Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Rakim talks giving some materials for Detox.

HardknockTV took a few to speak with Rakim as he reiterated the fact that creatively, they were in two completely different places and although no longer under him, he was able to leave Dre with a gift for the future.

“The last I spoke to him, I had did something for him maybe like a year ago when he was just starting to put together his album. I did something on one of the tracks, but I don't know which songs is making his album.”

According to Rakim, some of the joints they did together have already been leaked.

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  1. SICK! I really dug that "Watcher Pt 2" even though it wasnt really rakim's style, I hope he is on there I rly do!

  2. yeah lets see.

    i wanna ask - how long have you been following this blog?