Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Detox higher priority than Game's RED album

The Game's forthcoming The R.E.D. Album does not yet have a release date. According to the rapper, Dr. Dre's Detox album is holding up the process. 

"[The] release date [is] probably late July or early August, man. I'll let [producer] Jimmy Iovine put that red paint on the calendar and give us a specific date," the Game said. "All I know is that the album is almost finished. Dre is finishing up Detox and then he going to help me finish up mine. I'm like 90, 95 percent done. Just waiting on Dre to finish his project and then come on over and lend his ear and probably mix a couple of songs, especially the ones that he did, and we're going to see it in stores." 

Dr. Dre famously said, "Look out for detox" on the song "Higher" from the Game's 2005 debut, The Documentary. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long for The R.E.D. Album or Detox.


  1. game red album is going 2 be a banger. i wasnt expecting too much from him
    but when he came out hard with purp & patron
    all i gotta say is game is back
    for the westcoast
    dr dre is own his own with detox
    he is going to support dancing music haha

  2. Good news, but let's be clear. This DOES NOT mean Detox is coming before RED.

  3. So Detox still isn't finished? Seriously, when is enough enough......

  4. I wonder what Dre will do on 420. If he wasnt talking about Detox dropping... what could it be?
    im thinking,
    - album cover?
    - release date for album?
    - another single? (possibly not)

    has there been any speculation of what he could have been talking about on 420 uzee?

  5. ^my idea is that detox magically appears on itunes
    so it would be a big surprise
    im sure on 4.20
    dr dre is gotta release something, even a statement on how the album is progressing

  6. ^i was been sarcastic with the itunes thing lol

  7. Why does everyone assume dre is dropping something on 4/20???? I think u all are going to b sadly dissapointed when there is no big news. Just saying... I called it/ I told u so before the fact. I hope I'm proved wrong but I am rarely wrong!!!! Btw I firmly believe detox will be great so calm down... Obviously if he is postponding the release... He is trying to live up to ur expectations so as fans u should actually be happy. BTW when ppl say O this is 10 yrs in the making... It's a fallacy. He gave game tracks which were going to b used for detox... He gave 50 tracks... I bet u "in da club" and "California vacation" were actually detox tracks. But dre wanted to promote his artists. He even admitted chronic 2001 only really took 8 months... Outta his 7 years waiting. A lot can happen in a day... And over X amount of years it's not like he is perfecting the same 12 songs... He is constantly making new shit, and if it takes 500 tracks to find a's kinda sad cuz tht means he isn't Mozart but a human being trying to save his legacy. B patient.

  8. ^wat a fuckin idiot, california vacations? a dre track no!!
    detox is not going to be classic
    but average good

  9. ^ calm down nerd. Don't have a heart attack

  10. i called it/ told u so