean i love his music but supposedly he is such a "perfectionist" its straight bull

    2pac kills Dr Dre

  25. 'syllables' was about a catchy hook and a beat. Having said that dont think any of u have really focussed on the inad lyrics.

    Forget the chorus and the beat in inad,the song/lyrics has a meaningful subject. If you dont see that then you are focussing on the wrong things.


  26. "i got all excited when topless leaked then found out dj khalil did it"

    Again, WHO CARES WHO PRODUCED IT? Does the song somehow sound different when you thought Dre produced it then found out it was DJ Khalil? How does it change your enjoyment of the actual music that is coming out of your speakers? IT DOESN'T!

    (Also, I bet if you play topless for khalil, he'll tell you that it sounds completely different from what he came up with. Just like he did with the kush track.

    So Dre does actually do some work on the original idea. He doesn't just use exactly what these other producers come up with. He takes it to a different level.

    He did the same thing on the Chronic and 2001. Nothing different. That's Dre's whole process and it hasn't changed so I'm not sure why people keep bringing it up. Whatever he does, it works and he should continue to do it...)

  27. To this guy above of course it makes a difference if khalil or dre produced it, thats why a song like INAD is garbage for dre standards because alex the cheesy kid produced it.

    Uzee you said throw out the beat and the chorus?????
    shit you might as well throw out the whole song, which dre should have done!!!

  28. And its not the same process. Dre produced the songs on 2001. He didnt have a hand in production in INAD, he only mixed Kush, Chillin is clearly swiss beatz, knottz has stated he did two songs, So it doesnt leave you with many songs produced by dre... which is a shame!!! Greatest producer of all times is letting corny people like Alex da kidd and Swizz beats produce songs for his record. SAD!!! like snoop said and DOC said,Dre doesnt have the same people around anymore... and that is why Detox should never come out. I wont even talk about Mr. Prescription cause that is how you define garbage.

  29. ^^you took me out of context. i still love topless but it was a downer to find out khalil did it instead of dre. if the music is sick on the album then i can't complain. but so far, there hasn't really been one detox leak produced by dre that i can recall. all i'm saying is if dre isnt even producing on it then the shit better bang. otherwise dre has no excuse for anything less than incredible production because he can make great beats himself.

  30. Producer and writer are 2 diferent things! Dre is the best at assembling the best team around him and choosing from 100000s of ideas and building on them To make the classics we all love!!

    The chronic = daz, warren g, doc death row staff etc
    Chronic 2001 = mel man, scott storch, elizondo, aftermath staff etc
    Detox = alex da kid, khalil, (rumored) just blaze nottz no id aftermath staff @djspydmusic(?) etc

    Not one of them has made a classic like dre on their own! Ask each one of them and they will tell you dre is the best ever!!! Dre give us the record we dont care who did what we just want another classic to save hip hop!!!

  31. 13 days till Detox :D

  32. do u guys realize wat we are doing?
    detox is going way off from the topic,
    it isnt more about the album itself
    its more about the things surrounding it
    like who produced it
    the features
    the release date
    dr dre this dr dre that
    come on just wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. sorry to dash your dreams, detox aint coming in 13 days it has been shelved..

  34. LOL to the people who were arguing over this INAD shit. As Uzee said the lyrics are the song. Seriously you are EXACTLY what they were talking about on syllables. Yeh we dont care for the beat or chorus for it. Its not a "banger". WHO GIVES A SHIT! "No cares about the lyrics anymore, all they want is a hot beat and a catcy hook" to quote syllables FWIW. The lyrics for INAD do have meaning and tell a pretty interesting story esp if you dont just follow dre around all these years as if you knew why he hasnt done any albums. But everyone that hates the song their main bitching point is wahh wahh Alex da Kid produced it..meaning the beat sucks. Take the damn song FWIW and see the emotion in the damn thing cuz obv it was important to the 2 who were spittin in it otherwise it wouldnt of seen the light of day.

  35. The only problem with your argument is that dre never released syllables. hmm wonder why????? but yet his offical single is I need a doctor. A song catered to the pop public. If i want to hear lyrics I listen to pharoahe monch or nas. Not dr. dre. pleeeease. Dre is the king of beats. not this corny "i need a doctor, doctor doctor.... " get the hell out of here with that.

  36. Detox Rumored Tracklist

    1 kush
    2 i need a docotor
    3 mr prescription
    4 chillin
    5 "untitled la roux song"
    6 "untitled jay z song"
    7 "untitled game/kendrick"
    8 N/A
    9 N/A
    10 N/A
    11 N/A
    12 N/A

    i gotta say if this how the album was supposed to be, dr dre just lost a fan

  37. All you guys are making this too complicated...I'm going to simplify it for you one last time:


    As far as these idiots bitching about INAD, Chillin, Mr. Prescription, etc., yes I agree these tracks suck. However, I don't think any one of them will make the final album.

    (Except for MAYBE INAD, since they dubbed it as an official single and even then I think it'll be a bonus track at best.)

  38. INAD couldnt be that bad if it got the #1 spot on itunes lol. Alex da kid and dre must be doing something right.

  39. Ha yeah you are right. INAD is not that bad because it got #1 on itunes for a day. Wait so did glee and Rebecca Black's song Friday... What an idiot you are.

  40. INAD isn't a good song. I know people want to defend Dre like he's their daddy but you guys defending that record aren't going to win the argument. I'm not trashing INAD because Dre didn't make it or because it's pop-oriented, I trash it because it's an extremely mediocre song. If it was a fantastic pop song, fuck it, good shit is good shit. But INAD isn't good shit and it is on Detox. It wasn't good enough to be a "huge hit" like Alex claimed it would be because it's not a great song, period. It's a 6/10 AT BEST.

  41. @13 clearly doesn't know jack shit about anything. Detox is going to be a concept album. Which means it has a plot/theme to it. It doesn't consist of strictly "bangers" and "club songs". It's meant to mean something. And another thing, do you really think Dre takes and uses other producers work without editing it to fit his ideal standards?? That's why he is the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER!!! Get a clue fucking reject.

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  43. Sorry but no track lists will be posted here.

    The tracklist will be posted once very final tracklist is officially unveiled, or from a reliable source.

    For many years now there have been MANY tracklists lol.