Wednesday, 18 July 2012

50 Cent confirms single 'New Day' with Dr Dre & Alicia Keys

50 Cent has teased a new single featuring Alicia Keys and Dr Dre, which will appear on his upcoming studio album.

The rapper released 5 (Murder By Numbers) as a free download last week. It is followed by his last Interscope record Street King Immortal later this year.

"Yes, there's a difference in styles," 50 Cent told Digital Spy about the two albums.

"I've released three albums' worth of material in the last two months. It was The Big 10, which was celebrating the ten-year anniversary of my first mixtape.

"The Lost Tape followed that, and then I released Murder By Numbers. For me, the next wave of music won't be out until November."

He added: "Street King Immortal is the actual studio album that is actually being marketed and promoted by Interscope.

"The first single will be out Tuesday (July 17) - that's myself, Alicia Keys and Dr Dre."

The cover art for the single, titled 'New Day', was unveiled yesterday on 50 Cent's Twitter feed with the words "coming soon".

50 Cent, New Day single sleeve

"I'm excited about this project," 50 Cent told DS.

"It took a lot longer than it would have had to take as far as I'm concerned creatively... it was a headache, but it worked itself out."

50 Cent was speaking at The O2 in London, and his headphones are on sale now at O2.

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  1. Is this song out? Does anyone have any new info about this song?

    1. Typical 50 cent allways full of shit. Im not interested in any song with Dr. Dre featured that he didn't produce anyway all 50 cent has done has written him a half ass verse to get 'Dr. Dre' put on the record in hopes it'll sell. Just my opinion anyway

  2. Sorry men but its the same beat... But its not as bad as i think it will be, but only 30 sec :


  3. The song will be out tomorrow, so we'll then.