Saturday, 29 August 2009

DJ Age Releases Star Studded Volume 2 Of Dr Dre Mixtape Series "Detox Chroniclez"

World reknown mixtape specialist, DJ Age is back with his latest offering, entitled "Detox Chroniclez Vol.2", which features exclusive unreleased tracks from the long awaited Dr. Dre Detox album.

The second instalment of DJ Age's popular mixtape series, "Detox Chroniclez Vol.2" contains production, blends, remixes, and guest features from Ludacris, Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Bishop Lamont, Xzibit, and more. A must have for all Dr. Dre fans anticipating the massively hyped album, Detox.

DJ Age first stepped into the DJ game in late 1995 aged 15, after growing up listening to the likes of N.W.A, Public Enemy, LL Cool J & Ice-T. To date Age has released more than 60+ mixtapes and sold mixes in clubs, retail stores, streets of California & Sydney Australia.

Now an offical part of Jazzy D's 'Jazzy Management' roster & 'Jazzy DJ's'. DJ Age's successful work has given him the opportunity to work with more mainstream artists/labels, giving artists a catalyst to reach international listeners.

DJ Age "Detox Chroniclez Vol.2" is available now for free at

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