Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Game Defends Dre's "Detox" Delay - "I Know It Seem Like He Be Taking Forever"

Former Aftermath artist Game has vouched for Dr. Dre's long-delayed Detox album and said the renowned producer's upcoming release will be worth the wait.

According to Game, Doc's track record speaks for itself like his previous releases, The Chronic and The Chronic 2001.

"Man, I can't even describe [2001]... I would just say it's a classic West Coast album but it was world-renowned and it had an international appeal, like who from where didn't f*ck with that album?," Game asked in an interview. "With 2001 he just went back to do what he do best man and that's just trying to create the sun, moon, stars and Earth in seven days, man. The thing that stands out to me about 2001 is the same thing that stood out to me about Chronic -- Dre is a perfectionist and no matter when he coughs up an album, B, they be exactly what you need. I know it seem like he be taking forever with these albums but if you think about the time that passed between the Chronic and 2001, I think Detox is just about due. So it's not about him just making us wait, it's his format."

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