Sunday, 19 July 2009

DJ Khalil talks to Dubcn about Dre

Dubcnn: How slim are the chances of leaked records ending up on the final product?

You know, who knows... He has so much music, there is so much music. Who knows what's gonna make it, what's not gonna make it. He's got an arsenal of music that's crazy. Stuff that just leaked and that's kinda out there, who knows if he's gonna keep it or not. I mean the response was really good on everything that got leaked, so that's a positive sign. But who knows! *laughs* He might scrap everything right now and just start fresh. You never know with Dre.

Dubcnn: What's behind these reference tracks that leak? Is that actually a Dre beat for Detox that Ludacris was rapping over on the new joint that just leaked? Or did somebody make a beat that sounds like a Dre beat and he writes to it? What's the system behind that?

I don't even know. There's so many people working on songs for him and so many people that wanna be on this record. There are a lot of producers that are submitting ideas all the time and of course they end up getting leaked or whatever, then it's like "Oh there is a Detox leak!" Who knows if it's official, if Dre's even heard it or anything.

Dubcnn: What's Dre's reaction to these leaks?

He's very calm. He's jut like "Oh well".

Dubcnn: Does he even give a f-ck?

He does initially, because that's his record, his ideas that he's been working on, so of course, that would make anybody upset at first. But his attitude is more like "well, what can I do about it now?" *laughs* It's done, he can be upset about it or just keep working. He's really cool about that. A lot of the records actually leaked on his birthday and we were with him and talked about it and he was just like "we'll make more stuff". He doesn't really trip off that stuff.

Dubcnn: What I don't get is, why do these people who write for him, all write the same sh-t?! Isn't he tired of hearing that he's the greatest, he brought you the Chronic, I'm in my 6-4? Nobody can come up with something creative for Dre?

*laughs* I don't know, there's way more to him than just that. He's not gonna talk about his accomplishments on every record. There is a lot of stuff that he's learned along the way, he's had a long career in the music business, so many stories. But see, when you start creating for him that way, that's a first sign that he's not even gonna listen to it. He's gonna be like "nah, I'm cool". Because he's heard it so many times! He's the greatest, this and that.

Dubcnn: Yeah we don't wanna hear a whole album of him bragging.

Oh no it's not gonna be a whole album of that. But that's what everybody keeps submitting!

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