Friday, 23 October 2009

Glasses Malone on a Dre produced track and talks about Detox

DX: Last week, "Muthafuckin' Streets" leaked, which was produced by Dr. Dre. Tell me, is that a teaser, or is that a look from the album?

Glasses Malone: No, no, no. ["Muthafuckin' Streets"] [click to listen] was just stuff I was doin' with [Dr.] Dre and Slim [Tha Mobster]. I met Dre a while ago; he's been a fan for a minute. So when it came down to it, that was just one of the records I did with him. I actually don't know how it leaked to be totally honest. I didn't leak it. [The Aftermath staff] didn't know what happened. That's just one of the records I did with him; I did a lot of 'em actually. That was just one of 'em that I did with Slimm that I like a lot. I hate to say it, but I actually am happy it came out. I wish Dre would have gotten to mix it more because I know he's such a perfectionist about beats, so that's the only thing I'm sad about.

DX: Over the last three years, you've worked with so many different producers, so many different artists, let's start right there. As the album stands right now, are some of those sessions with Dre going to be on Beach Cruiser?

Glasses Malone: Nah, that's more for [Detox]. The stuff I did with him is more for his album. I mean...right now, dog, Dre ain't workin' on nothin' but a Dr. Dre album, besides 50 [Cent] [click to read] and [Eminem] shit, I'd imagine. He ain't workin' on nothin' but Detox. I ain't goin' in [the studio with Dr. Dre] with the mindset of workin' on my album. I'm pretty sure he's got some stuff he wants to give me, but I ain't puttin' no pressure on nobody. I just want him to get his album out; that's one of the most important...the biggest albums, ever - if not thee biggest Hip Hop album ever - as well as the most important album for the west coast. It's important that he gets that album out.

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