Sunday, 1 November 2009

Question for new poll????

Whats happening Dre fans?!

I'm thinking of starting another poll/vote. I'm not sure what in depth/interesting question i should ask. So i was thinking maybe the fans can suggest a question which everyone can vote on.

Post if you have any ideas.


  1. Who do you think should be featured on Detox?
    a) Original artists from The Chronic and 2001
    b) Just Dre, with a only a select few artists featured, maybe one track with Eminem, one with Snoop, etc, but no more than 3 featured tracks.
    c) The hip-hop heavyweights, tracks from: Eminem, Snoop, Nate Dogg, Jay-Z, Nas, and (ugh, dare I say it) Lil Wayne

  2. cool, i thought of this type of question. Might have to keep it broad.

  3. Yea i kinda went into a lot of detail lol

  4. got an idea. Why dot i make a poll containing a specific style of artists to choose from.

    For example which artist do you want to do the vocals on the album?
    Marsha Amrobsious
    Nate Dogg
    Alicia Keys

    What y'alll think?

  5. Theres no question that Nate would win that. Better thatn doing vocals I thinks stick to features, like straight west coast artists? aftermath artists(Eminem, 50, Game)? Most popular artists(Jay-z Em, Wayne)?

  6. He really should get everybody. It would have more of an effect on rap if he did.

  7. I love Nate Dogg too. But i feel it's too easy to say and pick Nate Dogg.

    If Dre going for something different then i want Marsha Ambrosious and/or Dion.

    Have u heard of either?

    Also does any1 know if it's possible to create a simple discussion forum within this blog?