Tuesday, 25 August 2009

The D.O.C interview - discusses Detox

Raptalk.Net: And I imagine your talking about Detox. Is it possible that the surgery process may be over with in time to land you a verse on Detox?

The D.O.C.: Hell no. Hey, we’re trying to be done with this record by November.

Raptalk.Net: Wow! This record should be done by November?

The D.O.C.: That’s right. I think we have enough songs right now but Dre is Dre, you know. Will be doing it until he gets the 12 that he is in love with. But I do think we have enough right now. I don’t think he’s putting it in as hard right now which makes me believe that we have pretty much what we need. So now we have a 3 month window to fuck around.

Raptalk.Net: So would you say at this point in the entire recording process, were as close to having Detox finished as we’ve ever been?

The D.O.C.: Oh yeah. This guy has really great music and it’s some cool shit, but it’s up to him. I think they just started promotion for the Slim the Mobster record. I’m not sure but somebody hit me over the web and said they heard that they finally started promoting the Slim the Mobster so if Slim is coming, I don’t think Dre will be that far behind him.

Raptalk.Net: Is it true that Mel-Man has made some recent contributions?

The D.O.C.: I don’t know. I’d be speaking out of turn if I said yes or no. I don’t know.

Raptalk.Net: How do you think “the team” putting together this album compares to that of the “2001” team that included Hittman, Eminem, Knoc-turn’al, DPG, Xzibit and so on?

The D.O.C.: Wow, that’s a pretty good question.

Raptalk.Net: Thank you.

The D.O.C.: It’s different because every album is different. It was a different album from Straight Outta Compton to Niggaz4Life because (Ice) Cube was missing even though the nucleus was the same. It was a totally different feel when he was making it. This is a Dr. Dre album – this is probably more of a Dr. Dre album than motherfuckers have ever really got in the past. It’s a lot more of Dre in front. I think for his last album, that’s pretty up and above.

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