Saturday, 28 July 2012

50 Cent fet Alicia keys & Dr Dre - New Day (Full)


  1. This is HOT HOT HOT HOT........ D.R.E's verse is off the Hizy! I love the joint!!! This is far much better than the 3 kings Joint by Rozay.

  2. If this is dre produced, you can see he is changing to live drums, very different dre sound

  3. I read this track was produced by Dre and mixed by Em, but it makes a decent lead single for 50 to get some buzz on the radio, and it fits into the summer season.

  4. OK so I will first point out that 50 cent is a moron, subsequent to this FACT, the above 2 posts are also just as moronic (although i agree that 3kings was awful.. you cant make a song called 3 kings and not give it an epic vibe, title was just too overhyped for the name). Alicia Keys released a song called New Day produced by Swizz Beats 1 month ago... beat completely finished, already released to the public... and 50 goes and decides... yah! i want that to be my SINGLE. if the single isnt even fresh... god knows how awful the rest of this album will be. No probs with Dre obviously.

  5. this is tight, hot joint!!!

  6. so who finally produced this damn beat? dre or swizz beats? all this disinformation with dre work pisses me off

  7. Song is not too bad. I like Dre's flow. I miss the times ( death row/aftermath) when the lead single would be a Dre produced banger. Times have definitely changed and all that we have gotten this plans past year is a bunch of features that aren't even produced by Dre. No explanation or nothing from Dre ever since the 2010 XXL interview. The 2012 Chronic logo is even gone on the Aftermath website. I really felt like 2012 was going to be the year for Detox. I'm beginning to lose hope. With Kendrick and 50 Dropping in the 4th quarter plus a new Em album in the works makes me think that this will likely not happen. I hope Dre proves me wrong and maybe saving his production talents for Detox. Hip Hop is in really severe state of emergency

  8. 3 Kings is a banger! too many stupid critics now a days,
    u wanna judge songs like 3 Kings and New Day by saying they're wack
    but u guys are probably bumpin that b.s. music by drake lil wayne and tyga.
    all the mainstream music is for "little boys"
    3 Kings and New Day is for GROWN MEN! this is GROWN MAN MUSIC!
    these beats are harder than everything else on the radio, lyrics aren't retarded either.

  9. detox can only make sense as the first legitimate mid-life crisis hip hop album, & d.o.c. with good
    sense advised the doctor to head in that direction. Instead dre in all his 2012 guest appearances
    is doing exactly the opposite, bragging about his headphones and trying to solidify his already
    rock solid status the eternal midas.

    His production, insofar as the various leaks and surgical makeovers (like this one) go,
    is becoming more and more static, and whereas there was a truly hypnotic, decadent STENCH to the beats from
    his prime, nowadays dre seems more interested with matching whichever makeshift beat with his clean-shaven self-image than
    taking genuine risks; perhaps he's insecure about his sensibility coming out as something outrageous and unfashionable. in fearing
    failure, he's acting like a businessman, not the artist that many still cherish in this forum.
    remember, in the two Chronics and the first two Eminem records, dre's almost autistic exactingness was always coupled with a very idiosyncratic joy in perversion; kinda like Stanley Kubrick's. But now it seems he's done with all that delving into the strange and dark side.
    That is, he's already been "detoxed." Only, we weren't invited.

  10. It's over for Dre.....he has sucked for far too long now. People say his legacy is already cemented but I be yearsg to differ...he's not the legend we thought he was...his music has been awful for the last 5